The State Department (a rant)

Sometimes I want to reach through the television and grab somebody by the neck, pull them into my living room, rip off a leg, and beat them with it.  Do you ever feel like that?

I was watching a State Department Briefing wherein the FSO mouthpiece (FSO= Foreign Service Officer or Faggot Serving Overseas) expressed shock that the Taliban hadn’t found their inner Jesus or something to that effect since they took over Afghanistan. Then on comes the distinguished guest, in this case, an Associate Professor of Global Policy at the University of Minnesota and Senior Expert at the U.S. Institute of Peace. Yes, a gender confused, thumb sucker, who echoed the sentiments. of the FSO.

These are the sorts of people who shape American foreign policy. It’s these diversity hires who spend literally uncounted billions on useless programs in s-hole countries and promote wars over nothing. These people (paying off large student loans for their grievance studies Ph.D) eat their way into the national infrastructure like weevils (Family Curculionidae) in stale bread.

Changing executive politicians or legislators without a plan to de-fund and flush out this sort of person, is futile. The whole compost pile needs total fumigation.


Voting Behavior (EU style)

(Breitbart) “According to the legislation, European citizens would no longer be able to vote for their national parties in the future. They would have to vote for members on transnational lists selected by EU umbrella parties,” Dr. Beck told Breitbart.

“The purpose behind is to denationalize politics,” he continued, while also going on to tell our correspondent that the reforms could make it more difficult for Independent candidates to get elected to the international assembly.

“The European Parliament is threatening to descend into a morass of corruption and family nepotism.”

Ok, my take on this article (you should read it – if you care) is that the EU may be even more messed up than the US is at present. You may have already known that and for any who follow EU politics at all, it’s plain. But it’s always gratifying to know that you’re not the worst in terms of corruption and B. S. Right now I see the USA as generally on par with Mexico at the national level. Mexico has a few whores who were elected to office but they’re attractive and cunning prostitutes, not ugly, dumb whores like Camela.


More thoughts on Ukraine as a Puzzle Piece

Since I’m still on a rant…As far back as 2015, it was obvious that Ukraine needed to let Crimea and Donbas go because their Russian-speaking majorities polled in the high 90s to be absorbed by Russia. One of the reasons that didn’t happen had to do with Western influence. The hatred in the West of the Russian-speaking East is well documented. It stems from the period of Stalin starving 7 million Ukrainians to pretend that Communism was working. The fact that Stalin was not Russian but a Georgian has been lost in the pages of history.

The Dnipro River was the border between the old Russian Empire and Ukraine. The East of that river had never been Ukrainian territory. It was assigned to Kiev under the USSR for administrative purposes. Crimea was always Russian and was merely assigned to Kiev in 1954 under the USSR. This is ignored by the media machines in part because of the corruption and rot that Ukrainian oligarchs brought west.

To listen to Pres. Brandon, it’s high time for a world war over this because the World Economic Forum cannot pull off this Great Reset without also overthrowing the Russian government.

Putin misjudged that the West needed a war with Russia and they are counting on the belief that he will not use nuclear weapons.

The Pelosi delegation said. that there is no peace and only total victory with the defeat of Russia is acceptable. So this will be another endless war.

Zelensky has polarized the entire world. By him suddenly pretending to be a practicing Jew when his children were baptized Christian, he has ignited the threat of war again in the Middle East. The surrounding countries of Israel are aligning with Russia. Even Knesset Member Itamar Ben-Gvir entered the Temple Mount on Israel’s 74th Independence Day and declared: “The time has come to build a Jewish synagogue on the Temple Mount.” The argument is that the Jewish people are compelled to rebuild the Temple on the very spot of the Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount. The supporters of that point to: “And let them make Me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them” (Exodus 25:8). Obviously, Zelensky has destabilized the world much more than people realize.



  1. It almost seems like the State Department, just by virtue of its existence, attracts people who “know best” and have zero practical experience in the world. There are a few exceptions, , comes to mind but they are just exceptions.

    • They recruit heavily from the Ivy League, children of rich parents, and it goes forth from there. You end up with a bevy of pseudointellectual, entitled brats, who are often gender confused.

      • Here is my speculation for why the upper class rots to evolutionary uncompetitiveness every 200 years or so: Nobody has figured out how to keep the secrets in the kingsmanship lessons contained to the up-and-coming royals. For example, here’s such a secret from ancient Egypt: “My son, you aren’t the delegate of the gods, you’re just the next king in our family dynasty. As far as we can tell, gods don’t exist; but the common man loves being told their life has more meaning than it actually does.” To keep these secrets from leaking out and disempowering the present-day royals, the next generation of royals are not given real kingsmanship lessons. Instead, up-and-coming royals are sent to the gobbledygook classes made to keep the upper-middle-class chasing their tails, instead of competing with the elites.

        It’s hard to raise competent successors for family dynasties. The Kennedys and Bushes ran out of steam. The Clintons and Obamas couldn’t even make one successor.

