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Bullet Points:

** Ship Transfer – (h/t Claudio) This transfer must take into account the fact that the PPAs class are not ASW focused, while FREMMs are. The ItN needs more ASW ships, and selling off PPAs allows to replace them with FREMMs. PPAs are perfect for antipiracy patrol missions, and would work well against the Chinese naval militia/Coast Guard/pirates – all the same. The Red Chinese make friends wherever they go.

** More Aid for Ukraine? RFE/RL – After 22 days of legislative chaos in the U.S. House of Representatives, Republican Mike Johnson — a little-known lawmaker from Louisiana — became speaker of the lower chamber of Congress on October 25, reflecting a rightward shift by his party that raises new questions over the future of U.S. aid for Ukraine.

** From the Mail Bag – I’ve been asked a few times, “What is it that you do for a living beyond being a famous author?” That is a very good question. I’m old. So I do a lot of one-off project work for various clients. Oddly enough the geology end of things has led to some pick-up consulting and it has the potential to take over everything else. I’m in the contract writing phase at the moment on one larger project.


A Context to Internal Ukrainian Affairs 



1969 – People watching an Air America C-46 dropping supplies. Site: LS-32


When you land on Mars?

You always wanted to be an astronaut…


(On Mars) I read a lot of geological papers on Martian Vulcanism such as they are available. There is a difference on Earth between “wet” volcanoes that were formed in subduction zones and “dry” volcanoes that were not. The ration of boron/beryllium (not the same Boron that posts on the blog) reflects the difference. So when igneous samples are taken on Mars one question that I turn to is what that ratio is. Mars doesn’t have tectonic plates and subduction as a process of formations but it does seem to have ancient volcanic hot spots that moved…a little. The question of deep subsurface water’s interaction with Martian magma won’t be fully explored until on-site human activity takes place.

More on the Martian core here.

I know you read this and say, “so what?”

I have eccentric interests.

Life on Mars? If Martian women look like Barbara Eden in her prime, sign me up. OR – (See A Princess of Mars) Martian princesses have been seen filming in the Arizona desert so, maybe I don’t have to go all the way to Mars?




From Frank


Toxic Masculinity?




Identify the guided missile


Identify the Aircraft


  1. Breaking: Mike Pense is no longer running for the Presidency of the United States – and he had such a good chance. Maybe he’s reminded of how he back-stabbed President Trump in 2020? Nah, I don’t believe that. Maybe it’s that nobody will give him a sawbuck for his campaign.

  2. they found the maine shooter, but word is it that he had two gunshots in his head and was found in a dumpster. source is very good but has no outside verification. you have any g2 on it ll? yay, on the traitor pence pulling out. i was afraid they’d put him in to placate the masses into believing voting still counts.

    • riverrider –
      Ever notice how when the leftist arm of propaganda isn’t going their way there’s an active shooter that pops up? Haven’t seen anything about him being double tapped in a dumpster but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  3. Never liked Pence. He’s always had a sickening stench of swamp on him. Personally I think he was sleeper selected by the left to keep an eye on Trump during his 2016 campaign and then through the administration. Read that he reported $620,000.00 in third quarterly losses. The greedy backstabbing bastard probably dropped out of the race to cover his nut since candidates can keep their political campaign donations whether they win, lose or in Pence’s case quit. That is bassakwords too. Instead of him getting to keep the money it should be deposited into Treasury.

  4. Ah, Dejah Thoris. Disney did a good job of casting the babe for that role and then went with a very Frazetta look to the costuming. And the Green Martians looked like the actual description in the books.

    One thing Edgar Rice Burroughs knew how to write, basic soft porn. What he got lambasted for, 40 years later became the Harlequin Romance formula, without so much the fighting and war and death and destruction.

    As to the actress? Yowzer. She’s seriously, as I said, a babe.

    • Maybe he’s a really nice guy, but there’s something vaguely repellent about the physiognomy of Taylor Kitsch (John Carter). I wonder if that contributed to the failure of the movie. Lynn Collins (Dejah Thoris) does not labor under that same burden: she is the opposite of repellent.

      • Kitsch was definitely the weak link in an other enjoyable movie. It wasn’t that he was bad, just miscast. He was no one’s ideal of John Carter.

  5. Not sure.if you really meant “eccentric” or “eclectic”.
    So, accurate self-assessment, auto cucumber correction, or Freudian Slip…maybe all of the above?

    Of course, I am the kind of guy who first read ” What does not kill you makes you stronger.” as “What does not kill you makes you stranger.” , so there is that.


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