St. Anthony Fauci 

He’s leaving his government sinecure where he was the highest paid employee of the nation, lapping deeply at the government trough while consulting on the side (moonlighting) for even bigger bucks, and, of course spreading his wisdom. He will begin his show on MSNBC at $5 million a year, laughing all the way to the bank. Put your hands on your television as he preaches and you will feel the warmth of his sincerity.

When you’re feeling ill, light the candle, and Fauci’s ego will sustain you through the darkest hours of the night. He brought you the miracle of Covid-19 wherein your democrat betters grabbed power for YOUR BENEFIT – because they love you — long time.

Some say that a government that forces you to account how you spend your money but fails to account to you how they spend your money should be replaced. St. Fauci of Wuhan just laughs.


Bullet Points

* German Power Shortages – Winter 2022-23 (projected) – BERLIN, Aug 21 (Reuters) – German Economy Minister Robert Habeck ruled out on Sunday extending the lifespan of the country’s three remaining nuclear power plants. There is no way to have a power shortage if the nuclear power plants keep operating.

* “If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.” — C.S. Lewis

* Rule of thumb – 98% of the things said by a drunk man are true; 98% of those said by a horny man aren’t.

* Racial Discrimination If it’s the content of character rather than the color of skin, it works. It never works the other way.

* A British police force under fire for showing off videos of its officers dancing to the Macarena at a Pride event in Lincoln, England, is unrepentant, insisting that policing “is not just about enforcement and patrol” – it’s about going on the drag and looking for hookups. There is no word on the monkeypox infestation among the British police.


Monkeys as Ship pets

Besides cats, dogs, and birds, the sailor had another mascot on board now and then. Yes, monkeys. Unfortunately, these little guys are problematic and liked to cause trouble on board. Or on land, as happened to a monkey at the beginning of the 19th century in Hartlepool. Legend has it that the monkey was the only survivor of a french warship and was washed ashore. Since the people of Hartlepool had never seen a monkey before, they thought they were dealing with some kind of French spy and hanged the poor animal on the spot, hence their nickname “Monkey Hangers”. Whether it was really a monkey or a powder monkey is impossible to say, but the theory that it could have been a boy sounds more plausible than the theory that it was a monkey.


Monkey Hangers – early 19th century, by English school 20th century 

A lady monkey, named Jacko, also followed into the ice in 1845. She was very popular on HMS Erebus, even though she was known as a notorious thief, but who could be angry with a gift from Lady Franklin? HMS Euryalus also had a furry thief as a pet in 1875. The little fellow had taken to playing with the chronometer, which is why it was always kept under lock and key. One day, however, he managed to get hold of the watch, and the master was terrified of him, so he didn’t follow him. The monkey made it up the mainmast with the chronometer and before the men could take it away again, the little guy just threw it overboard. What happened to the monkey then, however, is not clear.

Another monkey, unfortunately, the time and name of the ship are unknown, thought it was clever to climb around in the rigging during a storm. Of course, he fell overboard, and at first, the captain didn’t want to save him, but then, after his crew whined, he launched a boat to rescue the monkey. The boat is said to have circumnavigated the ship three times, but there was no sign of the monkey until it was discovered. He had climbed up the bow and was sitting on the figurehead’s head, grinning happily.


Jack the Monkey – Pirates of the Caribbean

There are a few other stories, but to list them all here would be beyond the scope of this post. Monkeys were not to be trifled with (ask LSP about the monkey and the money but he’s unlikely to disclose details) Not all of them were friendly. One of them is even said to have killed the ship’s cat because it annoyed him.

Due to their rather unjustifiable nature, monkeys were rarely found on board. I wonder what the monkey that my great-great-grandfather brought to my great-grandmother as a present was up to. Unfortunately, he didn’t write it down, which would certainly be interesting to add. And if anyone asks, yes, my great-grandmother did get it, but unfortunately, the animal didn’t live long because it escaped from her after a few days and climbed onto the power line. He survived for weeks at sea, but a power line in 1900 was his undoing. sic transit gloria mundi


Peace was their Profession


Oberleutnant Schmidt, CO of 1. Kompanie Panzer-regiment 22, points out the holes in the Achilles TD “Chelsea” of C Troop, 245 Battery 62nd Anti-Tank Regiment, which was knocked out southeast of Escoville. 18 June 1944


Tibetan Mail Carrier

Would he stuff the ballot boxes with fake mailed-in ballots for the mid-term election cycle?


