The following list is a partial (h/t Brietbart and Cube) of companies that give danegeld to Antifa, BLM and other domestic terror groups. There are more like PetSmart that aren’t on the list, but this is what’s out there. I’m simply adding the list here so that it is diversified on the Internet.

The Senate Minority Leader and Speaker of the House bow to BLM

You can boycott them if you want to, or you can embrace them. Up to you. There are some that I really don’t like and wouldn’t giver them a rusty nail under normal circumstances. Others are companies that make this blog work and I’m still blogging. They don’t get much money from me, but you see my point. Delta Airlines hasn’t been funding the animals so they’re on my fly-list, for example.

Buying off anarchists makes these corporations fetid pools of puke in my opinion. Fredd says that he’s boycotting Massachusetts with the exception of some craft beer companies.  Everyone has to pick and choose, including me. I will wear my NorthFace jacket, for example, but I won’t every by gear from them again – ever. I don’t watch The Oscars, and don’t plan to start. I will cancel my AMEX card. I will stop banking with Citi.

  1. 23andme:
  2. 72andSunny:
  3. AbbVie:
  4. Abbey Road Studios:
  5. The Academy (the Oscars):
  6. Activision Blizzard:
  7. Adidas:
  8. Airbnb
  9. Alaska Airlines:
  10. Amazon:
  11. AMD:
  12. American Airlines:
  13. American Express:
  14. American Apparel:
  15. Apple Music:
  16. Ancestry:
  17. Armani:
  18. Astro Gaming:
  19. AT&T:
  20. Atlantic Records:
  21. AWS:
  22. AXE:
  23. Barclays Bank:
  24. Barnes & Noble:
  25. Bandcamp:
  26. Bank of America:
  27. Bayer:
  28. Bergdorf Goodman:
  29. Bethesda:
  30. Ben & Jerry’s:
  31. Billboard:
  32. BMW:
  33. BP:
  35. Boost Mobile:
  36. Bratz:
  37. Burger King:
  38. Bungie:
  39. Burberry:
  40. Burt’s Bees:
  41. Cadillac:
  42. Call of Duty:
  43. Capcom:
  44. Capitol Records:
  45. Canada Goose:
  46. Cartoon Network:
  47. Chick-fil-A:
  48. Chipotle:
  49. Cisco:
  50. Citigroup:
  51. Coca Cola:
  52. Colourpop Cosmetics:
  53. Conde Nast:
  54. Converse:
  55. CORSAIR:
  56. Creative Commons:
  57. Criterion Collection
  58. Crunchyroll:
  59. CW:
  60. CVS
  61. DHL Express:
  62. Dell:
  63. Degree:
  64. Devolver Digital:
  65. DIRECTV:
  66. Discord:
  67. Disney:
  68. Doritos:
  69. DoorDash:
  70. Doulingo:
  71. Dribbble:
  72. Dropbox:
  73. E! News:
  74. EA:
  75. Eaton:
  76. eBay:
  77. Eight Sleep:
  78. ESPN:
  79. Etsy:
  80. FedEx:
  81. Fender:
  82. Figma:
  83. FILA:
  84. Fitbit:
  85. Foot Locker:
  86. Formula 1:
  87. FOX:
  88. Frosted Mini Wheats:
  89. Funimation:
  90. GameSpot:
  91. Gartner:
  92. Gatorade:
  93. Genentech:
  94. General Motors:
  95. Gibson:
  96. Glossier:
  97. GoDaddy:
  98. Goldman Sachs:
  99. GoFundMe:
  100. Google:
  101. GoPro:
  102. Gorilla Glue:
  103. Grammarly:
  104. Grindr:
  105. Guerilla Collective:
  106. Gumroad:
  107. Gushers:
  108. Habitat for Humanity:
  109. Harry’s:
  110. HBO:
  111. HBO Max:
  112. Headup:
  113. Help Scout:
  114. Hershey’s:
  115. H&M:
  116. Home Depot
  117. Honda:
  118. HP:
  119. Hulu:
  120. Humana:
  121. Humble Bundle:
  122. HyperX:
  123. IBM:
  124. IKEA:
  125. IMAX:
  126. Indiegogo:
  128. Intel:
  129. Invision:
  130. ITV:
  131. Kickstarter:
  132. Lacoste:
  133. Lego:
