The Royal Horse Artillery

They limbered, unlimbered, fired, and took their ceremonial field pieces back to barracks to clean in honor the birthday of Prince Charles, one day the monarch of Great Britain.

What a way to make a living.

I realize that the RHA is an old and venerable regiment. When was the last time they rode horses to haul caissons and then unlimbered to drop shells on the enemy?

I could look it up, it’s more of a rhetorical point.

Maybe if they dropped a few rounds on Prince Charlie, they could save the nation from having the Brit version of Let’s go Brandon?


Kenosha Soap Opera

Yesterday was the sixth day of the trial by which ADA Thomas Binger is seeking to have Kyle Rittenhouse convicted and sentenced to life in prison for having shot three men (two fatally) the night of August 25, 2020, in Kenosha WI, when the city was suffering a tsunami of rioting, looting, and arson following the lawful shooting of a knife-wielding Jacob Blake by Kenosha police officers.

Some claim that Rittenhouse is a racist because…well, they don’t say why since he was white and those who attacked him were also white, but, yes, a racist. Imagine if the scenario was different and Kyle was a negro being chased by white felons intent on murder.

Isn’t it fascinating that the FBI filmed the whole event from overhead and then “lost” the evidence?

Also fascinating is the fact that the State never test-fired Rittenhouse’s AR-15, to determine forensically at what distance. Soot and gunpowder flecks have the kinetic energy needed to travel and mark a target. It’s called stippling and the attackers had it on them – indicating close proximity to the discharging weapon. Prosecution witness Dr. Kerrey testified today that the gunshot wounds and injuries to both Rosenbaum and Huber were entirely consistent with the men being in a position of attack upon Rittenhouse when they were shot—even the fatal shot to Rosenbaum’s back, which was likely inflicted when the aggressor made a diving lunge at Kyle’s rifle.  In particular, the soot pattern on the right hand of Rosenbaum suggested that it had been on the muzzle of the rifle when the hand was shot.

How is it not self-defense?

They’re literally trying to make the case that if you don’t just let yourself be murdered by far-left pedophile arsonists, you’re the aggressor.

This is just the State trying to make war on your right to self-defense, and they know this trial is entirely a political show trial.


I like Swords & Sabers

But how many people died from a sword thrust or saber stroke during the American Civil War/War of Northern Aggression?

Tiffany & Co. produced an officer’s saber owned by Captain Platt M. Thorn, 150th New York State Volunteers.

Yes, they did show status, and I guess that’s something. They were used to give wordless battlefield commands to infantry usually and as the war drew on,  became what would be later known as a “sniper check”.

Send the guy with the sword out to see if it’s safe for the rest of us.  Salute him or mount him on a horse if that doesn’t work.


Home Computers & Zoom School

There were no home computers when I was a boy, but if there had been, I would have been expelled from Zoom school for having a rifle over the fireplace. It was my grandfather’s Krag Petersson Model 1876, used by the Norwegian Navy. I have no idea how he came by it, but I can imagine the modern teacher’s union having a meltdown.


When Galaxies Collide

How did this strange-looking galaxy form? Astronomers become detectives when trying to figure out the cause of unusual jumbles of stars, gas, and dust like NGC 1316. Inspection indicates that NGC 1316 is an enormous elliptical galaxy that somehow includes dark dust lanes usually found in a spiral galaxy.

Detailed images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope show details, however, that help in reconstructing the history of this gigantic tangle. Deep and wide images show huge collisional shells, while deep central images reveal fewer globular clusters of stars toward NGC 1316’s interior. Such effects are expected in galaxies that have undergone collisions or merging with other galaxies in the past few billion years. The dark knots and lanes of dust, prominent in the featured image, indicate that one or more of the devoured galaxies were spiral galaxies. NGC 1316 spans about 50,000 light-years and lies about 60 million light-years away toward the constellation of the Furnace (Fornax). — via NASA



  1. Sniper check – guy that married one of my cousins was in the Central Highlands in Nam.
    Some butterbar fresh off the plane showed up and one troop walked past without saluting…and immediately got called on the carpet, and chewed out, for not showing proper military courtesy.
    Said troop them stepped back several paces and saluted.

