US Naval Leadership in the Biden Era

An example of promotion to CNO

SIR JOSEPH. When at anchor here I ride,
My bosom swells with pride,
And I snap my fingers at a foeman’s taunts.

While it’s not quite that bad, it is almost at present. The Navy works because the people who carry out the orders are not the people at the top (leftists all) who follow the discipline of the left as it has been laid out in this series — with all of its attendant disfunction.


And because it’s Labor Day, let’s sing the official song of the Democrat Party. That’s a little misleading because the donkeys gave up on organized labor and the American working class to pursue oligarchs who paid better and could give them rides on nicer executive jets and yachts. Yeah—Animal Farm.


Explaining Leftism, Continued from part one on September 5, 2021, and concluded here.

The Left in our modern society has firm control over the ‘social cues’ determining who is smart and who is dumb. Smart is whatever agrees with the Party line of Political Correctness, hence someone without any notable accomplishments like Barack Obama is heralded as a genius of dazzling, nay, blinding brilliance; whereas Ronald Reagan, who engineered the downfall of the Soviet Union, was not merely dumb, but a drooling idiot and dangerous incompetent. It is to be noted in passing that no Leftist (and few on the Right) foresaw the downfall of the Soviet Union, but Reagan, Thatcher, and the then Pope did.

The Leftist, no matter how intelligent he may be in other areas, in order to avoid the hate-crime of reason, follows the social cues in the direction of unreason, and says and believes the most obvious blithering idiotic nonsense imaginable, and at the same time thinks himself a genius.

He is not stupid because he lacks the capacity for intelligence; he is stupid because he deliberately refuses to use that capacity.

(The irony of the fact that they regard themselves as independent thinkers is stunning. But this is one more example of using social cues instead of thought. They think themselves independent because the herd cues tell them they are.)

Their theory of knowledge is that there is no knowledge, no truth, only bigoted opinion. The only way to avoid bigotry is to avoid judgment and the use of reason. Avoiding reason necessitates a theory of morality that denies cause and effect. No vice causes loss, no virtue causes happiness. Hence life is a random roulette wheel. If there are no vices and virtues, not even the intellectual virtues of honest thinking, then no independent thought is desired or permitted. Instead, all thoughts are determined by social cues. Thought is collective.

By leftist logic as it is functionally applied today, turning all the inmates of prisons and insane asylums loose on the streets for some reason not named should not have lead to an increase in the number of insane street people and criminals. Being lenient on criminals should not produce an increase in violent crime. Disarming the victims should not encourage attackers. Surrendering a war should produce victory, not defeat. Rewarding Jihadist violence by praising and funding them should decrease Jihadist violence. Socializing the student loan industry will lower costs. Socializing the medical insurance industry will not only allow you to keep your plan and your doctor, but your premiums will also actually go down.  And more people, rather than fewer, will be covered by health care the moment less health care is available to them. Goods can be rationed without rationing. And so on and so on and so on.

In each case, the theory fails in the most remarkable and jaw-droppingly spectacular fashion possible.

Living by the Unreality Principle demands a cost. First, there is something like a daily maintenance cost: you must attend closely to whatever the social cues are telling you, and believe them and not your lying eyes. The needle to perform this particular lobotomy is called the Mass Media.

Thanks to the Mass Media, you can live in the richest nation in the history of forever, and believe that poverty is overwhelming. You can live in the least imperial nation of all time, and denounce it daily as imperialist. You can live in the one nation, which grants the best opportunities and bends over backward to offer education and jobs to women, blacks, Jews, and immigrants of all colors and backgrounds, and denounce it as systematically racist. You can live in the nation where there are fewer Fascist White Supremacists than there are members of the Flat Earth Society, and yet believe that the brain of Hitler kept alive in a jar in Brazil is about to give the order for a sudden Aryan insurrection, and the blacks will be strung up from lampposts as far as the eye can see tomorrow. Meanwhile, the real fascists who are really committing real atrocities, and are indeed leaving corpses as far as the eye can see, the social cues tell you that these are kindly people devout to the Religion of Peace provoked by the evil Jews, who only want to fly kites under the benevolent and avuncular leadership of Saddam.

I say again, all these beliefs are not only false, they are the diametric opposite of truth. Maintaining the system of social cues and self-hypnosis necessary to believe and eat and inhale all this pure manure requires an immense effort. What happens when a trace of reality creeps in?

