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There is nothing to say about the Obama Administration that hasn’t been said by others more eloquent than I am. For me it is simply the daily outrage.

The blatant racism displayed by Obama’s Administration, the horrible out-of-control spending that Congress has unfortunately tolerated, the scandal – after – scandal, Benghazi, Obamacare, Fast and Furious, IRS, NSA, etc. seems to have no limits.

And now Syria. What’s up with that?

(Fox News) Charles Krauthammer, syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor, told viewers Thursday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that the Obama administration’s strategy on Syria is a “complete humiliation,” calling the inability to gather allies like Britain and France to take action against the Assad regime a diplomatic failure. 
“Here’s Obama trying to gather an ally or two for a pinprick and he gets nothing,” he said. Krauthammer questioned the administration’s competency, saying, “Did nobody actually think to check on the allies? I mean, these are guys who couldn’t organize a three-car funeral.”
Can’t this golfing, vacationing, jet-setter do ANYTHING right?

And with Amerca’s diminished fleet capacity in the Mediterranean, there is a downside to attacking Syria (which may be able to rely on Russian assets for targeting information). The Russians sold the Syrians have effective anti-ship cruise missiles. 

The P-800 Oniks (Russian: П-800 Оникс; English: Onyx), is a supersonic anti-ship cruise missile (SS-N-26). Standard batteries of these missiles consist of four self-propelled launchers with two missiles each (and supporting vehicles)

The Onyx features over-the-horizon firing range, full autonomy of combat use (“fire and forget”), a set of flexible (“low”, “high-low”) trajectories, high supersonic speed on all phases of flight, full harmonization for a wide range of platforms (surface ships of all major classes, submarines and land-based launchers), low profile RCS (“STEALTH” technology), the use of missiles in electronic countermeasures. The Syrians have 72 of these anti-shipping missiles according to reliable sourcing.

They each have a range of 300 km and if they have good targeting information (that the Russian fleet may be able to provide), they can give US Destroyers a warm reception. I suspect that the US submarines will fire cruise missiles in an attempt to take these missile batteries out before the surface ships close for an attack. There may be coordinated air strikes as well to reduce the threat to the small fleet of destroyers that President Obama is using to send the American message.

What is the message? Obama has a navy and he’s prepared to use it against Assad in support of the Muslim Brotherhood which opposes Assad….really Barack?

The Syrian government denies responsibility and claims its own forces suffered from a rebel chemical attack. The government is winning the fight and has no obvious motive to undertake action that would invite US military intervention that might affect the momentum of its successes. At least, that is what the Syrian government has said.
The rebels have strong motives to internationalize their fight and to manipulate the US into fighting on behalf of Islamists whose colleagues attacked the US in 2001. Some American officials and experts have asserted that the rebels have no chemical weapons. Not even the rebels say that.
What has not been reported nor evaluated are rebel claims, published by Sky News in July 2013 for example, that they have a sarin chemical weapons program and delivery systems.

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  1. What a freaking mess. If not for Israel, I'd say just blockade the whole region for the next 100 years. No one in or out. We could take the lid off and have a look at that point. If they are still acting like animals close the lid and give them another hundred years.

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