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There are a lot of Bill Cosby rape jokes circulating on the Internet. It’s a type of ‘black humor’ — or is that racist? The two dozen women who have come forward claiming that Bill Cosby raped them are not a joke, and it’s interesting that Bill Cosby has remained silent in this regard. It makes me wonder how many women are currently on his pay-off list.
“Cosby loves pudding…pudding his dick where it don’t belong.”
This is an interesting link. It discusses Tina Fey making Bill Cosby rape jokes on Saturday Night Live in 2005. The plain truth is that in Hollywood, Cosby the rapist is an open secret. Everyone knows that if Bill Cosby hands you a drink, the next thing that you know, you’ll be waking up ‘messy’ with your trousers around your knees.
But Bill Cosby is black, which means that criticizing him publicly means that you’re going to incur the wrath of the politically correct. It’s generally the same thing as criticizing President Obama or suggesting that he’s a Muslim.

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  1. Cosby may be black, but he has also criticized the institution of endless handouts and welfare, so the MSM can "legally" hound him since, in their eyes, he's not a real black man.

    A thug's a thug and a rapist is a rapist, until the media blames the cop or the victim.

  2. Yes, he is a race traitor since he suggested that black men need to get jobs and not run away from their biological seed.

  3. I wonder if that has a lot to do with it. Tho' 20 accusations? Heck, who knows what anymore? I enjoyed his humor in late 60's, and his stances on black men stepping up. Make one wonder.

  4. The double standard goes even beyond what you describe. Howcum Bill Clinton is given a pass? White privilege, no doubt!

  5. Bill C. got passes his whole life, more because he's "Bubba" than anything else. People naturally like Bill Clinton. When he was dating Eleanor Mondale during the latter years of his presidency, everybody around him knew it. Even I knew it. Eleanor lived in KD Lang's house in Griffith Park (LA), which my brother-in-law subsequently bought. I don't think that it has anything to do with the color of Bill Clinton's skin. If you ever met him in person, you'd get it. The guy has charisma.

  6. I always liked Cosby. I saw him once in New York before he was famous. I wonder – if all the hoop-la is true – how he got away with it for so terribly long.

  7. I think that he likes drugging and screwing women. It doesn't sound like a set-up to me. It's an open secret that he enjoys raping white women. It has been an open secret for twenty or thirty years.

  8. I think that he did a Michael Jackson and paid a lot of the women off. Some were fearful to come forward. Most genuine rapes are not reported. When you were a vice LT, you saw that. He was the JELLO man that nobody would suspect of that sort of conduct. And as I pointed out, it wasn't much of a secret.

  9. When I was running the RAPE and CHILD ABUSE units I had to keep myself in check when some idiot who had raped a six year old girl would say, "You don't understand, officer. She came on to me." We were not allowed to hurl them from a tall building.

  10. More's the pity, because hanging is too good for them. I prefer the old tried and true Southern way of dealing with them by feeding child rapists to gators. Cosby didn't rape kids that we know of. He was apparently trying to scratch a different itch than Michael Jackson had (very young boys).

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