What happens when the theory fails, but the option to abandon the theory is not examined?

Simple: the theory holds that the theory cannot fail. If life does not cooperate with the theory, life is wrong, not the theory. Remember the basis of Leftist moral theory, that the wheel of life is crooked, and the game is rigged by evil conspirators. So when the game of life gives the wrong answers, what else? Blame the conspiracy. Who else?

At some point, their frustration with their own stupid theories and their spectacular failures expands until it explodes into wrath. Often this is when reality begins pressing in on the hermetically sealed bubble of social-cue-protected dreamland in which they live.

The Occupy Wall Street movement was in part a reaction to the painful reality pressing in on the Leftists that their masters had betrayed them: the beloved masters in Washington made a deal with Wall Street, to establish a state-syndicate alliance in one field of the economy after another, from the Motor Car industry to the Student Loan industry, and the Occupiers dimly felt this. Small investors were having their 401K’s wiped out while CEO’s were getting more in bonuses than a workingman makes in ten years. The Occupiers knew the same thing that the Tea Party movement knew, namely, that the rich had ganged up with the powerful to trample the faces of the poor. Being rightwing, the Tea Party marched on the powerful in Washington and were peaceful. Being leftwing, the Occupiers marched on the rich in Wall Street and were violent. (And the Press, being Leftwing, reported not just untruth but the exact opposite of the truth in both cases.)

They do not reconcile their floral pacifism with their bloodthirsty love of violence. They simply like both. Logic is not their strong suit.

You may ask, when their theories fail and fail spectacularly, how is it that the Leftist does not react to reality and jettison the theory? Why is it they do not wake up?

Liberals never wake up. Never. The whole point of Liberal theory from start to finish is to form earplugs to smother the ringing of that alarm clock called reality.

You may ask, why do they not want to wake up? Don’t they crave at least some reality in their lives?

The answer is that you are thinking of them as a person of sound mind who believes a theory, the way a calm and purely logical astronomer might believe the theory of the Big Bang as opposed to the theory of the Steady State, based on the evidence. But the astronomer is impartial. He will not lose his wife and friends and self-respect if he discovers the stars came from a different origin than he thought. Whether or not the procession of Mercury demonstrates that the Sun’s gravity warps time-space has no effect on whether the astronomer orders anchovies on his pizza. It is not part of his life.

The Leftists are people who abandon their innate intelligence and moral stature and who deliberately make themselves to be more stupid than average, less moral and upright and decent than average, who at once combine the worst features of a self-deceived fool and a self-deceiving conniving con-man. The only thing that saves them from the constant pain of the dentist drill of their conscience, the constant clamor of their wretched self-esteem telling them that they do not deserve to live, the only thing, indeed, keeping them alive, is their false and inflated sense of sanctimony.

Each one is a Judas, who has betrayed all he holds dear. The only reason why he does not hang himself from the nearest redbud tree is that he adopts the numbing hypocrisy of the Pharisee.

There is no greater high than to fly on the drug of smug moral superiority. You may look down your nose at all fashion of men greater than you in every other way, but if they are evil and you are righteous, the savory odor of your righteousness in your own nostrils is finer than myrrh. It is more than wine which mortals drink; it is nectar of the gods.

One thing that free men never understand about slaves to an addiction is that the slave is a slave. The slave is commanded to find his next hit, his next high, and nothing is allowed to stand in the way. Nothing. Not self-respect, not the law, not the fear of God nor man.

The slave will beg, borrow, pawn, to get money for the next dose; he will sell his furniture, rob his friends, steal from his wife’s purse, sell his clothing, sell his soul, and do anything, anything, no matter how degrading. The master is his addiction, his craving. The master has the whip hand, and the whip is a whip of scorpions.

And they turn violent if you stand between them and their next hit.

Anyone diminishing the self-righteousness of this crew of evil lunatics is met with the fury of evil lunacy, not because they are evil and not because they are lunatics. They are good people commanded by their evil master to do evil deeds. They are sane people commanded by their lunatic master to say lunatic things. Their master is this addiction to a false sense of self-righteousness.

If they actually were righteous folk, men who had done some brave deed or made some deep sacrifice in the cause of goodness and light, there would be no hostility, no addiction, no violence. But the golden apple they took from the Hesperides of Righteousness is an apple to which they have no right. It is stolen. Their self-esteem and self-righteousness and sanctimony are all counterfeit. The one truth they can never admit is that they have no right to think well of themselves.

