Hillary Clinton reaches out to Texas

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Hillary Clinton must be injecting drugs to think that the video (below) will help her recover the South and Texas from the Republican menace.
She can’t sell books. When she touted candidates for public office in 2014, they lost to Republicans to usher in the largest Republican Majority in the House of Representatives in 100 years and she presided over an emerging Republican hegemony in the South (Governors and legislative majorities).
So she throws the long bomb in the hopes that she can sway Texas into her camp.
I think that we need to ask the Texans how they feel. Are they “Ready for Hillary” now that they’ve seen it the video?

21 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton reaches out to Texas

  1. Words do not begin to explain the depths that I loathe that execrable excuse for a human being.

  2. She seems to be posturing herself to recapture the Southern Vote, and more particularly the Texas vote. After all she was the First Lady of Arkansas before she was America's First Lady – and became the Bitch of Benghazi, etc.

  3. She's a lesbian – and drove Bill into the arms of others for love, but on the other hand, she could be our first lesbian President. (the first gay president thing was captured by Obama)

  4. Killary Klinton is not welcome in my Texan town. Neither is her fake country band.

    My dog tells me that he will personally attack Hillary if he sees her in Texas. I believe him.

  5. The Hillary Clinton flying circus will clearly be visiting you and yours. She has all the makings of an Anglican Bishop. Lesbian woman, ugly, nasty.

  6. I hadn't thought of that but yes. I understand there's a vacancy coming up for Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. Hillary's a "shoe-in."

  7. She really must hate the Episcopal Church – that is if there's anything left of it besides ugly old flannel-wearing Subaru drivers…

  8. LSP is an Episcopalian priest. You can tell from his comments that the change in church doctrine that put homosexual collectivists in positions of authority doesn't sit well.

  9. My diocese left the Episcopal Church, for obvious reasons and now, with Hillary getting ready to take the denomination over, I'm happier than ever that we did!

  10. I am not sure if I want to laugh, cry, or throw up. What an unsettling, farfetched, and WEIRD video.
    One thing is certain: I've now been entirely put off any man who looks remotely like that foolish character with lousy political and/or singing-songwriting career judgment. Fortunately for me, there are far cuter men in Texas, so, it's not a terrific loss. Also, just a note, but WHY would a hot woman on a motorcycle pick up a loser who couldn't keep his truck filled with gas? Sorry, but the whole 3.5 minutes was ENTIRELY phony.

    And now I will do my best to forget this small segment of my life ever happened.

  11. BUT did you want to vote for Hillary Clinton for President of the United States after watching?

    It's her outreach to you to help her break the glass ceiling in 2016.

  12. Admittedly, the video does make me want to break SOMETHING.
    Something related to her.
    But that thing would not be her glass ceiling.

  13. …and I hereby smack her upside the head with the fiercest intentions imaginable.
    (But I do it with utmost Southern sweetness and cordial decor immediately before and after. Because I was raised right.)

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