Social Distancing? (Sunday Sermonette)

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Worshiping the Meteorite

I honestly don’t care that Muslims worship a meteorite. And I don’t care if they crowd together in their Hajj and catch the plague. You see, it’s all about choice. They don’t have to worship the meteorite or crowd together. It’s up to them. It’s sort of like bacon, one of the most delicious FOOD GROUPS on the planet. You don’t have to eat it if you don’t want to, but if you go with that, a lot of people will think that you’re crazy.

And that is the sermonette.



Barack H./Barry/ The Chosen One  — whatever —  was on the television talking about how the Russians respected America when he was president. It was only 4 years ago. My memory is NOT that short. Nobody respected him…which is why President Trump was elected. He really needs to get in touch with his white half, because the black half that he touts has some serious memory issues.


CNN is for sale

AT&T is in debt $150 billion and it’s cutting loose some of its unprofitable units. I’m sure that President Trump and his wealthy friends could buy the franchise. Naturally there would be mass lay-offs as they restructured the “most trusted name in News”.

Fox News continues to take a drubbing in the ratings. I don’t think that they will care — but if Trump bought CNN? Yes, they might care about that.


The Cartoonist is on to something…


Another Pitch for Peaky Blinders (Netflix)



Lehigh Defense Ammo

It makes a statement and yes, it’s in .45 Colt, but will chamber in the Super Redhawk Alaskan in .454 Cassul.

29 thoughts on “Social Distancing? (Sunday Sermonette)

  1. This talk of President Trump setting up a media shop is reminiscent of when the ‘Mouth of the South’, aka Ted Turner said he wanted to expand his media empire by buying a legacy news channel. He said either they sell to him or he’ll start his own TV broadcasting company. They laughed, they scorned, then they became nervous.

    The Lehigh multiple projectile round seems gimmicky. It looks like solid copper. If so, I doubt sufficient penetration except at close distance. Close distance wouldn’t allow for much spread. I prefer the shooter be more proficient than a round that supposedly makes up for the shooter’s lacking. Say, 15 yards, a distance which should allow for group expansion, even at that distance it has been shown time and again that cops wildly miss their target by a distance which exceeds the grouping (as shown) of this ammo. Better to manage the stress induced by the event.

    If you do take requests, I would like to see more of the unusual demographic maps. I am one who is so enthralled my maps I will spend hours pouring over a paper map or chart.

    1. I’m a map-a-holic, Rick. I have a LOT of charts and maps that I use. I do these research projects from time to time and often there are digital maps available, but I really like paper. This blog does have quite a bit of “fun with maps” but I’ll work on doing more.

      If you look at the wound channels that the multiple projectile round creates, the penetration is quite good. I admit that it’s a bit of a gimmick. My sense is that whether you take a double tap from a 240gr .45 cal round from Cassul or a double tap (10 .45 projectiles) from one of these rounds, it’s not survivable. You can argue shot placement but center mass, lower thoracic cavity or heart – very difficult to survive.

  2. Whilst the Lehigh multiple projectile round looks like a nice to have, I do not think it fits the category of a must have or need to have. At the close ranges it appears envisaged to be used at, I think I will still stick to the tried and true double tap, with one to the back of the head for good measure. This has stood me in good stead these past fifty odd years or so. Of course, all this is predicated on the ability of the shooter. If you cannot shoot for s**t then perhaps a weapon that allows you to spray and pray might be better for you. This is my personal opinion only, based on my experience so, if anyone disagrees, please feel free to do so.

    1. Mike, I know you and wouldn’t (dare) argue. What would be IDEAL is if I could pry you away from your tropical paradise and get you into the Arizona mountains and we could try these damned things out on watermelons (or ballistic jel if you want to be a purist) and then compare results.

      Though these days with ammo being scarce, we’d likely shoot through my entire supply of multiple projectile rounds before finding consensus…and I wouldn’t be able to get anymore of them. Difficult times are coming to the USA.

      1. Larry. Would love to come to the Arizona mountains. Perhaps, when international air travel opens up again, we can schedule a visit. Preferably in the summer though, as I do not do cold very well these days (if I ever did).

        If what I see on the internet is true, regarding the alleged utterances of Rudy Guiliani and Sydney Powell, regarding evidence they have pertaing to massive election fraud, I think there may be some very interesting times ahead for the United States. Hopefully, some of the Deep State rats, as they seek to leave the sinking ship, will rat out their co-conspirators. Giuliani and Powell need to be very careful, and watch their backs though, as they may well be Arkincided or Epsteined.

        1. “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains?” – Patrick Henry’s speech to the Virginia Convention 1775. I think that at some point people just need to take a stand. At least I think that’s what’s going through many people’s minds now.

  3. A 454 Cassul with a 300 grain bullet is lethal enough. I have never been impressed with any of the Lehigh defense rounds. Stick with Federal HST’s or Hornady critical defense ammo JHPs and skip the gimmick ammo.