  134. Levi’s:
  135. Lenovo:
  136. Lexus:
  137. LinkedIn:
  138. L’Oreal Paris:
  139. Logitech:
  140. Lowe’s:
  141. Lucky Brand:
  142. Lululemon:
  143. Louis Vuitton
  144. Lyft:
  145. Madden NFL 20:
  146. Marvel Entertainment:
  147. Mastercard:
  148. MATTEL:
  149. McAfee:
  150. McDonald’s:
  151. Merck:
  152. Mercedes Benz:
  153. Met Life:
  154. Metropolitan Opera:
  155. Microsoft:
  156. Mozilla:
  157. Napster:
  158. NASCAR:
  159. Ncsoft:
  160. Netflix:
  161. New Balance:
  162. New York Life:
  163. NFL:
  164. NHL:
  165. Niantic:
  166. Nickelodeon:
  167. Nike
  168. Nintendo:
  169. Nordstrom:
  170. North Face:
  171. Old Spice:
  172. OnlyFans:
  173. Paramount Pictures
  174. Paramount Network:
  175. Patreon:
  176. Peloton:
  177. Pepsi Co:
  178. Pfizer Inc:
  179. Playstation:
  180. Plex:
  181. Pokemon:
  182. Popeye’s Chicken:
  183. Pop-Tarts:
  184. Pornhub:
  185. Porsche:
  186. Pringles:
  187. Procter & Gamble:
  188. Puget Systems:
  189. PUMA:
  190. Pusheen:
  191. Qualcomm:
  192. Quicken Loans:
  193. Reddit:
  194. RedHat:
  195. Red Lobster:
  196. Red Wing:
  197. Reebok:
  198. Reese’s:
  199. Rice Krispies:
  200. Riot Games:
  201. Rockstar Games:
  202. Salesforce:
  203. Sanofi:
  204. Scholastic:
  205. Sega:
  206. Sesame Street:
  207. Society Generale US:
  208. Showtime:
  209. Sketch:
  210. Slack:
  211. Sephora:
  212. Shopify:
  213. Skillshare:
  214. Snap:
  215. Snapchat
  216. Sony:
  217. Soundcloud:
  218. Spotify:
  219. Square Enix:
  220. STARZ:
  221. Starbucks:
  222. Star Wars:
  223. Subway:
  224. Supreme New York:
  225. Sysco Corporation:
  226. Taco Bell:
  227. Target:
  228. TBS:
  229. Tesco:
  230. Thatgamecompany:
  231. Ticketmaster:
  232. TikTok:
  233. Timberland:
  234. Tinder:
  235. TMobile:
  236. Tumblr:
  237. Twitch:
  238. Twitter:
  239. Uber:
  240. Uber Eats:
  241. Ubisoft:
  242. Ugg:
  243. Ulta Beauty:
  244. Under Armor:
  245. UnitedHealth Group:
  246. Vanguard:
  247. Vans:
  248. VeggieTales:
  249. Verizon:
  250. VERSACE:
  251. Vevo:
  252. Via:
  253. ViacomCBS:
  254. Virgin Records:
  255. Virta:
  256. VIZ:
  257. Vivaldi:
  258. Warner Bros
  259. Warner Records:
  260. Well’s Fargo:
  261. Wendy’s:
  262. WeWork:
  263. XBox:
  264. Yamaha Music USA:
  265. Yelp:
  266. YouTube
  267. Zara:
  268. Zildijian:
  269. Zoom:


  1. Very telling…

    goFundme sent an email asking to donate “for the cause”, thought to send a goTohell response but they aren’t listening, like the rest on the Fahrenheit 454 list.

    • I try not to hate inner city people and their friends. I work at it every day. Seriously. But they will get a nickel out of me when pigs fucking fly. It’s like asking me to give up a firearm. You can have them one round at a time.

      • Tip of the spear…which is getting closer to being employed on those who believe we are pushovers. Got a text yesterday from my brother, was about ready to head to DC to assist in protecting the Emancipation Memorial. If he’s at that point…

        Minneapolis voted 12-0 to remove their police department…that place will be in ruins by Summer’s end.

        Being rural has its advantages, the “from town” Census guy looked like a deer in headlights dropping off our little baggie (from his car, with mask on). They need to be scared of us as this crap escalates.