  2. I’m tired of that, too.

    As for zoom, when you and I were going to school, it likely would have made an amazing “show and tell.”

  3. The Whitworth rife, starting at about the 10:00 mark.

    Back in the 90’s, I watched as Civil War reenactors conducted their mock battle in a field near our local junior college. There were about 50 troops for each side. IIRC, the Blue side unlimbered a brass Napoleon 12 pounder. One pound of powder each shot. It got your attention.

  4. Loonie Prince Charlie can go jump in Loch Ness wearing cement galoshes. What an unmitigated disaster he’ll be for the royal family. Seriously, he’s what you find on the tip of the hose used to wash certain feminine parts.

    As to Horse Artillery? Probably WWII, the Germans had lots of horse artillery, along with horse everything else. Though maybe the Afghans during the Soviet Invasion, not sure.

    Cavalry sabers were used a lot during the rout phase of the battles. Turn and run and you’ll get a saber across the back or in the neck. Also used in the Indian Wars and during WWI and WWII. The Italian cavalry used theirs against the Soviets in the last cavalry charge.

    And the proper sharpness to a saber was sharpened, not sharp. Make sure the nicks are out of the blade, as anything that catches will yank the saber out of one’s hand. Too sharp of an edge would lead to edges breaking and the resultant nick would snag then…

    As to school, dang, what happened to me all the time would get me and everyone else tossed out of school. Pushed over a railing and fallen on stairs? Had that happen. Beaten nigh senseless during PE? Yup. Been stabbed by pencils? Yep. It got so I had to have a plywood slab in the back of my backpack (before backpacks were cool) in order to stop being punched or stabbed in the back.

    Kids these days just don’t understand what real pain and trauma is. Yet we all had knives of some sorts, firearms were readily available, as were all sorts of tools usable for destruction and everyone knew not to push the limits of acceptability. Pens and pencils? Okay to use as weapons. Knives or other real weapons, not so much. And as long as no real damage done, nobody told the adults, just wasn’t done.

  5. The Kenosha Trial is the prime focus . The trial was an open threat by local Democrats against anyone who might resist the Democratic rioters/looters.

    Kenosha City and County) had been Democrat country until it/they swung to President Trump. Clearly dem Whi Debbles must be punished for resisting the Leftist conquest. There will, of course, be a Round-2 in the rioting.

    Kenosha isn’t a “cross road” but it is a fairly small community. The owners and employees of the destroyed businesses ( and the jurors) are friends and neighbors. There is nothing for certain but the Democratic Governor may have called the Guard since there may be indications that the local police will protect their community and their neighbors and leave the imported rioters and their hired transport on their own. The ADA pointing and triggering a rifle at the jury and the courtroom may just be a bit of theater for that threat against the town, but he obviously thinks that the addition to the threat was necessary. The rioters/looters from Chicago and Milwaukee may be in for an exciting visit.

    The Democratic Bolsheviks are clearly concerned about an armed populace that realizes that skateboards are lethal weapons and that having your head stompted is likewise a method of murder used in the ghetto. “Round-2” has the potential of being very interesting. Not our choice but if we have to “play”, it will be house rules. Looks like Kenosha is up for the game. Maybe a re-run of “Settlers” v “Injuns” with the addition of a “Black Flag”.

  6. Back in another century I was accepted into Ft. Sill’s Half-Section, but my unit would not release me as I had what was deemed a “Critical MOS”.
    The Half-Section is formed around a WWI French Artillery piece and a caison or ammunition !imber pulled by a team of horses. The members are attired in WWI period dress. They travel to parades and other events across America.
    They were performing at a Fire Power demonstration at Ft. Sill in front of bleachers full of dignitaries when the team had a runaway. One of my buddies did a Pony Express mount right in front of the audience and brought the team under control.
    He got quite an atta boy for that well-time display of horsemanship.

    I have a medium light saber that, according to Wilkinson Sword’s records, was sent to a Lt. Gogh back in 1868.
    The grip shows a lot of use.
    From my limited research, it appears that Lt. Gogh was British.
    It would be nice to see the sword returned to his family.

  7. Once they’re done abolishing elections and the veep steps up, we can have our own ceremonial unit like that – we’ll call it The Royal Whore’s Artillery.


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