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Thankfulness is important. Humility is important. A sumptuous meal followed by football and then a nap is critical to surviving the day intact. Only after the nap do I usually start on desert. Is that selfish of me? Yes, but I’m thankful all the same. In the event that you need an excuse for gorging, bolting down your dinner, 2019 is the year of the pig.  Celebrating early is acceptable. It’s still the Year of the Dog through February of the coming year. After your food coma subsides, you can do it doggy style with the one you love in honor of the year – as if this blog’s readers needed any encouragement. That sort of sagely advice will always be available here, at Virtual Mirage. You’re welcome.
Conspiracy Theory
I was quasi-jumped with some weird conspiracy theory stuff and it made me want to blog about it. 
(1) Most of the illegal aliens among us are not from beyond Earth.
(2) Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean that they’re NOT out to get you.
(3) Rule of Thumb – Nobody is that well organized. The US Government can’t keep a secret. The so-called “black sites” where enhanced interrogations took place outside of the US after 9/11 were among the most closely guarded secrets in the nation (right up there with the alien bodies at Area 51 that were frozen and preserved after they landed at Roswell, NM). People couldn’t hold their mud for 4 years. Then it was out. There is no big evil State that can keep its shit wired together long enough to pull off a decent conspiracy. There is no corporate plan to enslave humanity. There are a bunch of conflicting interests making a mess everywhere they go. There are the drunks that hang out at the country club with JEB!, and the drunk witches and warlocks who hang out with Hillary, plotting and planning and it looks like a conspiracy. But Hillary couldn’t get elected even when the fix was in. Barack couldn’t keep control of the legislature after his first two years in office. 
So if they’re master conspirators, they’re incompetent. Barack did succeed in selling many millions of firearms and billions of rounds of ammunition into private hands. There are always unintended consequences. 

24 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Sermonette

  1. Year of the pig? Well that calls for a bacon sarnie, methinks!

    Happy Thanksgiving. Remember to raise a nice cup of hot tea with milk to your Pilgrim ancestors who gave you this holiday 😉 Jules

  2. Can I thank you for existing? Very few people can leave an impact as strongly impacting as yours. Thank you for the wisdom in your words.

    On the other hand, my existential crisis has taught me that as long as these conspiracies will keep us busy, we'll survive the pain of existence. Gandhi is misquoted in the following lines, I'll reproduce the misquotation as follows: Everything we do in life, would be insignificant, but its very important that we do it.

    You were missed LL. I plan to return to this place soon.

  3. Here's hoping you have a fine feast today. I, for one, will be at a relatives house gorging on dead bird and playing with the grandkids, all of whom will be in attendance. I may also have a couple of beverages of the adult variety.

  4. So you can do it doggy style to celebrate the year of the dog… I can hardly wait until the year of the monkey.

  5. What a powerful sermon!

    And sure, we hear all these crazy conspiracies.

    I like the one about how Hillary, Obama, the DNC and the FBI launched an attempted coup against the president.

    But I guess that's less of a theory and more of a fact.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Juliette!
    Your blog response made it!!! Google must have been messing with you or you guessed correctly with all of the pictures it showed to verify that you are not a robot. You're definitely NOT a robot. You're one of a kind. And you like bacon, so we know that you are not a Mohammedan.

  7. You are always welcome here, Ms. Assassin. I'm glad to see that you are doing well and are coping with the pain and difficulties that are the hallmark of life. All life is struggles.

  8. Jim, don't eat more than you can lift. That's the only advice that I have. Our grandkids are more fun than their parents. Why is that?

  9. The year of the horse should follow the year of the dog so that the dog-and-pony show….ok, well you get the drift. Happy Thanksgiving, sailor.

  10. No theory there. And it was uncovered as it was hatched-so it didn't last long. If Hillary had been elected, the cover-up would have worked but the flying monkeys didn't stuff ENOUGH democrat ballots to make up for the unpopularity of the old crone.

    The sad part about the anti-Trump conspiracy was the large number of Republicans (RINOs) who joined in to try and stab Caesar on the floor of the Senate. But it didn't work.

    The only sad footnote to the whole Hillary saga is that the Democrat actors and activists who promised to leave the US if President Trump won, didn't leave (to Mexico). Never fear, Crooked Hillary is hitting the campaign trail in hopes of a big 2020 win. She's reset herself (again) but I haven't heard much about Huma Weiner these days.

  11. Every Wednesday Night we stop at the Big Sky Diner before church.
    I would get a bacon cheeseburger, but after a while, it got to where the cheese was too much, and then the bacon.
    I only recently realized how much I'd screwed up!
    I should have dumped the cheese and burger and kept the bacon!
    So now I have a BLT on whole wheat, no mayo.
    And I can skip the Toast, lettuce and tomato if necessary.
    Never too old to learn.
    And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and to all who frequent here.

  12. I'm a huge fan of the BLT and it's always better if the bread is toasted. Yes, there is a place in life for a hamburger, but the BLT is lighter and tastes better usually. There are hamburgers out there that I REALLY like but most often, they're just not that good.

  13. There is no deep conspiracy to enslave us. The commie demonrats are no longer even trying to hide their true agenda. They OPENLY and at times violently seek to destroy our freedom and replace it with their "workers paradise"…that THEY will rule. And the truly scary reality is nearly HALF the people in America want them to succeed.

  14. I take your point, Dan. But EVERYBODY knows that's what is going on, so it's a very poorly managed conspiracy. Some people want to be slaves, and some people don't but the agenda is clear and they talk about it on TV, and in print media all the time. We know which side Soros backs, we know what the Democrats want to do and how they plan to do it. A lot of people will sell their freedom for a little free cheese.

    It's not really a conspiracy so much as it is a party platform.

  15. 2a) the question isn't whether you're being paranoid, it's whether you're being paranoid ENOUGH.

    I don't know where I got that (maybe even ripped off from you?) but the other day my fellow called excitedly (voice and everything) out of the blue in the middle of the day. Seems she was advising a medical resident, resident said "maybe I'm just being paranoid" and my fellow said that she responded instantly with Rule 2a. "Holy Crap, I'm turning into YOU! It came right out of my mouth, just like that!"

    Bwahahahaha! My work here is done.

  16. Indeed. The problem is that you're not being paranoid ENOUGH. I listen to my 'inner mad man' and it never steers me wrong at this stage of my life. There has been enough salt water under the keel that the 'gestalt' whispers back when I ask.

    I'm glad that you are spreading the Gospel…

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