Will the Chinese Trump the US Intel Initiative?

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Facebook is saving the USGOV a lot of money, and that’s a good thing. The news that Congress has voted to continue funding it is perhaps the only thing that Congress can put in their “plus” column in otherwise dismal performance. The “Twitter Initiative” is an example of a failure and one can’t help but wonder whether or not it will continue to exist.

400 billion tweets and not one bit of useful information.

However the danger of the new Chinese network WANBEE can’t be overstated. (link here) and then check out what Facebook users are saying about it here: https://www.facebook.com/wanbeeorg 

Will the Worker’s Paradise be able to lure people worldwide away from the American program after so much effort has been put into it?

The Chinese do have one ringing endorsement:

The Chinese don’t seem to be as subtle as the Americans.  Submit your secret here and only time will tell whether or not they manage to pull ahead in the world of spy vs spy.

5 thoughts on “Will the Chinese Trump the US Intel Initiative?

  1. The whole Farmville thing has stumped me. I get these invitations to play. But if I had wanted to be a farmer, I'd have gotten off the freeway in CA's central valley and offered my services.

  2. They are just continuing on their hundred year plan… And I don't waste my time with either facebook or twitter, I've got other (productive) things to occupy my time.

  3. Opus, you don't like people continually inviting you to join their mind numbing, time sucking activity? I for one enjoy waking up and finding request to join, it makes me feel special and brings meaning to my life.

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