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I will be traveling here,  there, and back, not off the grid entirely, available by e-mail and phone and all that. Blogging may be a little lighter than usual between now and the new year.

I’m working on the third book in the Red Mist Series, The Wolf God, with Jules Smith and Broken Toys, a new novel.

About Broken Toys: Sometimes people know too much and can embarrass their government. Sometimes the government resorts to arkancide to silence those people — a robbery gone wrong, a ‘suicide’ while in custody, an automobile accident, or people just disappear. Broken Toys is a contemporary book about veterans who take matters into their own hands.


Liddy Speaks


The New Plague – better than the old plague?

(gateway pundit) There have now been 67 Ivermectin COVID-19 controlled studies that show a 67% improvement in COVID patients. There have been 298 Hydroxychloroquine studies that show a 64% improvement in patients for COVID-19 patients. The problem with these medications is that they are inexpensive.  If there is one thing that Big Pharma hates, it’s inexpensive.

There is that new plague, news of which crashed the stock market yesterday…Just in time for the 2022 elections! We will all need to vote by mail to slow the spread,  and the democrats will tally how far behind they are and will deliver the needed “found votes” at 3 am.


The Vax

Dozens of Vaxxed Athletes Are Suddenly Collapsing and Nobody’s Allowed to Ask Why.

108 FIFA footballers and coaches have died in the last 6 months alone. If it’s 108 in football (soccer) alone, it sure is a couple more than “dozens” among ALL athletes.

But that those loyal to the establishment refuse to take a closer look at this tragedy and start questioning why the fittest on earth are suddenly dying tells you that all their solidarity and for everyone’s health! Cries have been a lie. They don’t give a damn about you.

I don’t personally care whether people are vaccinated or not. It needs to be a personal decision. I have seen the vax reaction in friends and in each case, it was very serious. I have seen vaxed people contract COVID. It puts a spin on the spin.


The Price of Gasoline in Death Valley,  CA


I leave the forum open for you to express yourselves, argue your point, and so forth.

There is a universe of things to discuss.



    • Soccer is apparently more dangerous to the athletes than anyone thought…all those years of playing and just now they all keel over. Don’t look for a cause and effect. Just don’t.

  1. I mentioned the dead soccer players to my resident believer in the word of the main stream media & was told they either all died from covid or it’s a lie.

  2. I’m not wishing ill on anyone, but the world would not be a worse place if a substantial number of NFL and NBA players were to drop dead suddenly.

    • It would have less than zero effect on my life, especially if they took the same percentage of professional politicians along with them, not that I would wish ill on that bunch of career criminals either.

      • The world wouldn’t be worse off — but I don’t like to see people forced to get a vax by the government and then die for their virtue.

  3. Well since they exempted Congress from the mandate i wonder how many of them chose to take the vaccine? My grandson had both doses of vaccine and then lost two weeks work because he was sick and tested positive the next month. I think he may have brought it to his grandmother after he was vaccinated and before he tested positive since she wasn’t out of the house for two months prior. She didn’t go and get tested. I tested positive when I was at the doctor for a follow up on a foot infection and I was showing vomiting and diarrhea. I ended up in the hospital the next week with very low sodium which rendered me unconscious. I had been given the antibody treatment so I couldn’t choose to be vaccinated if I wanted for at least three months.

    • Be careful with vax once your antibodies are built up. I’ve known of several people who did that and were rendered VERY ill.

      • Very true, basic virology with those possessing natural immunity. The [not a] vax, and subsequent multiple boosters (normal virus protocol does not require boosters within the same year) have created so many adverse reactions in people with existing antibodies (hyper response), besides the spike protein and prion concerns. This “thing” also generates ‘bad’ antibodies that confuse the immune system, then when exposed to the virus actually attack the host.

        More here than meets the eye, I’d think long and hard and get multiple opinions before getting this shot.

  4. wife picked up covid last week n brought it home. we both felt shot at and missed but shite at and hit. began ivermectin protocol and by the third dose were feeling better. she has persistent cough, went to the doc but all clear of covid now. ….word is creeping out about the athletes. and the young with myocarditis. when people realize they have been duped, they will be pissed. not many are buying the “new variant” as yet. notice they aren’t reporting fatalities, just infections.

  5. I am occasionally brought back to Liddy’s lawyerly extrapolation of Nixon’s instructions to him “…to make certain they never bother me again” as instructions to kill certain pests.
    When I hear someone say “never” when giving instructions I wonder if they really know what the are saying?
    The same when I hear the term ASAP.
    Do they really understand what they are saying?
    There have been a few times I have had to ask for clarification of instructions.
    Words have meaning.

  6. re — ‘term limits’
    I go further:
    * must own and full-time operate a successful small business in home community
    * minimum wage
    * part-time
    * no retirement, no benefits, pimento-loaf sandwiches
    * meet at picnic-tables in a field in Nebraska or Georgia
    * on-lookers are encouraged to not chuck rotted vegetables… a waste of good compost, and gives the impression you have nothing better to do with your afternoon.

    • There are maybe 20 politicians in Congress worth their salt. The rest are career criminals – a lot like the Biden Crime Family, but not so famous (yet).

  7. From these hallowed pages, offered without comment:
    Suz wrote on December 1, 2016
    …Detroit has been slowly increasing in manufacturing..I hope Trump does send more jabs/plants there, it will increase the tax base…
    Suz offers a correction on December 1, 2016
    jobs not jabs…
    Stupid computer

  8. The Death Valley gas is a case of being the ONLY provider for miles. They can charge what they want. And they get ‘enough’ desperate people that need the gas to pay the overhead. I’d bet they are NOT a syndicate affiliated service station.

    • I blame Banner. If it was DRJIM, I’d blame Pebbles-the-Wonder Dog, if it was LSP, I would blame Blue Avenger…how I roll🙈🙉🙊😁

  9. Late to post as usual, but have a safe trip. I’ll read through the comments and comment in a bit. Been busy restoring some equipment, and had a few problems to sort out.

    “Broken Toys” sounds like a good read. I’ll be watching for it.

    Liddy was a very interesting person. Hate him or love him, he didn’t care, and he followed his own path.

    Gee, we go form being energy independent and a net exporter of pertroleum, to begging Putin to sell us more oil. If this is “Build Back Better”, then there was nothing that needed “rebuilding” in the first place. Except maybe our voting procedures….

    Had a great Thanksgiving, and got to fire a Marlin “Saddle Gun” in 45-70.

    And my shoulder still hurts. Short-barreled rifles and that cartridge make for some impressive muzzle blast.

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