Monday Morning Eyes

we can go back to the room for a real breakfast if you want


Monday Morning Breakfast

chicken embryos on dry wheat toast


The Monday Morning Desert

It looks pretty, but wear shoes if you walk on it


Monday Morning Message


Monday Morning Model

Goodbye Norma Jean — sigh…


Monday Morning Movie Review

It’s an eight-part series in Season One – Outer Range, starring Josh Brolin.

Do you know anything about a Greek God called Chronos? He carried a sickle. He used it to cut a hole. A tear in the cosmos between Heaven and Earth. To separate this world from the next. To separate the known from the unknown. The world has been waiting for something like this.

It’s a science fiction/mystery series that peels back the onion one layer at a time, and even though it’s only on episode 4 at the moment. I suspect that it’s about to get even weirder.

I’m enjoying the production – on Amazon Prime. Josh Brolin plays a Wyoming rancher who discovers this hole between the dimensions of spacetime on his ranch. There are a number of directions that this production could go. Good acting, good writing, adequate budget, no obvious end, I like it.


Monday Morning Mess

German soldiers during “rattenkrieg” in Stalingrad. It’s always the young soldiers who are placed into meat grinders and left to find their way out – if they’re able.

On the left is a paratrooper of 4./Fsch.Fla.MG.Btl, the only parachute unit to fight at Stalingrad.


Monday Morning Historical Short

American lake sloop-of-war during the War of 1812


Two cross-sections (the lake sloop on the left, the oceangoing sloop on the right) show 20-gun sloops-of-war built in 1813, in: USS Lawrence vs. HMS Detroit.

Even at first glance, you can see that the Lake sloop of war is much wider and shallower than the oceangoing sloop of war. Lake sloops of this time were not built for quality but for speed. They were built from different, mostly still fresh woods – elm, beech, chestnut, and pine, sometimes mixed. Often these ships were only used for one battle due to their fast construction and the fresh wood, as they quickly began to rot.


Monday Morning Tanks

I won’t make you guess: T-34-76 tanks captured by the Germans, with an added commander’s cupola from the Panzer III.


Monday Morning Twittering

Brandon’s handlers created an illegal censorship bureau less than two weeks after they lost control of one social media platform shows exactly how much the situation frightens them.

It was bad enough when there was one billionaire they couldn’t control who was elected president, but there are no elections they can rig to get Elon Musk out of power. Twitter is his now, which means they have zero chance of keeping their narratives on life support unless they bend over for him. And even that might not work.

It is hilarious that they’re so far removed from reality that they think they’ll be able to go on business as usual with their censorship and free speech violations despite them specifically relying on big tech to do this for them to get around the 1st amendment. Whatever happens, the next 6 months are going to be interesting.


  1. Amazing isn’t it? Finally an African-American owns a major social media company and everyone loses their minds.

    Elon certainly know how to annoy all the right people.

    • True in the TV Series, though I suspect that if he is encountered. personally, it will be in a subsequent season.

  2. Great series, hope it has some legs to it; the use of a buffalo as a recurring character is interesting. I wondered if the title was in homage to Open Range starring Robert Duvall and sumdood named Kevin what’s-his-name.

  3. Eggs on toast? I do believe biscuits and gravy is a better way to go.
    I’ll have to give outer range a look.

  4. Musk is now the ultimate troller, “Hey AOC, stop hitting on me, I’m really shy.” Badaboom.

    2000 Mules sold out in Denver in a few hours. The Left and Dem’s are running scared. Text from my brother: The Magical Kenyan’s UN Secretary is now part of The Hollowman’s administration. Uh, yeah. Projecting the agenda to put that talker back in the set o’ Power. He added: Samantha Powers celebrated “fertilizer shortages” which will “force farmers to hasten transition to natural solutions like compost and manure.”

    I got yer manure right here lady. Moron. Typically Dem…tone deaf on steroids.

    He included this: “Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field.” Dwight D Eisenhower

    These people in DC need to be drawn and quartered then have their entrails pulled out and burned. Anything less is going easy on these treasonous fools (if you try to weaken America YOU ARE aiding and abetting the enemy).

    Outer Range – Must be Brolin’s time in the saddle now Yellowstone is [theoretically] in it’s last year. I like him as an actor, and he can play a good gritty rancher-type.

    • You could hang them from light poles around the capital and wait for the neck to rot and the body to drop. I’m not gainsaying your solution. I’m simply offering other options. The use of a gibbet has gone out of style but it could be brought back. The body just rots but you can add somebody (maybe AOC) to one that is already occupied and decomposing.

      • Doubtful rotting corpse’s sprinkled around would add much to the foul DC stench…but no need to limit ourselves in method.

        Clearly I’m in a mood…waiting for the reprobates next “national emergency” to force back lockdowns, maybe an announcement this week our boys are going into Ukraine “to assist” [the Biden criminal coverup].

          • I believe it’ll get worse. Biden said this gem, completely unaware what he was saying (or worse, he WAS aware but said it anyway):

            “There have not been many senators from Delaware. It’s a small state. As a matter of fact, there’s never been one.”

            Seriously short-circuiting to the point even Drjim couldn’t re-solder the fired PCB components.

    • You can’t disagree with Odie. You just can’t.

      The tv series has been good so far. Weird science without wokeness.

  5. Add a breakfast sirloin, ham steak, or bacon to go with the toast and eggs.

    We have been enjoying Outer Range. It will interesting to see which way it goes.

  6. Mr. Musk has become quite a guy. I was sceptical of him and his “grandiose plans” years ago, but I’ve had to change my opinion of him. The man delivers on his promises, and that’s admirable. And I agree 100% with WSF. The patriotism shown by many immigrants is wonderful. My Korean buddy cried when he took his oath after taking years to get to that point, and I cried with him.

    I don’t watch much TV. I look at lots of screens all day long, but TV isn’t on any of them. We’re currrently cruising through “Breaking Bad”, which is an amazingly good series.

    The breakfast looks good, but “Where’s The Beef!?”…..

    • Breaking Bad, then El Camino, then the Better Call Saul prequel that is showing its last season. I like each of the series (El Camino is like an appendix to Breaking Bad). One of the better series on television.

        • El Camino is about what happens to the Jessie Pinkman character after Breaking Bad – like 2 episodes.

    • drjim…Musk tweeted abit ago: “As I was saying”, with a “Here we go…” caption of that picture of a sleeping lion with his jewels hanging out and a guy ready to flick ’em.

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