That is why the truth is their enemy. That is why they are in rebellion against reality.

Do you think you can talk a crackhead out of his addiction? Do you think you can talk a slave out of his chains? (ask Hunter)

Anything that reminds them of innocence or truth is abhorrent to them. It makes them uneasy, lest their master raises his whip of iron and punish them. Therefore the very people and things the addicts of self-righteousness hate the most are saints, women like Mother Theresa, and heroes, figures like George Washington, and captains of industry, men like Henry Ford.

The things they hate most are ideals like Justice and Mercy.

And they despise and hate the innocent most of all: the greatest part of their fury and destructiveness is turned against those two figures which, for all times past, were the symbols and embodiments of purity and innocence: the virgin and the child.

If the reader doubts that Leftists hate virgins, let him inspect any dozen Hollywood movies taken at random, or visit any dozen college campus dorms at random after hours, or read any two dozen essays by feminists. If the reader doubt that the Left hates children, let him read the account of what goes on in an abortion mill or read how the British Health Service disposes of the tiny corpses.

Pampered and privileged members of the elite feel that they are being robbed of their just due. Being elite is not enough. They want the lesser beings, the common men, the mob, the peasants, the underlings, to give them the honor and worship and adoration normally paid to a true and ruling aristocracy.

These people hate America, and everything for which she stands, and hate Christ, and everything for which He stands, with the bitter hatred of someone who has earned a high position and been cheated of it. Democracy does not give them what they want. God does not give them what they want.

Look at what Leftist political theory did in Russia and Red China once it was freed of all lingering doubts and checks and chains. Look at the piles of skulls. Then look at the Dachas and the larger-than-life monuments to the Beloved Leader.

They want to be aristocrats, in spirit if not in fact. They want to be born into privilege, and to be admired, without the tedium of actually doing anything to earn admiration, neither in the marketplace of the market nor in the marketplace of ideas.

There is no paradox at all of the rich men being committed to policies that will destroy the laws and customs needed to create wealth. The Middle Class creates most of the wealth, most of the jobs. Socialism requires cooperation between certain protected industries to be kept alive as neutered pets. Whether the rich bribe the powerful or the powerful extort wealth from the rich makes no matter: the end result is a partnership between the rich and powerful to trample the faces of the poor. That is the end result of the mindset described above, once it is free to act, and devoid of scruples. Imagine a boot stomping a human face forever.

The reward of wealth is not enough for the rich socialist; the reward of freedom from racism is not enough for the Jew who supports Palestinian bombers and hates the state of Israel; the reward of sinecure is not enough for the Ivory Tower professor. They see men who are self-reliant and happy and God-fearing who do not bow the knee to men who possess more, physical or intellectual possessions, than do they. They do not fear and love their superiors. That the ordinary working man, a father with a family, should be happy in his suburban home, and pay no honors and make no obeisance to the would-be elite in our elite-free society is intolerable to them.

They do not want our money. If they wanted money, they would not spend countless billions on boondoggles or flush it down ratholes. They do not want to rule us. If they wanted to rule, they would not be so absurdly incompetent when in power.

They want only to have the honors, like Princesses, not the duties of war and lawmaking, like Kings. In the final reckoning, when all is said and done, all these paradoxes can be explained by the simplest theory of all.

Leftism is the sin of pride disguised as compassion.

Now you know.



    • I’ve had some health issues, FHubert, on the mend now. Instead of being active, I’ve been staying closer to home, writing, and working on Loki’s Fire, the sequel to Red Mist.

  1. +1 to all you said here. I continue to be surprised at the way some normally intelligent people I know buy into that drivel, but then again, maybe not.

  2. Stunningly brilliant treatise, you have outdone the front and the back of it.

    Appearances can be deceiving, I had always posited that these types hated themselves then wanted everyone else to join in the self-flaggelation. Yet reading your in depth study, it is deeper and less simple; they are cultivated to hate all that is normal and good, and moral and righteous. They eschew a Godly prescription because they are self-centered beyond reason, like the mental wiring is held in The Deceivers hand with super glue and nothing will dissuade them from their warped tortured mentality.

