Question of the day: When a billionaire dies, who inherits their senators?

Could they be buried with them in the crypt,

like the Pharaoh’s dogs?






Big Brother






Walk the Chalk

If you are pulled over for DUI and asked to walk a straight line to test if you are drunk… the whole thing has a nautical precedent. You may wish to share this with the nice police officer. I’m sure that he’ll hang on your every word.

A drunken sailor was not only not usable he was also a danger for others not for himself, be it in the rigging or at the guns.

Now there was an alcohol test on board, namely, a line was drawn with chalk on deck and all suspects had to prove to the Bosun that they could follow it and walk straight. Anyone who couldn’t do that was written down and reported to the officer of the watch and either flogged with 12 strokes or clapped in irons and dried out, which meant not one drop of alcohol for some days or weeks.


French Sailors in shackles, late 19th century 


Traditionthe video

A documentary from 1989 looking at the wack traditions of the British Army. I especially like that the tradition of the Royal Scots is that they don’t have any traditions.

“A confederation of regiments hopefully fighting on the same side…”




  1. “A confederation of regiments hopefully fighting on the same side…”

    More organized than their Irish cousins.

  2. That meme… Dude… So wrong… Which is why I laughed so hard Mrs. Andrew looked at me like I’m insane or something. Good one.

    As to ‘Walking the Line,’ due to various issues with inner ear and such, I’ve failed 3 DUI walk-line tests. And blown way under the limit every time. Pisses off the cops when they think they have a clear collar and I skate. Muhahahahahaha.

    “The Professional” is such a good movie. Need to watch it again. It was “Kick-Ass” before “Kick-Ass,” which is a good movie also.

    And, yeah, the FBI and BATFE have killed more people than domestic terrorists. Just like Alec Baldwin has killed more people than most gun owners (outside of war.)

  3. The Baldwin meme….what’s a little negligent homicide amongst friends?

    I bet the sumbitch walks on it or at worst gets some kinda nothing-burger charge.

  4. Brings to mind “Toe the line”.

    Plague meme- Same with the Amish…they don’t have TV or internet.

    Didn’t you know, when Dems are running the shop EVERYTHING IS FREE!, costs nothing, zip, nada, nyet, bupkis…like the Covid not-a-vax jab (beyond that might cost you your life, but hey, it’s harmless like a prop gun with live ammo). We do need a saying for Peter Doocy, only one actually holding her feet to the circle back fire.

    • re — ‘prop gun’
      I believe the made-up term — ‘prop gun’ — gives the impression it is fabricated of hot-glued plastic cobbled from odd workbench bits… not a ‘real’ gun.
      I am pretty sure firearms used in hollywood [spit] are legitimate functional firearms… capable of homicide in the hands of a negligent goofball.

  5. “When a billionaire dies, who inherits their senators?”

    Sadly, it’s not only when billionaires die. I read an article the other day about how billionaires were buying not just senators, but also Congressional reps and judges during the height of the pandemic lockdown. Now that the Best and Most Popular President ever has won (restoring balance to the world) and the lockdowns are mostly over, the billionaires have been taking their recently-acquired senators, etc to shelters or the pound. Some have simply been released to fend for themselves. This last is especially terrible: G-d forbid that they form feral packs roaming the streets, scaring children and mutilating livestock!

    Please give generously so that the senators don’t have to be put down. Help them find their forever homes.

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