  4. I’m with Mike W and Tsquared. HSTs, Gold Dots, and Critical Duty will get the job done if you do your part.

  5. I think that remaining socially distant from the Middle East is prudent.

    If you have to go, PPE such as the US or Israeli military would be a wise choice.


  6. The level of government tyranny is astounding, and half the people go along as if it’s good, fully willing to hand over their freedoms. Observation s indicate that bunch has drunk the Kool-Aid by the gallon, becoming more fearful and malleable by the day. Masks?, only healthcare workers need masks? Oh, better wear masks to protect ourselves. Oh, better wear masks to protect others. Oh, you’re not wearing a mask, you DON”T CARE about MY safety! Masks? It is unlawful to be in town without a mask. Yeah, right.

    Choice – as you say – is the entire point of Liberty and Freedom. If they are scared of a virus then stay home. But don’t force me [us] into some manufactured psychosis. The trick in all of this is to not panic…be prepared and take the necessary measures to avoid the mind-numbed zombies, who clearly do not have God living within them.

    Patriots and real Americans descended on DC yesterday, a mass of people supporting the President (and rightful President-Elect). Never happened before. A show of truth, not this manure being shoveled by the wagon load to the lapping public who believe it’s steak.

        1. A rare moment of clarity for me amidst the chaos we are witnessing, albeit I am still hopeful the President’s Pit Bull Team will prevail and truth will out…70+ million voting Americans and their families are depending on it.

  7. No social distancing for this wild woman. I went out yesterday and started parties in the aisles of Ace Hardware and Wallyworld. Only non-maskers were invited. And……….wait for it, I hugged complete strangers. OMGosh – living on the edge!!

    I’ll have to think about that Lehigh Defense Ammo – looks sort of like buckshot. What would make it spread out and wouldn’t the last guy be less penetrating – or would it be the first guy? Obviously, I’m no expert.

    1. I’m with you…the Lefty Laramie mayor has enacted by mandate to trash Wyoming independence and force everyone to wear a mask. Went into Ace, a couple of “us” mask-less disobedient types nodded with the “cowboy knowing smile”. The Feed Store was business as usual, no masks on the tough gals running the shop.

  8. What CampFixer said.

    Adrienne, give us a heads up next time you are headed to Ace Hardware.

    My only experimentation with multiple projectile handgun loads was in my Ruger Old Army (SS) cap n’ ball. Loaded two .457 round balls per chamber, shot them at an old refrigerator. Distance was about 20 yards. I found it interesting that the projectiles did not fly in trail, but instead radiated opposite each other from the center line of flight. Impact pairs were about four inches apart.

    1. No kidding. I would have packed my truck for North Idaho in the hopes of a peck on the cheek if I’d known this sort of mischief was afoot.

      I’ve fired buck and ball from my Brown Bess. Buck and ball took longer to load than a single musket ball so it was a ‘first volley charge’.

      Shoot a shotgun aimed down at an angle – maybe 30 degrees, on concrete. The pellets PARALLEL the concrete. Trick for shooting under cars with a shotgun. There are a lot neat deflection tricks with shotguns. When I visit LSP next in TX, we’ll have to try some.

  9. Ah yes, ricochet games… 6 degrees off whatever the impact object is, concrete, etc… Re the Haj, more power to them. They’re going to blame the US if anything happens, but we all know that.

    1. The US will in turn, blame the deplorables. And Old NFO, I always thought that everything was your fault personally anyway.

  10. The sun came out and wind dropped enough where I managed to run a few rounds through my b-day present from MrsCamperfixer, a Ruger Vaquero…very smooth and nice to handle. Need a proper holster now. The 5-rounder reminds me of the .38 snake shot we use only bigger pellets. Interesting concept.

  11. I like this sermon a lot. Free Will Defense. Nice. A quick Moslem smackdown. Also nice. A great photo of Obama and Putin. Yes, visual aides are important AND guns.

    Good work.

  12. Similar, but different, to stone walls. Amateurs, and some misguided professionals, always hug up close to stone walls, obviously thinking protection. Not so. For some reason, probably physics or kinetics (any way, I am not a scientist so will admit to not knowing why), but bullets always skim along stone walls.

    1. Sorry the above comment came out in the wrong place. I was responding to LL’s comment regarding firing shotguns under cars on concrete.

      1. Once you’ve seen people zapped for standing too close to masonry walls, you get the picture or you end up the way they do. The same effect is to be had when people stick their head up to look around and take one right through the forehead. After you seen it happen, good tactical practices are reinforced.

  13. Lehigh Defense Ammo

    Thanks for the lead. Appears they have .44 Special in stock. All of the review are a few years out of date but it may be time to retire the Blue Talon load. Bit spendy, 12 for $33 plus shipping.

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