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The ongoing competition between the United States and China is reminiscent of the Cold War with the Soviet Union. As China’s expanding global ambitions raise concerns, historical lessons from the Soviet challenge recognizing the global battle of ideas, blending force and diplomacy, and making difficult trade-offs can be applied to addressing China’s growing power, securing American interests, and promoting a freer and more peaceful world. Learn more:



(link to article) “The United States has a homelessness problem, but we have an even bigger homelessness-policy problem.

It is an issue at the federal level—HUD spends nearly $10 billion annually to create bad incentives that reward destitution—and at the state and local level.

This week, two widely divergent state approaches to homelessness were on display.

In Oregon, state legislators sought to grant the homeless a right to camp on public property and to sue for up to $1,000 if their tents are disturbed.

This may strike some as an extreme example, but it’s unfortunately typical for homeless policy, which is largely controlled by a national activist movement.

Made up of thousands of service providers, this movement has become unaccountable and has failed to make meaningful improvements in conditions for the homeless, all while docking taxpayers more and more money.

In some cases, these groups have become urban political machines in their own right, with incentives to see more homeless on the streets because it means more public funding for them.

States like Oregon are happy to play ball.

The State of Georgia, however, is not.

On Wednesday, Governor Brian Kemp signed SB 62 into law, which will upend the status quo on homelessness policy in the Peach State.

Passed with bipartisan support, the law is based on model legislation developed at the Cicero Institute, which I founded.

Georgia and other states are part of a growing revolution in homelessness policy in which policymakers are declaring independence from failed approaches—and from the activists and bureaucrats who have created anarchy in so many of our major cities.

Individual states may lack the ability to fix all the broken incentives pushed down from Washington, D.C., but they can make a difference in their own states.

Our model legislation has several major pillars, each of which deviates from the prevailing—and failing—wisdom of what some call the Homeless Industrial Complex.”

Comment: Finally, one state, Georgia, is reversing the trend towards creating more homelessness by some common sense provisions and not just throwing more tax-payer money into failing projects or perspectives that do not recognize the true nature of the problems which have created and are exasperating the situation. I have no doubt that Biden will trot out his “Jim Crow on steroids” hyperbolic rhetoric again, no doubt to be mimicked by every mindless California Democrat whose policies have made the crisis in California worse year after year.


Identify the Aircraft


Wagner Group

The alleged feud between the Wagner Group and the Russian armed forces is very public and long-standing, no doubt. But Putin is not known for handling his critics with kid gloves, or does he tolerate failure among subordinates. They usually quickly succumb to fatal accidents.

“Why is Yevgeny Prigozhin still breathing, much less going on public media, and parading his grievances?” The answer is most likely that Putin is behind or supports Prigozhin’s grievances against the Russian military.

Prigozhin has always enjoyed a close relationship with Putin and understands that his continued health and well-being are linked to that relationship. So, the next question is what does Putin gain from what would appear to be an embarrassing public tantrum over the supposed lack of competence in the Russian military or the lack of a resounding success lately on the battlefield? What game is being played out here? The one we are seeing publicly is not logically consistent with past realities. So, much like what we saw when dealing with the USSR in the old days, we have to figure that things may not be as they appear to be and that other factors and motives are at play here that are being hidden from view.


From the Days of Fighting Sail

I want my mummy!

The Gottfried sank on 12 March 1822 with ancient Egyptian artifacts between Cuxhaven and the west of the island of Trischen near the mouth of the river Eider.

Gottfried was a Danish-flagged galleass launched in 1815. She was about 20m long and had two masts. Her captain was Heinrich Jacob Riesbeck and with him sailed a crew of 8. At the time of her sinking, she was carrying 97 boxes of Egyptian art treasures, which the Prussian nobleman Baron Heinrich Menu von Minutoli had acquired in Egypt for King Frederick William III in order to lay the foundations for Prussia’s own Egyptian collection. Minutoli had spared nothing in his purchases. He had acquired mummies, animal mummies, altars, vessels, figures of gods, a door frame, and papyri. Mehmed Ali Pasha, governor of the Ottoman province of Egypt, had even added an Arabian marquee as a gift to the baron. In addition, there was the top of a pyramid and a sarcophagus of red granite weighing several tons.

The loss of the Gottfried, by unknown

As portrayed above, the Gottfried was caught in a storm and the heavy cargo seemed to have been her undoing, for it smashed through the hull and sank the ship. All those present had no chance to save themselves and went down with the valuables.

