Major Malfunction

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In what strange world should the US support any activity that encourages or allows the Iranians to have a nuclear weapon when they have consistently said that they intend to use their nuclear weapons to attack our ally, Israel? (the so-called “Little Satan”) and the US? (the so-called “Big Satan”)
President Obama has a strange love affair with weird Islamic potentates. Recall for a moment if you will, Barack allowing and encouraging (the late) Libyan dictator Muammar Gadaffi to visit New York City. Recall his support for the al Qaeda backed jihad that toppled the Egyptian government and sent President Mubarak into exile. He has a penchant for picking losers in the game of winners and losers. 
I’m not sure what President Obama’s major malfunction is. Maybe it can be found in his youth and his formative years? He claimed to be Kenyan at times and Indonesian at other times when he wanted US Government aid as a foreign student – and though those records are sealed, the validity of the claim is there for those who have eyes to see.
He’s the first Post-American President. I can only hope that he will be the last.
I suspect that there are a lot of people around the world who agree.

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  1. obama McBoo Boo is a wining loser. He won the job, but he's still a looser. Who is pulling his strings?

  2. If Hillary is to follow, it will be a very graduated, expensive, painful decade. Same, unfortunately for Chris Christie – he will seem to fix things, like he does in Jersey, but not REALLY (how else could Christie win 2/3 of the vote in blue Jersey?) Only a Rand Paul will give up the power and work towards shrinking the federal government.

  3. We could have Obama declare himself president-for-life and maybe bring Oprah on as Vice President…

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