For those of you who worship the National Football League

It’s YOUR day, I guess. Rams v Bengals, toe to toe on the line of scrimmage, battling it out for supremacy. I’m not going to ask you for predictions or the point spread. But what is your favorite Super Bowl snack?


In Northern Ireland


The Oldest Biblical Text Founs

(Link) Critics charge that the Bible has been rewritten again and again over the centuries like the game of “telephone. Apparently, it is in some cases, but not so in all cases.

A charred 2000-year-old copy of the scroll of Leviticus was found in the ruins of an ancient synagogue in Ein Gedi destroyed by fire. The results of the examination:

The text discovered in the charred Ein Gedi scroll is “100 percent identical” to the version of the Book of Leviticus that has been in use for centuries, said Dead Sea Scroll scholar Emmanuel Tov from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who participated in the study.“This is quite amazing for us,” he said. “In 2,000 years, this text has not changed.


According to Wagner

It is reserved to art to salvage the kernel of religion, inasmuch as the mythical images which religion would wish to be believed as true are apprehended in art for their symbolic value, and through ideal representation of those symbols art reveals the concealed deep truth within them.  – Richard Wagner, Religion and Art (1880)


Don’t Fear the Reaper (cartoon of the day)


T. E. Lawrence

In my case, the effort for these years to live in the dress of Arabs, and to imitate their mental foundation, quitted me of my English self, and let me look at the West and its conventions with new eyes: they destroyed it all for me. At the same time I could not sincerely take on the Arab skin: it was an affectation only. Easily was a man-made an infidel, but hardly might he be converted to another faith.

I had dropped one form and not taken on the other, and has become like Mohammed’s coffin in our legend, with a resultant feeling of intense loneliness in life, and a contempt, not for other men, but for all they do.

Such detachment came at times to a man exhausted by prolonged physical effort and isolation. His body plodded on mechanically, while his reasonable mind left him, and from without looked down critically on him, wondering what that futile lumber did and why. Sometimes these selves would converse in the void; and then madness was very near, as I believe it would be near the man who could see things through the veils at once of two customs, two educations, two environments.

– T. E. Lawrence, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom



Identify the Tank/APC


Artwork, by Jules Smith



  1. The AFV is a LVTP7, Most likely USMC, with the upgraded (erase all the opposition in the zip code) .50/ 40mm AGL armed turret. Destined to be replaced in marnie forces the world over, and not a moment too soon as they are all very long in the tooth.

    I’ve felt like T.E. Lawrence, but have no similar claim to fame.

    Jules is an artist worth following.

  2. I am not surprised about the Old Testament, Septuagint and all.
    The book of Daniel’s authenticity had been challenged for many years because it so accurately predicted the future. Then came the Dead Sea Scrolls, a virtual time capsule that contained the book of Daniel, as we know it, that shows it was written before it’s predictions came true.
    It’s questioning the New Testament, wanting to add gnostic “gospels”, etc, that concerns me.
    That collection got started about 200 years ago, the date of that Leviticus.
    After WWII, archeology exploded and revealed a vast quantity of NT “fragments” that when collected produced the “Majority Text”, which agrees with 95% of the Textus Receptus, the basis for the KJV (and NKJV). There wasn’t a lot of fudging going on.

  3. Superbowl Sunday… used to be a big party day for me.
    Speaking of professional football does anyone know if the oppressed millionaires playing the game still disrespect their nation at the beginning of the game?
    Just curious…

  4. I could care less about the Super Bowl. When I watched it in past, I found something else to do during the halftime “entertainment” but now I just skip the whole game. If I was watching, I’d likely have a plate of hot wings washed down with a cold Modelo Negra.

  5. Super Bowl Sunday…is that today? Meh…have a dead tree to take down and buck up.

    A lot of richness in a few sentences (Wagner & Townsend), and Clancy’s truth.

    The Bible is further deemed authentic. Knew that, but always happy to be validated. 2Tim3:16, John 20:29.

    Jules…another one with talent on loan from God.

  6. For the longest time, skeptics claimed that the Gospel of John was written by John of Antioch.
    Then a scroll was found of same, that was dated back before John of Antioch existed.
    Funny thing, even after that I was hearing skeptics using the John of Antioch argument.

    Pro football – I remember watching a few games as a kid, when visiting relatives.
    After that I might watch a televised game featuring a player or two I liked watching while they were in college….for a few more years. Then I stopped watching college games as well.
    Now, I mostly avoid TV like the plague.

  7. Sports Ball has never done much for me. Enjoyed some back when the Raiders were the Oakland Raiders, the days of Fred Biletnikoff and Ben Davidson. Now? I’ll be in my man cave installing a weapon light on my Benelli Super 90 12 Ga.

    That said, there will be snacks and cold beer. My wife has made some queso. One of my favorites is grilled bacon wrapped green chilies stuffed with cream cheese.

  8. You can’t beat America when it comes to snacks. I once went to a sports bar when a football game was playing in the States and there were snacks everywhere, being constantly replenished… FOR FREE. That sort of benevolence doesn’t happen in my land. You put free fodder out over here and people would be phoning a friend: “Get your skates on and get down to the Red Lion – there’s free sausage rolls and pukka pies- honestly, no, I’m not winding you up. You better make haste, people are filling up their bags and pockets. I’ve got two in my handbag to take back for grandma.”

    Art always has an element of self- expression. Thank you for your support, LL and for the kind comments here.

    • Free snacks are likely going to be a thing of the past in your average US sports bar. (Not that I would know. To my knowledge I’ve never been in a sports bar.) Food prices have gone up about 20% around here since December. And we haven’t yet experienced the promised 20-30% wholesale price increase come March. Gasoline at the formerly cheap station today was $3.59/gal. In Jan 2021 it was $2.19. No sympathy from a Brit on this one, I know, but it’s an example of how much more expensive things are in Anno Brandon 2 vs Trump 4.

      • There is also the concept that “women drink free” at some bars. I have no idea how the marketing will work post-plague. The thought was that if women were drinking free, they would congregate and men would come because there were a lot of drunk women. In 2022, it’s what you self-identify as, so you could end up with a bar full of drag queens.

        A lot of thought must go into bar promotions for 2022 and beyond.

  9. Super Bowl? Since I don’t own a TV I may wander down to the lobby and see who is watching. Might be a resident or two worth hitting on.

  10. I don’t think I have ever watched the Super Bowl. Or the half time show. I may have watched some growing up, if my dad watched it. But I don’t remember that being the case.

    If I were to watch it, I would probably eat the same thing I enjoy eating often. Chicken wings.

    You all be safe and God bless.

  11. Haven’t been a fan of football for years and I don’t have cable or satellite anymore so no operational TV. I do wish that I had come o this page earlier today though so I could have seen Paul M’s comment about bucking a tree. I have one cut up to 8 foot lengths but it just did not occur to me to cut it up for the woodstove today. Perfect weather for it though.

    • It was a good day, especially considering high winds and snow all day were predicted for our neck of the woods…sunny an clear and warmed up. I swear, if the weatherman and economists swapped places the result would be the same.

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