8 thoughts on “Willis (part three)

  1. There are different ways to end any story, particularly a short. One way is to satisfy you. The other is to allow you to end it, knowing the variables as you do. I chose the latter.

    Next time (for you John), I will give you a closed ending the way that I normally do.

    I appreciate feedback on all of this. Shorts are a way for me to experiment with moods, characters, endings, beginnings and transitions. Normally my stories are darker and more intense (or at least that's what I'm going for) because the media has forced intensity on every writer. When the reader can turn on the TV for entertainment and get instant gratification, it becomes the competition for print writers/ebook writers.

  2. Thanks. We simple minds need the whole thing. Leaving it up to me for the ending, he shot the sheriff, took the woman, cleaned her up, dried himself out, married her, got her a PI license and the worked together while having three kids.

  3. As you know, I love ambiguous endings. She's already dead in that place.
    I think you write characters beautifully. I can visualise them all so clearly; smell them, even. The mood is very intense and your writing leaves the reader conjuring up all sorts of possibilities.

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