Knife Fighting in the Inner City

In the American inner cities, the ruling Democrat Party are now encouraging knife fighting among teens. There was a lot of outrage when a police officer shot Ma’Khia Bryant, who attempted to murder another negro female.  Basketball star LeBron James  tweeted a threat to the Columbus, Ohio police officer, writing, “you’re next”.

Have the British been trying to make kitchen knives illegal?


The Unarmed British

It doesn’t apply to Sikhs, but the British are offering knife amnesty if you turn yours in for destruction. In Weston-super-Mare, British police are on the hunt for a gang that broke into a knife amnesty bin and took all of the good stuff out.

In the US inner cities, bins like that could be referred to as knife super-marts.

In an effort to shame people into turning in their knives, the motto, “only cowards carry” has been adopted.  Those of us who live in the US feel that’s on the order of being hilarious.  As our fellow blogger, Mike_C has reported, there are cities in the US that prohibit clasp knives with a blade longer than 2.75 inches, so the US is not without a sense of humor.

Having a lock in a sock (sort of a cosh) is apparently legal. I’d take it one step further and put a bar of soap in the sock. You get the same result and can drop the sock in any puddle of water (lots of them in the UK) and the evidence melts.

Today, the British celebrate taking kitchen cutlery off the streets — hoping that just maybe the third worlders who’ve reverse colonized London won’t go on another stabbing spree. I guess that they don’t need knives for cutting their t-bone steaks…no more steaks. You can cut a banger with a fork.

The British celebrate when kitchen knives are surrendered to the proper authorities.

It might be better to eliminate the third world elements who are doing the stabbing, but that would be racist, wouldn’t it?


The British Empire

They conquered much of the known world without a single knife.


Here’s an idea. Rather than throwing those unwanted kitchen knives into the bin, mail them to America. The Democrats can distribute them in the inner cities. A welfare check and a knife for everyone.


The UK is still on Lockdown, but…

(The Daily Mail) Even attributing nearly every death to be “covid related”, the British can no longer keep the scam going. Oh, the lockdown will continue because, “what about the next wave?” Wear your mask, slave, even though every single study conducted suggested that they do more harm than good, and offer little defense against the plague.

There are a LOT of people in the US and around the world who have had the plague, recovered, are now immune, and may have also taken the shot or shots and are presumably immune. Is that good enough?

No, because there will be new strains of the flu coming. We don’t know when, but they’re lurking out there and what if you get the flu?


    • That would be an important move in the effort to disarm America. No more pianos. Electronic pianos only – but what about Stalin’s organs?

  1. A clearly well fed black teen with a knife is correctly taken out by an officer seconds before stabbing another young gal and the Dems not only lie about the video but then twist themselves in knots to defend and downplay the attacking knife wielder while dismissing the victim, pushing their mental derangement beyond the full volume mark. Their Black Knife-Fighters Matter outcry is more stupid than I could have imagined in my life.

    No wonder they love The Hologram, he makes them look like Mensa members. Maybe he’ll sign an EO demanding we either turn in our blades or pay a fee to register them in the newly formed Federal Assault Knife Neutralizer Office (FAKNO) headed up by Tomahawk Warren.

    • There may come a time soon when we answer the door and determine if we will hand over our survival tools, or use them, knowing it won’t end well, but it would have ended not well sooner than later. I’m the impatient sort.

      • Could get ugly in a hurry…hate to see it, but with the past year plus, one can only surmise sooner rather than later.

        • Yes, the insanity is at full volume and the woke lemmings accept the fully pun narrative at face value. It’s a disturbing situation.

          • The conversation needed is why are so many hair-trigger angry? This foster kid went haywire ballistic over some housework.


            “I’m always angry.” And why is that?


            Indeed, you can build an entire culture on resentment, said resentment being based on victimhood, including actual (a very real thing) , but also perceived (difficult to argue), and outright made up (but if you try to cite facts to the contrary you are a racist or an anti-). Persons full of resentment control our culture, both popular and formal/academic.

            The problem is that you can’t run the majority culture on resentment — the society will simply collapse. Resentment combined with higher IQ and verminlike rapacity works well for a small, energetic minority, but that has to be in the setting of a larger, productive culture. Undermine the productive host culture and it all falls apart. Also, if the minority resentment culture is lower IQ and NOT energetic, all you get is squalor and random violence.

          • Yes, a host can only handle so many parasites (strangler figs, if you will) before it dies. Then the parasites drop off looking for something else to feed on. If nothing is readily available, they die too.

  2. I walked into physical therapy (or limped) a couple days ago.
    Receptionist says, “Would you like a larger mask?”.
    and I said “As a matter of fact, no. Why”
    “Well yours doesn’t cover your nose.”
    I went off.
    “I’m wearing a stupid mask.” I’m breathing through my unfettered nose. I’m not gonna rebreathe the crap I exhale. Every damn scientific study says these damn things are useless. I’m not gonna be part of a class action lawsuit in the future. You want to give me physical therapy or lecture me about your mask fetish?”
    “Have a seat sir, your tech will be with you shortly.”
    I never wear a mask at work, amongst a crew that does.
    But it’s kind of an Atlas Shrugged thing.
    I’ll quit.
    And I carry a gun for a reason.
    To defend my rights.
    All of them.
    Every damn last one of them.

    • Careful, don’t admit to a crime here on Virtual Mirage…. pick up the sausage with your hands and tear it with your teeth.

  3. Forks next: A drug user from Devon, UK allegedly stabbed during an argument with his dealer suffered more than 50 injuries, including six wounds from an ornamental fork.

    • I’m telling you, just use your fingers and your teeth to eat if you want to be a conformist in Old Blighty.

      • Of course, eventually, they’ll demand your teeth.

        Cain slew Able with a rock. God blamed Cain, not the rock. But that was then, this is now.

        • Searaigh, I’m glad to see you practicing the Kama Sutra. It will keep you young. Avoid the double pretzel if you are able. It can knock the joints out of position. I’m not predicting that you won’t enjoy it – but best have the paramedics standing by.

  4. I like the vintage Sabatier(?) knife in the infographic. I have one and it works like a charm. How long can they keep the maskscamdemic going before the natives grow restless? My guess, and it’s just that, is not very much longer in the UK. Time to cash in those chips, overlords, and congratulate yourselves on an epic win at the casino.

  5. How do the British cut their bread?
    That would be with a breadknife, same as we cut steaks (fresh of the barbeque) with a steak knife, carve roasts with a carving knife and pare apples and potatoes with a paring knife! Do not confuse the woke-wank from government parasites in the inner cities with the huge majority of us in the real world (I live in Cornwall) and have no intention of giving up my katanas, kukris, compound bow with its broadhead arrows or any of my axes because some shrieking gibbon of the brown persuasion has had a problem and kicked off; they dont kick off round these parts because, a., they dont live around here and b., their survival time would be measurable in seconds.

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