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Elizabeth “Fake Indian” Warren is now fighting the political battle of her life against those accusing her of faking her ancestry to advance her career. 
In the latest incident, someone suggested she take a DNA test to prove her heritage. She’s so sure about her heritage that she’s “not going to let someone take it away” with a DNA test. 
She announced that if nominated she would not run and if elected she would not serve as President of the United States — but what could be more progressive than to have a fake Indian female as president? Actually, I think it would be as fun to watch Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) run as it would to watch Rep. Nancy (Nasty) Pelosi (D-CA) run. 
About IQ
Rep Maxine Waters (D-CA) is outraged that President Trump suggested that her IQ was somewhere close to the temperature of ‘tap waters’. She said that it was, “outrageous for the president to ask an aging woman of color to pee into a cup to prove her IQ.”
Then there is that other old negro woman in the House of Representatives who wears that repellant ratty old wig with a cowboy hat perched on top – Frederica Wilson (D-FL). Somebody professional needs to take a close look at that personality disorder.

I realize that she’s somebody’s daughter and may even be somebody’s mother so poking fun at her would be wrong if she didn’t poke so much fun at herself.

How can anyone take that seriously?

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  1. Well if she thinks peeing in a cup is how IQ is measured she probably confirm something. I guess this video about IQ with professor Dr. Jordan Peterson will help to enlighten the subject. I sometimes wonder when the sound majority of the population will react against the "tyranny" of various tiny groups wanting to define the normality.

  2. Minnie Haw Haw has had the test done anonymously, I would bet, and the results weren't favorable. She is smart enough and wealthy enough to get a fake one done she could wave publicly but then would be open to blackmail.

  3. The various tiny groups have the ear of the corrupt, lying, smug, sly, elite media. They would like the nation (and beyond) think that being a freak or deviant or low-life scumbag is "the new normal". However, the nation only listens with one ear. Donald Trump was elected as a "throw the bums out" move by a lot of people nationwide.

  4. Elizabeth (Fake Indian) Warren has built her career around racial appropriation. And while I don't think that she is stupid, in hindsight for her, she should have joined a sexually oppressed minority like necrophiles, to set herself apart from the political crowd.

    As to the low IQ crowd, I don't think that the inner city voters who sent them to Congress know or care what an IQ is.

  5. Hahahahaha! In all the years I did Golden Flow, they never told me it was to check my I.Q.

    Ms. Wilson is definitely a character.

    Mostly it is just sad that these people keep getting re-elected.

  6. It says something about the general wisdom of voters – who are also likely to be called as jurors if you're accused of doing something wrong.

  7. Reality TV in Congress… then you have Barack and the Mooch coming out on Netflix. Must-See-TV…not really.

  8. That Tiangong-1 is going to crash into Michigan has been on my mind and so has the fact that my youngest daughter is going to jump out of a plane this Saturday.

  9. Skydivers are good to the last drop…

    I've made hundreds of jumps with T-10's on a static line, paracommanders, squares, etc. Landing on the side of a mountain, in the ocean, on level surfaces, in trees. it's always a rush. Good for CubeGirl!

  10. Rodeo Clown. Hahahahahahaha

    But LL, race, like gender itself is fluid?

    What does that make Hillary?

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