Happy Easter

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I realize that this is an unusual Easter blog post. Take it for what its worth. One of the essential ingredients to Easter is hope.

Looking back, at what has defined me and what defined many of my friends, have been the struggles we’ve had. Some didn’t make it out alive, others did. Some emerged generally intact. Others didn’t.

Sunset – from behind the wire

I don’t know what makes one man crack and the one standing next to him pull through. Some of it comes down to training and brutally harsh self-discipline but that’s not the the whole of it. The oft asked question of why one is spared and one is not, endures, and resolving that question to your own satisfaction is important. Putting some time and space between then and now helps me to come to terms with some of it.

We say prayers, go to sleep and wake again with hope. As long as we do that, I think we can make it through the next day. Paul said (Hebrews 11:1) “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” I tend to lean toward ‘the only easy day was yesterday’.

Gloria brevis est, honor longa est
Glory is fleeting; Honor endures

What I’ve felt
What I’ve known
Never shined through in what I’ve shown

Soon I’ll be wrestling on the carpet in the family room with 7 grandchildren (who are bold little warriors), all of whom will want to get into the action. Children and grandchildren impart hope. 

Happy Easter

16 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Knocking it out the park with some rock n roll! Now that's a proper Easter Sunday.
    It's always the hardships that build the character and if you wake up the next day it's always a bonus. Keep shinning.
    Happy Egg day because you can't say Easter anymore as it's politically incorrect and I know how well PC stuff goes down on here! 😉

  2. Happy Easter, LL. Have a wonderful day with the grands.

    When you have time, perhaps you'd enjoy St. Corbinian's Bear's take on Easter. He's quite the writer (for a bear.)


  3. It is amazing the effect grandkids have on us, especially on the dark days. Grandkids and a good dog, in their own way, makes life worth living. I know they are just words, but they are hear felt. Thank you for all you and you buddies did, and I hope you dark days are few and far between.

  4. The politically correct types can kiss my white, heterosexual, male, conservative, heavily armed and gun-owning, American butt. I'm everything they hate, so HAPPY EASTER.

  5. Thank you, Adrienne. And I haven't forgotten that I owe you a surf and turf dinner for losing the election results prediction.

  6. Happy Easter, my friend. There's nothing quite like grandkids and a good dog to put things into perspective.

  7. He arose! I don't care for Metallica, my warrior song is much different.
    Have a blessed Easter with your family!

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