Is Gadhafi a Dead Duck?

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“A former Libyan Justice Minister Mustafa Mohamed Abud Al Jeleil told a Swedish newspaper he expected the increasingly isolated Libyan leader to commit suicide the way Adolf Hitler did at the end of World War Two rather than surrender or flee.” (Reuters)

The reports conflict at the moment and the oil market is bouncing up and down like a basketball at the play-offs. Today the Saudis guaranteed to increase production to match Libyan shortfalls… and everyone wonders if the House of Saud will survive. They increased the pay of everyone in the kingdom by 15% to “pour oil on the water” with unhappy subjects.
Meanwhile, nobody knows whether Gadhafi is alive or dead. His troops surged today, slaughtering and attempting to beat back turf gains that the insurgents made in recent days.
And while all the drama unfolds throughout the Middle East, New Home Prices dropped 12.9%, Wisconsin Democratic Party Legislators are hiding from the police in other states so they won’t have to do what the public hired them to do, and a full 26% of Americans believe that the US is “headed in the right direction”.
The only shocking bit of news is that unlike Obama, Gadhafi is blaming Osama bin Laden for his internal problems. If it (“it” meaning anything) happens here, the administration would have laid all blame at the feet of George Bush.

9 thoughts on “Is Gadhafi a Dead Duck?

  1. Every incompetent boob needs a scapegoat.

    Even tyrants and would-be tyrants need someone to point blame at.

  2. Opus – I hope you're not referring to OUR commander-in-chief (and friend of Gadhafi).

    Odie – After somebody assassinates Gadhafi, they need to stitch him up inside a pig's carcass and bury him…. or before somebody assassinates him for that matter.

  3. Well, Gadhafi blames bin Laden and drugged coffee. I think that's the same stuff Obama drinks every morning….

  4. He is going to jeopardize Libya's seat on the UN Human Rights Council! (Not really, other members Saudi Arabia and China will vote to keep them on…)

  5. He may not be able to mount offensives outside Tripoli, but it's going to be hard for the rag tag rebels to take Tripoli as long as he can afford mercenaries and his son's special forces keep it all glued together

    And imho he won't step down… Gaddafi's only going feet first

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