At first, no one knew that the Gottfried had sunk, but they knew that something had happened when the first mummies were gradually washed up on the beach. Count Georg Wilhelm Schmeelke, mayor in the service of the Duke of Bremen and Verden, began to “count”, noting down what the sea washed up on the left bank of the Elbe between Cuxhaven and Balje: an ostrich egg, rams’ horns, mummified fish, corals and two boxes with various books, letters, maps, and diaries. The ceremonial tent also made it to the Elbe beach completely torn to pieces – as did seven sarcophagi with their mummies. The discovery caused great horror, as the plague was raging in Egypt at the time. The dead were hastily buried in the sand on the shore.

The gilded head of a male mummy 

The ship had been insured and the insurer now owed Minutoli 27,000 marks. In order to compensate for this high loss to some extent, everything that had been washed up on the beach was gathered together and even the dead had to be dug up again. These finds were then auctioned off. Much to the delight of Hamburg’s merchants, because now they too could hold their own mummy parties and not have to look enviously to London. In the course of time, a few pieces came to various museums, including the gilded head of a male mummy. In 2003, a small box with a linen bandage and a mummy’s curl was added, which had been in a magazine in the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg.

The rest is still missing, as is the wreck of the Gottfried. It has probably long since disappeared, but the sarcophagus and the pyramid top are probably still there in Davy Jones’ Locker.


From Trondheim


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    1. Brazilian F-5M (Tiger II) – upgraded past the F-20 Tigershark standard – likely as far as the F-5 will go. In terms of armament, the F-5M can employ the Israeli-made Rafael Derby beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM) and the same company’s short-range Python 4 and 5 infrared-guided AAMs. A single Pontiac M39A2 20mm-caliber cannon is retained in the nose of the single-seat version. For air-to-ground missions, the jet can be armed with laser-guided bombs. In addition, weapons trials have also been conducted on an indigenous long-range air-launched cruise missile, the MICLA-BR, carried under the F-5’s fuselage. This is an air-launched version of the MTC-300 (or AV-TM 300) surface-to-surface missile, with a range of 186 miles and inertial/GPS guidance plus an image correlation system for terminal navigation.

  1. Apologies up front for the length and first thing rant…

    Homelessness (a euphemism)- One must always start at the root cause: The Left/Dems are degenerates and mentally deranged so have little understanding of normal thinking therefore keep running their wobbly subsidy train down the bent track thinking it will work at some point despite data to the contrary.

    First off 99% of these bums aren’t “homeless”, most are drug and alcohol addicts. The term is a Liberal euphemism to cover for Welfare Takings by the back door. The asinine do-gooder “symbolism over substance” (h/t Rush) policies are only effective in generating MORE of this stupidity, and now it has reached a crescendo where the Morons In Charge think putting these lost souls into confiscated hotels is the answer…which has NEVER worked in 40 years. Stupid is what stupid does.

    And how is this funded? Property taxes…just another line item with some obscure title to avoid detection. Case in point:

    Got our new assessment from the County…UP 50% over 18 months ago! How is that possible when the market is tanking? Nothing but criminal level thievery to backfill the “revenue” hole these idiots dug with 3+ years of Lockdowns and runaway inflation (which, despite The Hologram’s blatant lies to the contrary, was up 0.4 percent from March to April). The Democrat Rats have the uncanny ability to add insult to injury towards people already hurting and struggling….but they gotta pay for their My Precious Ring “programs” that all the Town Liberals voted for, overriding the majority of residents. The Borg Hive assimilates. There can be little escape short of going full Galt.

    Yes, I will be protesting this Tax Thievery…seems all my neighbors within 5 miles had the same percentage increase using the same incorrect comps…as if no one would notice. And the tax line items we get the privilege to pay for? Just one example to make the point: County Mental Health Services. Gee, wonder where the “homeless” payments fit in? Right there.

    The Degenerate Democrat Criminals are running everything. But we all knew that. Smart people will leave cities to their own devices, move out, let them further devolve into the hellholes they have become. Starve the beast as best as possible.

    This subject really struck a chord first thing. Maybe it was the “Trump not guilty BUT is guilty from a new law we just made for this one case so has to pay $5mil to some deluded cretin” that got to me. Maybe I had too much coffee this morning to make uo for yesterday. Regardless… this same moronic Lib/Left/Dem “homeless” mantra for 40 years – with ZERO reduction but rampant and massive increase – royally frosts my shorts.

