From the captioned photo  – Russian: Три Святителя meaning “The Three Holy Hierarchs” (English – Tri Sviatitelia) was a pre-dreadnought battleship built for the Imperial Russian Navy during the 1890s. I was casting about for an opener for this blog that would link to the Sunday sermonette and I couldn’t come up with anything but the Russian ship… The original Three of Eastern Christianity refer to Basil the Great, Gregory of Nazianus and John Crysotom. I couldn’t find an actual photo of them, but I could of the ship. So I went with that even though the Tri Sviatitelia had a lackluster carrier as a battleship.

I received an e-mail that asked me what inspired me to write the Sunday Sermonettes (and the appended versions such as this one). Right now, I’m eating a tuna salad sandwich with a pickle spear and some potato chips, and drinking a glass of apple juice. Maybe that?


The Boys and Girls Club

Up on Arizona’s Mogollon Rim, we don’t have AntiFA or BLM, but we do have elk and they like to stand in the road as soon as the sun goes down.

The boys and girls can each take out a truck with absolutely no effort at all – and they do. Should elk be categorized as terrorists since you do the same to them as you do to BLM… with the exception of eating BLM (do they taste like chicken?). A question for the ages.

I shouldn’t joke. Before I know it there will be some sort of elk lives matter movement.


Fun with Maps

I’m 1/4 Swiss, which may explain why I like hot chocolate on a cold day. And it’s not just me. In the photo below, I’m sitting with my youngest daughter, who also likes hot chocolate. Learned behavior or simply baked into the DNA? You decide.

LL & Emilie



The Marines have their own special operations cadre, but why, when they have the Navy to take care of them? The Navy watched their backs at Guadalcanal didn’t they? Oh, that’s right, they steamed away… never mind.


A Question – for blogging friends in Oregon


They need to keep the corpses fresher than 1791 – but we all know that donkeys have no shame. None at all.

I doubt that any of these donkeys ever served. Likely Mom or Grandma is taking their dinner down to their room, serving them there in the basement.


A Note – from one who served

“A 20mm cannon shell entered the top turret, hit the armor plate on back of my seat and exploded, knocking out the left side window and puncturing my eardrum, showering plexi-glass all over. Only me and the laundress know how close this one came”

-Lt. Bill Jewett, flight engineer and top turret gunner


Parting Thought


  1. What good musings and what a great ship. St. Chrysostom, the “golden-tongued”, was, apparently, one of the last great classical speakers. Why? Because he had a mastery of rhetorical Greek, a skill which had been lost by the late fourth and early fifth centuries AD. Of course he had his own brilliance, to boot.

    Imagine the bestiality of the Bolsheviks, as they raged in satanic fury against the Holy Hierarchs and Christ. They’re alive and kicking today, not least in DC.

    It won’t go well for them.

  2. “do they taste like chicken?”
    No. The BLM in the street taste of sedition and stupidity.
    But one should neither eat them nor even handle the raw meat, as there is a small but non-zero chance of some prion-like process that makes terminal brain damage transmissible. (Or is it that I’m thinking of public-school education in the USA. Hmmm.)

    The BLM shot callers, on the other hand, stupidity is not their problem. Wickedness, resentment and paranoid aggression yes, stupidity no. … You know how in past times one was always enjoined to speak of “The Fair Folk” instead of calling the culprits by their proper name, lest one become the target of their supernatural wrath? Well, in our age we have something quite analogous.

  3. I prefer milk with my tuna lunch, but you nailed everything else.

    Thankfully we don’t have the “Elk Hazard” down this low, but the damn deer are everywhere once you’re two blocks out of town. I was a block or two away from here, and I saw a mama deer and a couple of fawns grazing along the road.

    And Halsey pretty much left ’em out to dry at Leyte Gulf, the Battle off Samar, too.

    Your top turret picture says more than 10,000 words.

    • I did the old “knife hands” martial arts thing. You pound sand with straight fingers, then you work your way up to a finer grit, then pea gravel. Much of the strength that was in my hands isn’t there anymore, but I was left with somewhat larger fingers.

      But yes, Emilie is an elegant girl.

  4. We only have whitetails around here though there are muleys further west as well as a couple of small elk herds. I’ve hit about a half dozen whitetails through the years. They seem to be suicidal. The biggest was a near miss in Montana about 40 years ago when I had a moose wander in front of me. Only 30 year old reflexes saved the pickup. They have an impressive size to them.

    • The white tails bounce, don’t they. And while they’re bouncing they don’t seem to keep their head on a swivel.

    • You’re lucky. You dodged the bullet with TWO moose strikes and no injuries. I’ve seen it go the other way.

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