I realize that this comment is completely rhetorical, but how much longer will Biden’s handlers keep running the country. I’m talking about the people who speak to him through his earpiece. Biden himself is a shell of a man who was never that bright, a corrupt, political parasite who should never have served a term in the US Senate. Today, as President of the United States, he embarrasses the nation daily.

The Democrats hate Ho Harris even more than they pity the vacuous Slow Joe, so they’re boxed in — with Pelosi waiting in the wings.

Today we have an open forum, where you can discuss whatever you’d like to. The Biden press conference yesterday was telling, and the creepy old pedophile has to go. I’m sure that Harris would keep the same handlers, though, so the departure of the walking corpse might not make any difference.

The floor is yours. The next blog posts here at noon Pacific Time.


  1. The only solution is upon us. Citizen Patriot tribunals, decorated lampposts, pock-marked and blood spattered concrete walls, long deep trenches and truckloads of lime.

    The purge must go deep, removing those elected, appointed, and hired stopping only at those required to keep facilities operating. The military will have to decide if they are with us or against us, otherwise they are just traitors in a uniform.

  2. Me either RR…said it all – again – yesterday. Prayer is all I have at this point, that God moves the right people to stop this evil.

    In the meantime I have fence to fix.

      • More astounding is the cowardice on our side of the aisle who call themselves Christian and men/woman of faith. Where is the righteous indignation screaming from every seat?

        • This. To answer LL’s question of how long, until someone in the chain of command says “No”. From what I read, some of the SOF folks on the ground have done just that.

          • I did hear there is a coalition of R’s calling for his resignation. Can’t imagine being in the military, a stark difference from a year ago.

  3. Tell us how you really feel LL.

    I personally feel like the people running things throughout the western world have squandered any legitimacy they had. It’s almost, but not quite, feeling ripe for a Heinlein starship troopers style government. Just not the terrible move adaptation.

    The question is always going to be how you keep any system of government becoming corrupted. There are always going to be people who seek power for the sake of power, and will move toward a universal franchise precisely for that reason; there’s power in it, or the promise of it. So how do you keep power with the people how have had skin in the game so to speak?

    Maybe skynet IS the answer…?

  4. Open Forum? Here’s a quiz I just posted before coming here:
    Traitor or Patriot Quiz

    · Open the national border to unchecked masses promising them aid and succor
    including those who oppose the Constitution. Traitor or Patriot?

    · Abandon citizens in a foreign country who were under the assumption that they had the protection of the federal government. Traitor or Patriot?

    · Reveal to an enemy the names of persons allied with the United States exposing them to retribution and murder. Traitor or Patriot?

    · Transfer wealth and advanced weaponry to avowed enemies of the United States. Traitor or Patriot?

    · Outsource the protection of American citizens to an organization that is a declared enemy, resulting in their death. Traitor or Patriot?

    · Encourage corporations and government agencies to demand that those in their employ or under their authority receive an injection of a substance that has demonstrably injured many who have received it. Traitor or Patriot?

    · Restrict the production of energy nationally placing the country in the grip of foreign producers. Traitor or Patriot?

    · Remove restraints and sanctions on a nation whose national motto is “Death to America!”, allowing them to proceed with developing nuclear weapons. Traitor or Patriot?

    · Removing focus from the defense of America and its national interest and placing it on the protection and promotion of moral degenerates. Traitor or Patriot?

    · Promoting and enacting policies that destroy or harm the legal businesses of citizens while protecting the interests of multinational corporations. Traitor or Patriot?

    · Release from custody/jail/prison murderers and rapists who then go on to murder and oppress American Citizens, both home and abroad. In local communities or foreign countries. Traitor or Patriot?

  5. For 4 yrs we listened to what an embarrassment that Trump was and sometimes he probably was. But this, this….. The most blatant irony is Biden exclaiming “America is back”.
    Also, I have seen in a couple of places now how we are being goaded to react. Way too many people still don’t realize we have a serious problem.

  6. This is what I wrote at OldNFO…(Still trying to get the BP to come down)
    Treason – to not only Murder our own soldiers, but to give the names of Americans and allies to a known Terrorist Army, and for dessert, they ARM and Equip that same Terrorist Army with the latest and Greatest Military equipment that the American Taxpayer can be forced to fund.

    As bad and Evil as the Political Royalty that dreamed up this disaster obviously are, the ones who should be drawn and quartered are the Military Leadership of of Armed Forces.
    Who by trade and training knew EXACTLY how TREASONOUS these actions by the Political Royalty (Of both Parties) were and also KNEW that they would result in the Murder of Armed Forces Personnel under their Command.

    The current Leadership of the Armed Forces should fall on their swords (LITERALLY) and would if they had any shred of honor. Which means of course that we will never see that happen.
    Since Milley and crew will NOT take the honorable path, then the country must hold these Traitors to account for what they have done to those who serve, the country the supposedly serve, and every single Allie who has been betrayed for being Stupid enough to help this country.