        • The Bush family managed three generations, which wasn’t too bad. Same with the Kennedy Clan. The Egyptians didn’t fare much better. The Romans didn’t do any better either. Charlemagne’s family did well. Eventually, somebody pours bleach into the gene pool and you get some lame ass moron like JEB! Bush and somebody like Trump pulls down his trousers in public. The Biden Crime Family is finished – never really having been a contender. John Adams led to John Quincy Adams and it fizzled at that point.

  2. “Zelensky […] suddenly pretending to be a practicing Jew when his children were baptized Christian”

    Perhaps the little Zelenskyys having been baptized was the actual deception and now he is merely uncloaking? (FWIW I doubt Zelenskyy has much if any deep connection with his Jewishness — whatever that means — but it’s clearly useful to be a Jew because there are so many more cards he can play by embracing that identity.)

    Practicing vs not-practicing Jew has always been a false dichotomy. “Jewishness is a religious practice” vs “Jewishness is an ethnic identity” is all logic-chopping and rules lawyering. Which of those is “true” varies depending on the argument being made. Or rather what is being refuted, denied, or outright lied about.

    • It would be useful for actual Jews who may lurk here to weigh on Zelenskyy’s faith and the implications of same.

      My perception of the Jewish faith is that it swings from mild to wild. There was a lesbian who worked for me and she converted to being a Jew. I asked her if they were cool with her sexual appetites. She assured me that they were and that the rabbi was herself, a lesbian.

      Then there are the Lubavich/Chabad types who were formed in NYC some years ago. I’m told that it’s a species of cult.

      There are the reformed Jews who more or less eat bacon and pork chops, and others who have two dishwashers at home to segregate the plates for whatever reason, only take a few steps on Shabbat and won’t flick on a light switch because it constitutes work on the Sabbath.

      Some Jews are full-on “posers”, wearing the Yarmulke and speaking with a Yiddish accent to assure people around them that they’re cool. They’re circumcised and so forth, but beyond that? One such was Blake Yoon, a Korean-Jewish hit man (Mother was a Steinburg). A Korean Jew who killed people for a living. Dysfunction? No, not really to him.

      I always got along with Jews I knew in the IDF, Shin Bet, The Institute, and so forth. They were pragmatic when it came to faith.

      Where does Zelenskyy fit in?

      • There are JINOs and those are the ones that give Judaism a bad name. The ones that march in support of Palestine, the ones that are heavily on the socialism scale, the ones that bring out being a Jew whenever anything goes against them.

        Much like CINOs (Catholics in name only) who openly push abortion and socialism and the destruction of the Church but say they are good Catholics (and, yes, the pope is one of them.)

        As to rebuilding the Temple, that’s much like a Christian asking for Christ to return. It signifies the End Times and as bad as things are right now, I don’t want the End Times. I still think there’s a chance to pull out of the hole we are in.

        • There have been Jews who wanted to tear down the Dome of the Rock ever since the mosque was built and rebuild the Temple. It will happen eventually and there have been predictions about what follows. The prophecies are quite clear.

          I’m not suggesting that the time is now, but there are a number of Jews who would like to make it happen – possibly more and with a greater capacity to make that happen – than any time before. This whole Ukraine mess would seem to fit with many of those prophecies, particularly, with the US gleefully egging Putin to launch his nuclear war/winter. After all the Russians only have 6,000 nuclear weapons and they’d likely only light off a third or maybe a quarter of that number, with every other nuclear power adding their own distinctiveness to the response. You couldn’t find a more lame bunch of deviates and misfits than we have in DC. Have you seen the new press secretary?

  3. Good rant…you get the PaulM Rant Merit Badge.

    We are witnessing pure evil-doing by the fire hose effect; hard to focus on one thing and excise it before it metastasizes and kills the host.

  4. The State Department offers more genteel graft than outright war mongering. Without it, the world would have far fewer 5 star restaurants.

    I agree with Paul M about your rants. I bet you can do it on an individual basis on par with a senior chief.

  5. State – yeah, I feel that way all the time if I watch the TV. That’s why I get 99% of my news by reading it, reading makes me WAY less angry/murderous than watching some imbecile traitor lie to my face.

    EU – yep, lotsa places are more fucked than the (former) US, and very few are less fucked. As consolation prizes go, it still kinda sucks.

    Crimea – yeah, it’s been Russian for a lot longer than it’s been Ukrainian, but not always. Used to be Tartar back in the day, before the Russians killed and deported most of them. Was probably something before that… I know if you go back far enough, parts were Genoese, and before that Greek. In any case, if the Ukes had said, or if the ever get it back and say “well, we’ll just deport all the Russian-ethnics, and give their land to Uke loyalists”, the Russians wouldn’t really have grounds to complain, as that’s been their methodology forever.

    I do agree that this likely semi-permanent bloody stalemate would have been better avoided by everyone, though. Unfortunately everyone seems to be ruled by vile caricatures nowadays.


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