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The State of the Union Address would have been boring to watch if it hadn’t been so infuriatingly empty of meaning and divisive; while all the time attempting to sound profound to people with limited insight and education.

The President said that he’d try an accelerate his agenda (in the next four years, if elected). What is that agenda, how does it play out, and who will pay for it?
Are you better off now than you were four years ago? If you are, you’re likely the recipient of some form of government largess. That’s not what built the country. However with 50% of the nation not paying any income taxes, the strident cry to tax those who do pay – at a higher rate, rings true to many Americans who want to keep their protected status. 
Obama is an unabashed socialist who feels that all justice is reposed in the government. He’s a product of the corrupt Chicago political machine where every spare dime ends up in a political pocket. And he wants four more (dismal) years in office for he and his cronies.

6 thoughts on “In Gov We Trust

  1. But – the main stream media, pretty much without exception, thought obama's wee talk was wonderful.

  2. Just read a Malkin article titled "Mr. and Mrs. Cranky Pants".

    The best part of blogging is that the Obama know what we are writing and it infuriates them. That makes me smile. They have tortured us by ruining our country the past 3 years. At least there is some payback.

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