        • If you defend a statue or your church or your home, you’re racist. Unless you self-identify as ‘inner city’, in which case it’s ok.

          Pulling down a statue of George Washington=good
          Pulling down a statue of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, also known as Lenin=bad

          There is some twisted shit going on.

          • My Church isn’t defined by a statue or a building. We worship the Lord, and we’re biblical. Should the idiots in office decide to make Christianity illegal, I predict two things will happen:
            People who don’t attend church services will start attending
            Enforcers of the new law will find out about life after death sooner than expected.

        • “to assist in protecting the Emancipation Memorial”

          Serious question: Of all the monuments that one might protect, why that one?

          I’m opposed to the removal or destruction of statues and monuments in general, but if I had to pick one to give to the mob, that one’d be near the top. I am so sick of the New Morality wherein victimhood automatically equates to moral virtue. But considering what kind of people manufacture our popular culture (among other things) of course the victimhood schtick is a, no, THE central tenet.

          “Inner city people” are not the cause of the problem, which is ultimately moral/philosophical, they’re weaponized useful idiots.

          • There was a video of white guys dropping off palates of bricks in Minneapolis, and instructing the inner city people. That video vanished. I wonder why?

          • Okay, I’ll bite…(sorry in advance LL, can’t let this ride)

            Why that one? Really? For me this has nothing to do with race, inner city or not. Inch by inch these ignorant America hating cretins – who are actually afforded the ability to PEACEABLY protest – are willfully tearing down American history because they believe in their moral superiority that gives them – in some twisted logic manner – the right to judge in the rearview. It is flat wrong (and illegal) to destroy private property and public monuments regardless of your belief. These monuments are odes to our very founding, good and bad. Reminders of the past. NO ONE has any right to tear them down. And the beta’s in authority are too cowardly to do something about it…EXCEPT for our President who’s the only one with the nads to say so. Touch Federal property, go to prison. That is the law whether you like the historical statue or not.

            Going after Lincoln – ESPECIALLY this memorial – was the last straw in a path of asinine destruction. Moses was a good man “in his generation”. That last part is the critical component. One is supposed to build on the greatness and not repeat the mistakes. This is our history, like it or not. I wasn’t there so have no say, except what I do going forward in what little influence I may have.

            As far as I’m concerned the street thug reprobates should be hung in the town square, like our forefathers would have done…let God sort them out in His infinite mercy.

            Screed over….got some fence to fix in God’s country on a stunning Summer day. Life is good here, and God help them if one of those mobsters heads my way.

          • “For me this has nothing to do with race, inner city or not.”

            I hear you. I could wish that those on the other side(s) also didn’t think it has to do with race. But for them it does, and they will behave accordingly.

            (And those persons actually behind the chaos have in-group/out-group criteria largely based on things other than skin color. But skin color is the means by which they whip the ignorant and gullible into a frenzy.)

      • I am seriously trying to distance myself. Working on the new book, “Vigilante Moon”, just got back from a three hour canoe paddle on Clear Creek Reservoir, gearing up for a business trip after the fourth. No time for the bull. Very tired of the covid scam and zombies, but there is a bright spot. The globe is no longer warming. The left has given that one a rest.

    • I did that today in my choice of fast food.

      If ‘inner city lives’ are worth more than mine, take your Taco Bell products and shove them up the dirt scuttle.

  2. Well, the only place I can eat or shop is Olive Garden. Somehow I don’t think they carry prescription or hardware.

    • I like Olive Garden. One of my daughters is a waitress at one, and they’re not on the list.

  3. Mad Jack, I realize that the left loves Islam but I think that the pile of bodies that would stack up if they substituted that for Christianity would be considerable. Faith is not in brick and mortar anyway. But there are things that would be taking things too far and that is one of them. There would be an armed march on DC and a replacement of pukes in Congress and in the White House, that would be that.

  4. Hmmmmm….which should we play first? Cowboys and Commies, or Crusaders and Destroy Culture (or whatever they’re calling themselves)?

    • Don’t tempt me, DRJIM. There is always the temptation to get medieval with a certain class of Americans.

  5. I ‘borrowed’ the list and sent to as many patriots and like minded thinkers that I communicate regularly with. We’ve had our AMEX card since ’82… maybe not so much longer.

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