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The Australian Choice to Pursue Nuclear Submarines

This Article (H/T Claudio), written in 2013, helps to define the choice that Australia is faced with. I suggest that you take a moment to read and reflect on it.

In addition to Australia’s move to break its contract with France to build conventional (Air Independent Propulsion) submarines, there is the possibility that they might purchase retiring American 688 Class boats as a stopgap. The nuclear propulsion issue seems to be a hot-button issue in Australia, but I don’t fully understand why that is.


Make a Monstory

Jules Smith didn’t ask me to plug her rhyming story cards for children who are learning to read, but I ordered them for my mini-hoard of grandchildren in that zone and they’re fantastic.

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Covid-Free Bananas

11 thoughts on “Prepping for the Weekend

  1. Unfortunately here in Australia for the most part people have bought into the nuclear anything = evil and we’re all going to die. There’s regular attempts to shut down the small Lucas heights reactor that’s only producing medical isotopes.
    It’s a real pity, Australia is probably about the best country in the world to go all in on nuclear power. Between huge areas of uninhabited land, geologically stable, and massive reserves of uranium, I don’t see any reason why not. But it’s a politically untenable position. Instead there’s a push to go with green energy like solar and wind towers.

  2. Good article on the subs. Thank you, Claudio!

    Nukes have been a hot-button issue Down Under since Nevil Chute wrote “On The Beach”. And the Reds did everything they could to pump it up….

    I’m surprised the map maker didn’t use “French Lick” for Indianna. I don’t think it’s any more offensive than Toad Suck, AR.

    Are those banannas gluten free, also?

    Have an enjoyable weekend. LL. My son is looking forward to starting his new job on Monday!

    1. I think those are the names of towns. There’s a Boring in Oregon, and I’ve been to Parachute CO.

      Nevil Shute (full name Nevil Shute Norway) was a great novelist as well as an accomplished aeronautical engineer. He also developed secret weapons during WWII. He wrote an autobiography, Slide Rule, that covered his pre-war period.

  3. a little know aspect of the aussie deal was the french subs were having massive cost over runs and the delivery date had been moved back to at least 2050, for already obsolete tech. its the way the biden regime did the deal that really pissed folks off. no tact what so ever, rookies all.

  4. May I propose a new conspiracy theory? The Xiden Administration is laying the ground work to halt the import of French wines on behalf of Pelosi, et al, and their Cali vineyards.

  5. Back in the 80’s a coworker of mine visited Australia. He was at dinner with a bunch of Aussies when the subject came up of a movement to ban nuclear-armed US Naval vessels from docking at the local port.

    One of the Aussies said, “You know who built that port? The US Navy. You know who paid for that port? The American taxpayers. In fact, if it weren’t for the Americans, we’d probably be speaking Japanese right now.”

    There was dead silence, then conversation resumed – about other subjects.

  6. One of the many things I like about this post, apart from photos of submarines, is Juliette’s new lit endeavour. Sorry, endeavor. Well done!

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