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It’s your Memorial Day Sunday Sermonette! Memorial Day is the day set aside for remembering those among us who died for the nation. President Obama spent last week honoring the Japanese and apologizing for the US ending the Second World War with two atomic bombs instead of firebombing more cities and carpet bombing what was left of them (bombing them back to the stone age). 
I’m of three minds:

One -The atomic bomb was too good for them, and that the use of incendiary bombs to wipe out the wooden cities could have gone on for months until there were no cities. If they had not relented by then, we could have used the Atomic bomb.   The Japanese were desperately trying to surrender to the Russians at the time and deny the US a victory. Sneaky little bastards.


Two -It would have sent a clear message if we would have dropped the atomic bomb on the Son-of-Heaven (The Emperor) himself. You can see the photo of Emperor Hirohito to the  right, wearing a lot of medals that he never earned…but when you’re a living God, I guess you can do whatever you want to. You also have the right to be turned into radioactive dust…Clearly it was a good idea to keep the emperor alive long enough to have him authorize articles of surrender to the United States and its allies, so while option two was appealing, it was not practical.

Three -The US had the capacity to engage in germ warfare on top of the incendiary bombs that were dropped on the wooden cities. If we’d used weaponized smallpox or Variola major on  them, there would have been a lot fewer left. I realize that the Japanese aren’t sufficiently appreciative, but that’s the nature of people in general. Did the Japanese have it coming? I leave it to you to decide. But I think that we acted in the best interest of the Japanese people — and I feel that a little gratitude is in order. Maybe instead of blaggarding us for dropping two atomic bombs on them (remember Pearl Harbor), they should thank us for not wiping them out to the last person and turning the island into a resort for Americans, Australians, New Zealanders, Brits, the Frogs and our other allies (excepting the Russians – sorry Vlad).

Contemporary Japanese Narrative

The Japanese monuments to the dropping of atomic bombs on them and their Imperial War Museum both neglect to mention that they started the war with a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. The official history in Japan suggests that the US started the war. Isn’t that strange?  It also makes no mention of their close alliance with Hitler’s Germany. Coincidence? Hardly.
Barack apologized on our behalf last week for starting the war against the Japanese. Well sure, why not, Barack? Thanks for that, but no thanks. I have no axe to grind with the Japanese at this point in the game, but I’m not the least bit sad about the war being ended by two nuclear bombs.
Based on what Barack said, the Japanese are concerned about a potential Trump presidency and US moves to balance trade between the US and Japan. Naturally, it favors Japan to the tune of roughly $70 billion per year. Evening out that number is something that Japan would rather not deal with. Barack promised the Japanese that Trump would never be president (suggesting that either the game is rigged or Obama is clairvoyant).

My father fought the Japanese (he called them “japs”) during the Second World War. I’m glad that he is not alive to see an Obama presidency and what our ObamaNation has degraded to. He wouldn’t have kind words for Barack.

24 thoughts on “WW2 and Memorial Day

  1. It's the lack of GRATITUDE that irks me.

    And yes, I do have a 2007 Toyota FJ, but I've torn it apart and rebuilt it to American specs for off-road use, so I clearly don't hate the Japanese.

  2. Good post LL. A neighbor down the road from me is a WWII vet who fought the Japs. I visited with him yesterday and he cried, with tears running over his cheeks, over what Batears did and his hugging of a Hiroshima survivor. He said, "I never thought I would see the day that a sitting president would apologize for WWII".

    He also told me that he hoped to be alive long enough to vote for Trump this November.

  3. I hope that he lives long enough as well. It would be interesting if President Trump would visit Japan on June 4 and mention the Battle of Midway…

  4. You pretty much covered it.
    I cannot wait for that man (using the term loosely) to be gone, gone, gone.

  5. Call it pride, honor, patriotism … whatever. Some people do not take kindly to have their little yellow asses handed to them (not mentioning any nation here) no matter how beneficent their conquerors turn out to be. Hiroshima is now a beautiful, modern city w/o any need for artificial lighting at night since their population still emits a delightful radiance once the sun goes down.

    Call it the Enola Gay Glow. An American tourist visiting Japan once read Tolstoy's "War & Peace" aided only by the light given off by a ten year old.

  6. Neither would my cousin. He was on Iwo and Okinawa. Till the day he died, he hated the Japanese with a passion. He would literally get up and walk out of the room if a Japanese walked in.

  7. Obama, cringing yet again before another foreign power. And I'm with you, the Japanese are fortunate that they survived at all as a country after WWII. Mind you, they're doing a pretty good job of dying off without our help. See demographic harakiri.

  8. The Japanese atrocities during WW2 exceeded anything done by any other power possibly except for the Nazi treatment of Jews and Eastern European POW's. It's a fact. It's who they were and what they did. They could learn from it but now shrink from it… The mirror can be very uncomfortable.

  9. Currently, seventy-one percent of suicides in Japan are male and it is the leading cause of death in men aged 20–44. That's what happens when there are no ships to fly airplanes into.

    The Germans chose a different form of national suicide – inviting a million military age Muslim males in from Syria and the Levant. Same end result, just a bit slower.

  10. My father served with the SeaBees all through the Pacific in WWII.

    He saw first hand what they did to captured Americans, and he felt no guilt at all about Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    He said he thought Curtis LeMay was a great American, and would have continued the fire bombings if we hadn't built the A-Bomb.

    And for those that apologize about it? They seem to have forgotten a few places like Bataan and Nanking…..

  11. But Barrack Obama knows everything. He said y'all won't be our friends anymore if we leave Europe….
    Enola gay drops little boys. And no I'm not talking about a transgender bathroom activity.

  12. These atrocities are not discussed in history classes. In fact, if you mentioned Bataan, Nanking or even Stalingrad to a high school graduate, they'd just give you a blank look.

    “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” – Orwell

  13. It's interesting that Obama feels so strongly about BREXIT. He sent the bust of Churchill back from the White House to Great Britain, didn't he? Maybe that abrogates his right to have an opinion on the matter.

  14. The Japs still hate us, though. Not so much in public, because American dollars are still prized. But if an American couple sit down at a Japanese restaurant, have dinner and leave, the owner must fumigate the table and chairs before any other Jap will sit at that table. They consider us unclean, and a form of subhuman.

    But of course they will take our dollars. And curse us behind our backs.

  15. That has been my experience as well.

    They view us as barbarians. Useful barbarians, but barbarians all the same.

  16. One wants to respect the office. How can you when the occupant doesn't respect his countrymen?

  17. It's why I left government service – I couldn't. And I owed it to myself and to my honor to find something else to do.

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