    Yesterday a group of friends assisted in setting trusses on the new home our neighbors are constructing themselves, including a big lunch…similar to an Amish barn raising when the entire community comes to help and move it along in a hurry. It was – as these things go if everything falls just right – EPIC….and the full spiritual sense of “do unto others” community overshadowed any bent nail or sore muscle or sunburn.

    That’s the good stuff…God’s prescriptive soul-feeding nectar.

  3. Leftism is the sin of pride disguised as compassion.

    An aside if I may. 1970’s, Seattle area, with a profoundly autistic son, my then wife and I became heavily involved in social issues. One hot button issue at the time was “deinstitutionalizing”. “OK, where do the residents go,” we naively asked? Oh, utopia! Group homes, work programs, case workers, etc. Instead we have these people, in an earlier time that would be in institutions, trying to survive on the streets.

    My son is one of the few that is actually served, however poorly, by the system only because his mother fought while his father provided the home and income to support her efforts. My being a precinct committeeman didn’t hurt.

    The waiting lists time for basic social services is measured in years.

    • Meant to add, until the minimum wage was raised to an unrealistic level, my son had the same job for nine years. Before that, he always worked. Yes, part time, Yes, dishwashing and bussing, but he took such pride in being part of the community. Now he sells newspapers on a street corner in the Fremont district. Al least he has a roof over his head.

    • I’ve seen the results of ‘deinstitutionalizing’ not in the family but in law enforcement activity. I can’t count the hamburger meals that I bought for people who were screwed by the system and were genuinely hungry. I’m not talking about the professional panhandlers who take cash. You can tell the difference if you deal with these folks. The burgers weren’t healthy, but’s what you can buy in a bag and hand to people you get to know who are in that sort of distress.

      There are different people out there. Some are on dope, some on the grift, often both. A guy I knew lived in a limo behind a liquor store. He owned the limo but was a hard-core alcoholic. If MikeW is reading this, yes, it’s who you think it is. He is a friend from many adventures. He had a heart attack there in the car, the liquor store owner called the paramedics and it saved his life because he hasn’t had a drop to drink or a coffin nail to smoke in well over a decade now. Maybe 15 years. My point is that life is not one size fits all and finding solutions for people rely on a number of factors. In the case of my friend, he had to hit bottom. He impaired himself. In the case of others, halfway houses and supervised living to keep disadvantaged people safe and on meds or whatever is required is the only way that it works.

      It’s complicated, WSF and the liberals who control those institutions do a mediocre job at best.

      • Larry. Yes, as you see I am browsing through today. As soon as I read the living in his limo part, I knew who we were talking about. Like you, he is a very very good friend of many many years standing. I did not realise it was now 15 or so years since he had a drink or a smoke. Time seems to go by very fast these day. Must be old age catching up. I too recall many adventures from his drinking days. When he was working, and drinking, it was like the Energizer Bunny, put the battery in and away he would go.

  4. I don’t know about your generation. My generation was taught that every word in a(ny) book (or a newspaper) was G-s’d truth. Every utterance by our teachers, every phrase in our textbooks was G-d’s word, to be parrotted when called upon in front of the class or to be written with exactitude on a test paper; those who questioned were disciplined: and this was public school, in the U.S.A.
    And, as I understand the above, you’re asking why there are so many sheep-like Socialists baaing in harmony?

    • I was (and remain) a difficult student. I had that skeptical streak.

      While in grad school working on my MPA, I enrolled in a 500 level class on government. The professor (from New Zealand) announced that the course of study would be the Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing by Orange County (CA). Then he had people introduce themselves and tell a little bit about what they did or their interests. I said, “I’m LL and I’m running the criminal investigation of that bankruptcy for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.”

      He changed the class and course of study because it’s embarrassing to have a student who is better informed than the prof.

  5. The dialectic cannot be wrong. When reality conflicts with the dialectic, reality must be made to change. When that still doesn’t work, reality must he destroyed.
    I have pointed out in other fora that one of the tenets of Marx was that the common people will destroy the existing power hierarchy in order to bring about communist utopia. Since that has not worked once, not ever or anywhere, and only misery has remained, instead of tossing the marxist dialectic, they expanded the definition to include absolutely everything, from income levels to religion to gender roles to family to abortion and beyond.
    (This by the way helps explain the leftist fascination and devotion to providing material and moral support to radical Mohammedanism beyond their twisted underdog syndrome – they see Islam as an ally of convenience in destruction of What Is, to further their creation of utopia)
    It is a religion of sorts, twisted and evil, attempting to sacrifice not just their own children but all of the world to Ba’al and Molech, hoping that THIS TIME their dark god of humanism will reward them for their corrupted piety.