    It’ll be a day of tractor therapy for me listening to LiveIreland on TuneIn. Maybe they’ll play a few shanty’s.

    1. Between income tax, property tax, sales tax, and the various excise taxes on everything from a telephone to a kilowatt hour, they take about half. Unlike PaulM (who I suspect may be a MAGA type), I’m delighted to give half for the sake of equity. The mere notion that the fees on my cell phone allow a few illegal aliens/wetbacks or homeless drug addicts to have free ObamaPhones sends chills of joy up my back. I know that I’m doing my part.

      It would be interesting if there was a “month without socialism” in America.

      When I go to the store and the three people in front of me pay with their EBT cards, I say to myself, “I’m feeding all those people with the money taken from me at the point of a bayonet.” I’m sure when the 87,000 IRS agents are hired that I’ll be paying a lot more than 50% to feed all of those agents and their families.

      1. “When I go to the store and the three people in front of me pay with their EBT cards,…”

        In that circumstance, if possible I like to pay cash, and when handing bills to the clerk I say “Here, have some first edition food stamps”. Many places going to self-checkout these days, so not much opportunity.

        1. I don’t self check-out at the grocery store. I look at it as taking jobs away from people. There’s also no incentive to self check-out. Home Depot, etc. yes, I usually check myself out.

      2. LL, I think you may be a bit conservative with that 50% figure. Not much choice in the matter other than making opinions known at meetings and the ballot box.

        1. I threw the number out. California is far more highly taxed than Arizona, where taxes are easier to tolerate.

          1. Yet somehow they continue to climb every year to pay for “services’ (that are nonexistent for regular folks)…politicians have managed to convince themselves money does grow on trees and is a perpetual motion machine.

  2. Paul M,
    Most taxpayers do not have any real knowledge of who and what we pay for…
    In our rural county in Northern California families were getting more cash through the Aid to Families With Dependent Children program than was my income from working for the Probation Department.
    In one case in, which I was familiar, the male parent was an illegal, a gang member and incarcerated in state prison for vio!ent criminal behaviour and possession with intent to sell (drugs). The older children in the family were in custody and/or on probation for their gang related behavior. The mom would throw gang related clothing and drug paraphenalia out of her bedroom window when probation searches occurred.
    Then, there were the Food Stamps (EBT accepted!), Section 8 Housing, and Medicaid, discounted college tuition. And don’t forget the Non-Government O/As that largely operate on government grants (I’m looking at you Northern Valley Catholic Social Services).

    Wifmann worked as an admitting clerk at the local hospital. One day she processed a young mother-to-be for a C-section. She and her husband owned a small business. They had to pay over $10,000 up front prior to being scheduled for the procedure.
    Her very next patient was a young illegal woman who also needed a C-section. Free! Free! Free!

    Don’t get me started!

      1. I don’t want Medicare, but I’m old enough that the government forces me to pay for their insurance. If I don’t pony up the cash, they’ll come after me. Wasn’t the draconian withholding all of those years enough? Apparently not because I’m not paying for me. I have my own health insurance that I cover the premiums on.

        Self-employment tax is another thing to behold. HOW MUCH? The numbers are staggering, but if I didn’t part with that money, how could the government pay reparations to negros for being black?

        1. There is no “enough” with government/these people. There is only “more” followed by “even more” until there “is no more” left.

          Don’t get me started either. Now drop and give me 20 for the Big Brother Guy and bask in the eternal sunlight of his spotless senility and love for you.

        2. LL- As I approach 65 I want to know how it is every “Medicare consulting” company on the planet knows we are getting close then send us “We can help” crap in the mail?

          Grifter’s taking their piece of the pie because it’s gotten so complicated and a nebula that most people can’t navigate the gov’t website rabbit hole.

          1. They sell your information back and forth. Most of the Medicare services that are available in Phoenix, for example, are not available where I live.

    1. W- I’m at the point of speaking the hard part out loud whenever I am pressed by some ninny or “expert” or “official” who believe – then spout off – that we are on a righteous path. We are not. Long past due for America to toss aside the secular and return to a Gospel-Centered societal norm as the majority (I’m looking at you pastor’s)…this “new norm” is pure Bravo Sierra and a staircase to Hell.

      1. Not sure there are stairs, more like a series of sheer drops. Can’t make it easy to reverse course.

      2. Righteous schmytious. The only important question is: “Yes, but is it good for the Black Rocks and the Vanguards?”

    1. Because – like everything else the Dem’s fail miserably at – they don’t WANT to solve the problems, they love perpetuating this lunacy while forcing us to pay for their immoral and sinful misplaced compassion.

