Who Built That?

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This from the man who never had a straight job in his entire life:

Somebody needs to share the message with the Leader of the Free World that the nation was built by working people, not by people (eaters of other men’s bread) who fed from a pool of money taken by the government  and then given to them to buy their patronage and votes.
Socialism is a tyranny and is a form of slavery. I realize that’s not the way that Hollywood or the mainstream media sees it, but it’s true all the same. The only way to peddle it to Americans is to do it with lies.
Think of ObamaCare…

15 thoughts on “Who Built That?

  1. Giving in to pressure groups, and selling out for money, has destroyed the country. I fear it will only get worse.

  2. The people with the loudest voice are spewing this crap, but we're gaining. We have to become better sheeple herders than they are.

  3. Well said, and he's ruled by fiat and polls… To HELL with the peons and worker bees that actually DO the work….

  4. Yes, to hell with the law. Under the Obama Doctrine, once Congress passes any law, he is free to enforce or not enforce — to completely change or not change whatever he wants –by fiat as you suggest.

  5. Nope, sometimes I'm only partially right… Then again…lol
    Perhaps you have confused upstanding Brigid,
    with, "Dammit Brighid".

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