  6. Well done and on point. It is truly sad to see our ships in that condition. At least ‘we’ had pride in appearance, and did the work to make the ship ‘shipshape’ before pulling into port. This is also a failing of the short CMAVs and MAVs, dumping most of the work on the crews AFTER the avails… Grrrr…

      • Shaeful and disgusting to see our first-line warships in that condition. Even during WWII in the Pacific, ships were kept in better shape.

        Whatever happened to chipping, scraping, primer and paint? Too “menial” a job for our enlisted? Is there no paint in the locker?

  7. Maybe misremembered quote, from two verses: In the world those in authority lord it over those under them, but in my kingdom it is not so. Those who want to be lord must be a servant.

    Having lived around and worked with people who had servant hearts, you could TRUST those people.
    Those who only serve themselves…I wouldn’t trust with a used Kleenex.

  8. I disagree with you on the Left’s love affair with labor. The Left loves labor, loves the money, loves the power of unions, the ability to shut down whole segments of the population, the lobbyists that Big Labor owns, the stupidity of the average organized laborer towards politics.

    As to caring about the actual individual worker, or the unorganized worker, the Left has no copulations to give.

    Even though the Left doth love all things with organized labor, it is a sado-masochistic relationship. The Left loves flogging the living dog-squeeze out of labor, and Labor loves crying out in pain and licking it’s master’s dog-squeeze covered boots.

    Seen it close at hand. Actually belonged to a union at one time. The whole body of the union was pretty much bubba-republicanist, but all that money went to the labor leaders that supported bat-shit crazy moonbat leftists. And, not surprisingly, even about 2/3rds of the bubba-republicans followed the voting suggestions of the labor leaders.

    Bailed, bailed quickly, especially after watching the labor leaders sell out the younger people in order to feather their nests for their imminent retirement, meanwhile grooming the worst of the under-mensch to follow in their footsteps.

    Leftists. Not enough active volcanoes to get rid of them, not enough sharks, not enough deserted mines.

    • Had a shop stewart tell me that, during negotiations with the administration, he would sell the union out in a heartbeat for a chance at the admin’s secretary. Wasn’t the only waste of time/money/effort I witnessed.
      I was so happy to leave that job that I stayed just inside the main entrance for a while just to prolong the feels good moment.

      • The leftists would like to keep that money flowing from the unions, but they went another way – toward the oligarchs, and today there are nowhere near as many (a) unions and (b) unions who owe them fielty. Many unions favored President Trump, believing that his patronage would be better than the donkeys, typified by creepy old Slow Joe Biden and his Indian sidekick.

        • Many unions did say they were going for Trump and the rank and file also said they were going for Trump, but much union money went to the leftists and many backslid, supporting Biden, like the Pipefitters’ Union (who got paid for their support by Jo Jackass cancelling the Keystone Pipeline and drilling contracts all over the place.)

          And the strongest unions today are public sector unions and those are fully left-wing moonbat controlled. Like the teachers’ unions.

  9. I got elected shop steward once.
    I did not campaign and I did not want the job, but my fellow workers thought I was who they wanted at the table to represent them during negotiations.
    Hated it.
    The Business Agent called me and wanted me to vote for Obama…we had an uncomfortable, for him, discussion.
    Unions had there place years ago: They started mostly because of pay, safety, and work hours.
    Now, and for sometime they have just been about the grift and keeping people in power so they can grift, too.

    • The best thing about being a shop steward is that you couldn’t be laid off, right? I think that there was always a grift with union shops – from the very first union. The Marxist stench was always present.

      • Yes, the Marxist and early socialist stench was strong with the early unions. One of the largest and most powerful, The Grange, was full of left-wing moonbat progressives with a strong atheistic streak.

        Though, well, the need for some worker and trade organizations did and still do exist, but they should be scaled back or eliminated as soon as the die-hard need for them is finished.

        But like a government program, unions will last forever, until they kill themselves. Like the Textile Workers’ Union. How many US textile mills and clothing factories exist now since that union got it’s way?

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