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When I was a very young boy we had this International Scout, and went just about everywhere that one could go. It hauled out a lot of deer, elk, javelina, and misc. game birds. Transporting the canoe, we were able to fish in almost any body of water in the Southwest.
1960 International Scout
My grandfather with a small white tail buck, taken in the Sonora Desert
(Central Arizona) at the base of the Superstition Mountains)
I’m most thankful for grandparents who took me in as a young boy and taught me (among many things) tracking, shooting and the love of the out doors.

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  1. I noticed some similarities between your current "ride" and the photo above. I suspect there's a similar grandpa photo or two of you around too! 🙂 I'll always be grateful for my Uncle Ted and his love of the outdoors and his willingness to share that life with me. Seems like the least I/we can do is continue the tradition.

  2. Now the Valley goes right up the Superstitions…where he was is probably near the19th hole…

  3. Great post. Nothing like a Scout for style and ability. They have a cult following these days among those that appreciate their timeless attraction.

  4. Ah yes, the old days… And vehicles that didn't have carpet, leather seats, AC and power everything… AND THEY WORKED! And all those life lessons paid off, and you were much better for it. Sadly, kids today won't/don't get those opportunities…

  5. Love Scout memories… We had one on the Cowman's home ranch, piece of moving junk that got us were we needed to go. Driving that thing in 15,000 acres of rolling hills with no brakes, no roll bar, and not a lick of sense will make a woman out of you… good memories

  6. We're all the product of the people who influenced us.

    Which is why it's so very important to study Obama's shady background.

  7. I've lived long enough to see many places where I hunted now developed with pink houses in rows, strip malls, asphalt and civilization.

  8. Toyota FJ Cruiser (heavily modified). No carpet, short wheel base with all of the cool stuff that a Scout had.

  9. I feel like I have seen your grandpa's smile somewhere before.

    That Scout looks fun. But it's not so much the vehicle as how it's used.

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