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Blood in the Street?

James Cromwell

Hollywood actor, James Cromwell, predicted that there would be blood in the streets if Democrats didn’t win the upcoming election. Cromwell (who continually threatens to leave the US if Republicans win, but never had the guts to get out of town) seems to forget who has the guns, and it’s not the progs. I find that interesting. Whose blood is he referring to?

It would be interesting to have the actor (and who really cares what an actor says when he’s not reading what somebody else wrote for him?) elaborate on his statement.

Many conservatives, who are tired of left wing bullying, would tell Cromwell, “bring it”. The liberal thugs like Black Lives Matter and Antifa have never met a group of angry, armed veterans. And if they had, they’d find that they need to find more angry black people and Antifa activists… and more Illegal Aliens waving Mexican flags… then they’d need even more. Is the levy inexhaustible? I think not. There is somewhere between 24 trillion rounds of ammunition in private (conservative hands) in America.

Far more ammunition is sold to private buyers in the us every year than is sold to the government.


Of passing note or of passing not… whatever… I clicked on one of those clickbait things at the bottom of a Fox News website about the “Beloved TV Shows Canceled in 2018”.

Too old to enjoy
It showed me how out of touch I am, because I never saw any of them. I’d heard of a couple, but could never bother to sit and watch them. Not one. American culture has passed me by and I didn’t even have the good grace to wave. 
There are something like 1000 channels of programming on TV between cable, Netflix, Hulu, Prime, etc. I can rarely find something that I actually want to sit down and watch. And when I do, it’s almost always a disappointment.
I find myself entertained more often by a book (bought electronically through Amazon.com on Kindle) that I read on my I-Pad. The greats, like Jim Curtis (Old NFO), are not writing enough so I have to find joy in other, lesser authors.
It’s the day for zombies, isn’t it? My daughter had to take my granddaughters (left) to ballet class yesterday, the pre-zombie day, and this is what it looked like. They are cute zombies.
I find the zombie TV shows to be incredibly boring. Headshots of zombies, which promotes the video gaming industry in which teenage boys spend their afternoons shooting video zombies in the head. I guess it can pass for American culture can’t it?
And then there is the big ramp up for the candy harvest tonight. I opted for three Costco trick-or-treat bags of nearly full size candy bars, doing my best to support the dental industry and of course, candy manufacturers and retail outlets. 
Zombies on TV shows don’t show any affinity for candy, but the crew who will come by the house tonight will doubtless break that mold.

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  1. Leave it to those Hollywood retards to warn us all about the pending apocalypse if their socialist buddies don't get elected. Babs Streisand is threatening (again) to move to Canada if the House doesn't flip to the Dems. These Hollywood morons know how to read stuff written by others, and how best to pretend to be something they are not, but hardly any of them know jack squat about anything else, and if you believe what they spew, then prepare to be disappointed at what actually happens.

    Blood in the streets, schmud in the streets; we'll just see more of the same 'resist' crap that has been going on for two years now – which irks the precious Independents which they say swing elections.

    I say keep it up.

  2. I downloaded BritBox on my laptop. This is a huge listing of the best (mostly) of British TV. I think their mystery's and comedy much better than the US shows. And you do have some cute zombies.

  3. James Cromwell predicting blood? Now if it was Oliver I might take him more seriously. Of course it's not 1645 so that's no threat.
    I do enjoy a good sitcom. Unfortunately they haven't made one in years. +1 on the zombie shows. I tried watching The Walking Dead(it's good they said) and found myself bored to tears. I need a good western.

  4. Stumbled across this clip on a blog the other day and it gave me a chuckle. Then I got to thinking about it. Obviously it was originally intended a parody, but there is sooo much un-intended prophecy there.


  5. Who is James Cromwell and why should anyone care about his opinion?

    Streisand et alia should move to Honduras. I hear that around 7000 spaces just opened up there.

    Actually seriously, I'd take the 7000 troublemakers in an instant, if we could send the same number of our Infotainment Complex leaders to Honduras for good. Heck, even at a 10:1 trade we'd come out ahead.

  6. No, it's a completely different situation. I was in Northern Ireland during some of the dark days during the war (mid 1970's), and can't see the situation in the US going that way.

  7. There haven't been that many good Western movies in a long time and I think that issues of "racism" and "sexism" make it nearly impossible to make one.

  8. Cromwell reads things that other people write. That's about it.

    If we could trade Hondurans for American liberals yearning to leave our shores, it would be a good trade.

  9. "How do you do, sir. May I have a moment of your time?"
    "No" – that's me.

    Yes it's a parody, but we all laugh at it while understanding the underlying truth to it.

  10. Ahhh….a good Western!

    Silverado, Quigley Down Under, and The Shootist come to mind.

    No interest in zombies or "horror" in general.

  11. Having met several "celebrities", I take whatever any of them say with a large grain of salt unless they're talking about something they are proficient at.

    Have fun with the little ones tonight, and watch out for sugar overload!

  12. The blood is because they often mob attack unexpectedly. Something they excel at.

    As far as TV goes, I have to laugh. What I like and what "they" consider "best loved", etc, are rarely ever the same. I am sure you won't lose any sleep over that. 🙂

    Hubby has never liked Trick or Treat no matter what the little munchkins looked like. Since we moved to the farm, no one comes. Very few neighbors have kids (or grandkids) that age in the area. And the ones who do, go into town for the festivities there, I think.

    Your clan definitely looks good. 🙂

  13. The movies you cite were made (Shootist – 1976, Quigley – 1990) nearly 30 years ago or more. Unforgiven was made in 1992. No series films in much longer.

  14. I never listen to actors or celebutards in matters of importance. Chances are they're unstable and/or just plain stupid. In Cromwell's case, he's both.

    I like to watch forensic shows on TV, true crime, even the fictional stuff. Usually anything the critics rave over, I don't. I'd rather watch a Law & Order rerun than most of the new, "hip" shows like "The Purge" which is not-so-thinly veiled anti-Trump nonsense.

    BTW I've never seen a lovelier bunch of zombies.

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