  1. I was gob-smacked as a yoot to see a B-36 in flight, just the once, flying fairly low and very, very loud. Aluminum overcast indeed.

      • It was. But one fine afternoon late summer or early fall of 1972 we were all standing in formation listening to the First Shirt drone on about that moron Kissinger had said something about light at the end of the tunnel and peace with honor, whatever that was (wonderful news from Viet Nam, y’all; it’s all over but the shooting) when a 747 flew over, first one I ever saw and don’t recall who the operator was, gear down and headed for Tan Son Nhut but flying way, way lower than it should have been because Strellas were a thing by then. The formation turned into a sea of troops jumping up and down and screaming “freedom bird, freedom bird” and the lifers started jumping up and down screaming “shut the hell up, shut the hell up” and not getting it. Now, THAT was spectacular!

  2. The Fowch Mengele needs to be in prison…yet apparently he sold his soul to the Devil moons ago which is why he is still spouting off on his self-importance and appears confident he will skate for his evil-doing. The clown is 81 and is like the Energizer Bunny, and about the same size and annoyance.

    Jules needs to release the resident wolves on those local Drag Queen Hookup Police. Geez, talk about torturing reason to justify your extracurricular bad behavior. Everyone of these people has an excuse, never own up to being a moron.

    Thinking we need to hire a pile of Tibetan Mail Carriers to guard dropboxes…those wishing to stuff wouldn’t even approach to do their dirty deed.

  3. Anthony Fauci
    His dishonesty in this world has been handsomely rewarded. Obviously not my call what his reward will be in the next world.

  4. Monkeys as pets…..what a terrible idea. A long ago friend had a pet spider monkey, and the thing was evil, vicious, mean, and nasty. He had to padlock the cage shut, as the latch it came with took said monkey about two days to figure out, and then pandemonium ensued when the damn thing got out of the cage. He wound up putting the cage out on his enclosed back patio, so if the damn thing got loose, at least it couldn’t trash the house.
    One day he was cleaning the cage, and the monkey made his escape through one of the window screens. It climbed up a big tree in the back yard, and began to chatter loudly at him, and throw shit down from the tree.v Since he lived out in the country, he figured he’d just let the monkey roam for a while. About a week later, the monkey shows back up screaming and pounding on the back door. He was somewhat worse for the wear, needed a good feed, and it looked like he got in a pretty good fight with the barn cats that lived next house over, about 1/2 mile away. Chewed up but good, it t’was!
    Next time the monkey got loose was in the Fall, and this time he didn’t come back. My friend found what was left of it in the Spring. Looks like it may have gotten into a scuffle with something much bigger, and lost.

  5. The Sociopathic Purveyors of False Narrative Chicken Little Hyperventilation are trying to spin Min-key-pox as the next coming plague for EVERYONE…this is to jack up (not the cute monkey) the Mid-Terms like they did before the 2020 election by releasing the Covid Crap.

    The humorous thing is hardly anyone is buying their Bravo Sierra.

      • Guessing about 50% didn’t, yet us nutjobs are being vindicated when the facts emerge.

        File this under the heading “Typical Corporate Woke Idiocy”. MrsPaulM’s company – with huge fanfare like it was the Second Coming – just lifted the Not-A-Vax mandate that she almost lost her job over 10 months ago. Come to find out at least 150 well trained people in her segment were denied exemptions then unceremoniously let go. This company later hired back those positions…the hiring HR person got an award.

        Can’t take on a behemoth unless it’s a class action suit. While I’m not big on lawsuits I would make an exception for this evil-doing.

  6. Monkeys were frequently kept as pets/mascots in the Special Forces camps in the Central Highlands. Some were the pets of individual members and, usually, went uncaged, albeit they were kept on a chain. The unit pets/mascots were invariably caged. Most, for some reason, were males and, without access to female monkey company would get horny. To alleviate this, the Yards would throw a rooster into the cage once a week, usually on a Sunday for some reason, and then stand back and watch the ensuing mayhem. As expected, the weekly score was monkey one, rooster nil.

  7. My dad’s fighter squadron in Korea had a monkey as a mascot. My oldest brother has a film of the squadron bouncing the monkey up in the air using a big tarp. Dad one time said he hated that monkey.

        • That’s what they make clear Lexan panels for. Just let it bounce back, and see how long that little weasel keeps it up….

          And I have nothing against weasels….

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