    MSG Grumpy

  7. It is clear the Federal Government is failing and is getting worst. They are not supporting American citizens over foreigners. If the Democrats keep California’s Gov Newsom by illegal voting, this will lead to more people understanding their vote means nothing. Once that happens it will be followed by increased crime against the government and government employees.

  8. I don’t see any reason that the current puppet-masters won’t continue to run the FRUS indefinitely.

    Outside of the minuscule demographic that we comprise, there is no outrage. Most people don’t care. Many people want this, judging by their words, behavior, votes.


    • Many people only listen to MSM and don’t know what the heck is going on. The MSM has been lying for so long they even believe themselves. It is just like the lie that Trump was destroying “democracy” when I see no proof of it yet the Democrats every move is to destroy “democracy” and replace it with an egalitarian, technocratic, authoritarian government in which votes do not count. The Democrats version of “democracy” is the same as the system in the former Soviet Union where only the “party” members can vote and their vote still doesn’t count (per Stalin).

  9. LL,
    One thing is, I don’t think it’s Nancy waiting in the wings. I really think if he goes, they name Hillary VP then immediately work to out out Kameltoe

    • She wasn’t looking too good strolling on that MV beach…maybe trying to get in shape for the Resolute Desk job.

      • I saw the photo too. She’s trying to rid herself of those unwanted 100 lbs. She wasn’t well when she ran last time. I don’t think that she’s in the running, much as she’d like to be.

        Susan Rice wants to be VP then President.

  10. Re: Hilary as the replacement target… Saw a photo of her and Bill walking on a beach. If the photo is current, she is in poor health and wouldn’t last three months in high stress position.

    Sad to say, since some experts seem to think, sans decisive action from Israel, Iran will have working nuclear weapons by the end of the year, perhaps the best case scenario is nuclear tests in DC and NYC.
    We would lose some good people but a national house cleaning g is in order.

    • Israel won’t let that happen. I have confidence in their ability to act even if the USA has gone insane. Iran should know that too.

  11. I am having a lot of trouble attributing this fiasco to ignorance and bad planning. How can so much go so wrong so quickly without a conscious hand behind it all? I agree with MSG Grumpy. We as a nation are reaping the whirlwind that comes from years of promoting politically correct military and electing/selecting individuals that are not capable of tying their shoes let alone being senators, representatives, or governors. Regrettably I am really pessimistic for the future and don’t see a way out that is not seriously downhill.

    My belief is that President Biden will resign after they find a replacement for the current VP.

    LL agree with you that Israel will not let Iran build functional nuclear weapons. Heck of a thing relying on a small country (Israel) to protect the world when most of that world works to make them cease to exist.

    • Israel has zero interest in protecting the world. Nor is it their job to, so that’s not a criticism of them.

      But it would be foolish to believe that Israel gives one single crap about anyone else. You are either a useful tool to them, or not. Again, this is merely a realistic attitude, so good on them. I wish them well in terms of surviving and prospering as a nation-state. But what gets my goat is the terrifyingly nontrival percentage of persons in the US who think Israel loves us back. They do not.

      Iran’s potential threat is crucial to Israel and the Israeli lobby in the US. There MUST be a credible regional threat to keep the flow of tribute (money and material) from the US to Israel running smoothly.

      • Agreed, Mike_C. Israel always acts in its own self-interest. It almost has to, given where it is. I have worked with people from the Institute and Shin Bet and have the deputy director of Shin Bet on speed dial. Some of my friends there are old and retired. So much for bragging about the Rolodex. The point is that they don’t love me and I don’t love them, but we act in each of our own self-interest. Israel has peerless regional intelligence. They also have thoroughly penetrated the US, and they can pull levers.

      • Mike_C
        Apologies for not being clear. The only reason that Israel will protect the world is because they would do so just by protecting their own country. Agree with you that Israel does not love the US. Israel and every other country has to put their own self interest first and foremost.

        • And my apologies if I seemed to be getting in your face or imputing to you positions that you don’t hold. I did not intend to do either of those.

  12. The elites are having all their way with little negative consequences. Make them personally uncomfortable. In the areas they frequent are targets of opportunity. Practice your 1,000 yd marksmanship skills on parked private jet windshields. At trail head parking lots, torch a $80,000 SUV. Just a couple of ideas. Make them sweat and afraid. Ruin their excellent adventures. Let them feel the average citizen’s pain and worry.

  13. If ANY of them (Biden, Harris, Austin, Milley) had an ounce of honor, they would resign. But they haven’t and won’t… There will NOT be anyone held accountable for this at any high level.

  14. Demorats always have an endgame to their Machiavellian schemes. Biden won’t be impeached, won’t be forced to resign for “health” reasons or even tossed out via the 25th amendment. Pelosi and Obama have an agenda: pass as much of their progressive (think communist) agenda as possible before they lose the house and senate in 2022. HR1(legalize dem vote fraud), gun control, and the 3.5 trillion dollar porkbill are first and foremost. With a 50/50 split in the senate, they need to keep Heels Up Harris as the VP for her tiebreaking vote. If she takes over the presidency, Mitch McConnel becomes the defacto senate majority leader and thus can kill any and all bills sent over by the house and it doesn’t matter who the new VP is. Biden isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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