      We are a nation run by criminals and the lawless.

      x1000! to all the above comment/replies…I’ve respectfully used up my bloviation word count for a few hours.

      1. But Paul M your commentary is both informative and entertaining, as is WSF’s and other participants on this forum hosted by LL. Learn something here almost every day.

        Trying to find a cognizant article about the Trump conviction and all I can find are hords of adjectives but it does seem as if the fix was in and now someone can be convicted on hearsay evidence.

        As far as LL’s previous comment about EBTs, I was behind someone in line using n EBT and there was no food food in her cart. It was piled up with soda, chips, cookies, and ice cream. All snacks and all paid for by taxpayers like you and me.

        1. It try to do both, tongue and cheek with some rational thought tossed in so I don;t simply sound like I’m solely emoting.

          Try The Conservative Treehouse…Sundance (as typical) did an insighteful report yesterday.

    2. I read the article, WSF, “Aurora residents can help get our unsheltered homeless off the streets and into treatment by stop enabling their behavior by giving them money when they are panhandling. This only gives them an incentive to return to the same areas, that have been abated, again and again.

      There will always be hobos. Communist China has their “floating population” = homeless problem. On the order of 250+ million homeless in Red China.

      If you take the mentally ill and the addicted out of the equation, requiring otherwise able-bodied people to work for benefits the hobo jungles disappear. Don’t allow camping on public land or right of ways.

  3. @Paul M–
    “Got our new assessment from the County…UP 50% over 18 months ago! How is that possible when the market is tanking? Nothing but criminal level thievery to backfill the “revenue” hole these idiots dug with 3+ years of Lockdowns and runaway inflation…”

    Spot on. Our house (Arlington, TX) has literally doubled in “appraised” value since we bought it 7 years ago. Fortunately we have some protection with the Homestead exemption and being over 65.

    We had an election here on May 6. Voter turnout was a disgrace. One conservative candidate won. All the liberals including the incumbent slime ball mayor re-elected. Yard signs proclaimed police and fire backed him. Right. I wonder what deals were cut there.

    Wife and I lived in Chico for 30 years, raised our kids there. They found careers in Texas, and we followed them in 2015.

  4. RHT447
    We are planning a move to TN when our responsibilities here are finished.
    Rural Northern California was great place to grow up as a kid in the 50s, 60s, and the early 70s.
    I knew families that bailed out to Montana and Colorado in the late 60s due to what they saw coming down the pike.
    I headed to Oregon in the 80s. Oregon has now exceeded California in some woke policies.
    Came back to California to take care of my elderly father. I am it. He may outlive me.
    A friend that grew up in Bozeman said prices have been driven up since then so as regular folks cannot afford a home there. He has one kid in Texas.
    Tennessee is filling up fast with folks from Cali who have looked at both Tennessee and Texas.
    I know two families from our church that moved to Tennessee last year.
    We have family in TN, so there is a pull for us.

    I guess I can dust off the old joke, “What do a Tennessee divorce and a Texas tornado have in common?”
    “Somebody is going to lose a trailer.”

    1. Heh. Or as I heard it, “Somebody’s fixin’ to lose a double wide”.

      Went to high school in Tulelake so some memories of southern Oregon from back then. Love the sagebrush and Juniper country. Lived with my Aunt and Uncle and their three kids. Only myself and two of my cousins left now.

    2. God hates trailers and mobile homes, anybody from or had lived there in the South knows that, it is embedded in their DNA.

    3. I think there are more California refugees in TN than there are in Texas.

      Nothing is cheap anymore anywhere. The nation has been californicated.

  5. Remember the Atlanta Olympics? They put all the homeless on busses to neighboring states with $100 in their pockets… Got them out of town just long enough for the Olympics to be held before they could hitch back in. Also, the left coast homeless ‘trail’ runs from San Diego to Seattle, weather dependent. South in the winter, north in the summer.

  6. There are still people bearing my family name in TN.
    I was reading an article regarding the family that are still in TN.
    The author asked an old timer why others had left Tennessee?
    He said, “Because, they was stupid!”

    Can I get an Amen, brothers and sisters?

    1. Live 70 miles from Tn border in Ky. We had zero homicides. It is a small town and we really don’t try not to encourage a lot of people to come and stay. Met a transplant from New Jersey a couple of weeks ago. Tn is nice but stay away from Memphis and Nashville.

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