Where’s Marco?

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Where’s Marco Rubio?
I don’t dislike Marco Rubio. He became a bit mean spirited and the electorate responded negatively toward his campaign to be leader of the free world. 
I know people who predicted that Rubio would be the 45th President of the United States and who have been devastated by his failure. Donald Trump beat Rubio by over 20% in his own state of Florida where he is a sitting senator…but not for long, from what I’m told.
I don’t hear much from Rubio these days, I don’t hear much from Jeb! either. Rubio needs to work to put bread on the table and Jeb! was born with a silver spoon in his mouth so he doesn’t. Since Rubio makes a living by being fabulous, you’d expect that he’d be out there in Ted Cruz’s wake, trying to pick up table scraps and possibly a vice presidential slot.
Rubio hasn’t pledged his delegates to Trump (yet), but I think that he’s waiting to see which way the wind blows. Right now, it might be his best bet to get a job in the new administration, since I don’t think that being re-elected to the US Senate from a state that slapped him down like an unwanted stepchild, is likely. The rumors of Rubio’s potential homosexual past shouldn’t stop him from serving in a Trump administration, but it might not work for Cruz? I don’t know whether or not Rubio cruising a gay park with a guy who opened a gay porn business makes him gay or not. You can decide that. Somebody should run it past TrusTed.
What do you think? Could Rubio serve as the Secretary of the Interior, Secretary of Commerce or a similar post in the Trump Administration in exchange for delegates?

16 thoughts on “Where’s Marco?

  1. Rubio schmubio. The guy's yesterday's news. And just for the record, Jeb, just like his older brother Dubya, was born with a silver foot in his mouth, rather than a spoon. Just ask Ma Richards.

  2. He's going to need a job sooner or later.

    There's not much that he can do. Not when you think about it. He's been a political parasite his whole life. Why not take table scraps from Trump?

  3. I'm just dredging up a has-been. I know that. Somebody will put his face on the back of milk carton eventually.

  4. Marco isn't running for reelection; he's my good Senator, light years ahead of Bill Nelson. There are rumors he's going to try to cash in on whatever fame/notoriety he has, stockpile cash, and make a run next time, just rumors.

    The guys I know who play in the political blood sport arenas and have met him said he's unbelievably charismatic and expect him to be president some day.

  5. I have heard that he's not running for re-election. My sense is that he'll try and tag on either Cruz or Trump to remain in the stream and valid politically. If he does a Jeb! and sits it out for a decade, he doesn't have the family machine and donors to bring him back…if you call what Jeb! did a come-back.

  6. Ambassador to some Spanish speaking country? Not a lot of income potential but still living off the taxpayer.

  7. Jeb! ran a great campaign and now he's all quiet. It's as though the campaign never ended, unlike Rubio's ears, which have no end. I won't mention his little rat claw hands, that would be mean.

  8. There you go! He can enforce the rule about making Mexico pay for the wall while Ambassador and plenipotentiary of the USGOV in Mexico City!

  9. Part of me misses Jeb! There was a comic relief to him that became really pathetic toward the end when he brought his mom in to speak for him and still nobody came. Then he brought GW in to sign autographs and they got a thousand or so people who came to see the former President.

    But nobody came to see Jeb! besides a few old country club cronies and some older people who liked his dad and his brother. Now, he's back at the club, downing his fourth Bombay Gin Martini, talking about what a turd Trump is.

    People can find Jeb! there sitting on the tucked leather of the booth at the members-only bar. But Marco is absent. I wonder if he spends his nights trolling the park with his buddy like he did in the good old days?

  10. I hadn't thought about Marco's after hours antics. Now I'm disturbed. Jeb! was the greatest politician the country never met in its life.

  11. Marco feels like everyone else who has been dumped in the toilet from a high altitude.

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