Where is Charles Martel?

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Happy Bastille Day. La Marseillaise est l’Hymne National Fran├žais. Think on the lyrics…
Bastille Day Parade 
A large truck drove into a crowd of people who had gathered for a Bastille Day (July 14) fireworks show Thursday in the southern French city of Nice, killing at least 30 people and injuring 100 more in an apparent terror attack, officials said.  
A police official told France’s BFM TV that the driver of the truck was also dead. A witness, Wassim Bouhlel, told the Associated Press that he saw the truck drive into the crowd, then witnessed the driver emerge with a gun and start shooting. 
“There was carnage on the road,” Bouhlel said. “Bodies everywhere.”
A friend from the Norwegian Intelligence community (Nasjonal Sikkerhetsmyndighet) dealing with counterterrorism, texted me when the news broke and asked me who I thought might be responsible. I suggested that the most likely suspect would be a Lutheran-Norwegian who was also a police officer on vacation in France. After all, Norway never joined the EU.  

Norway is proud of having expelled hundreds of Muslims persona-non-grata (PNG). My feeling is that they are about to expel more. The non-official view is that they’d be ecstatic to create a Muslim-free country, since the Muslims inevitably bring terrorists, organized crime and socially unacceptable behavior (such as rape) to a country that doesn’t want it.

The Europeans are very tired of the sand monkeys who have arrived from their cesspool regions to create terror and rape. The European media is naturally skeptical and keeps beating the drum that the governments need to suppress white people who might take exception to having other white people killed by Muslims on killing sprees. The handwriting is on the wall with this one. If the existing governments don’t deliver on handling the problem, they will be voted from office. (Do you hear that Barack and Hillary? There only so many dead people who can vote in any given election.)
Naturally as an American with a leader who has significant roots both in the Muslim world and the communist movement, I blame white people as well, for Muslim savages going on murderous rampages.

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  1. They need another Hammer to straighten things out. Unfortunately, that ship sailed off into the sunset, and the population is too 'progressive' to deal with the problem pragmatically.

  2. And they keep allowing more and more of these savages into civilized countries.

  3. It was clearly the fault of the NRA and the US Christian Right, which is yet another reason to vote Hillary.

    But let's say a prayer for #BlackLivesMatter. Their Day of Rage has been trumped(!) by a person of color in Nice.

  4. Ah yes, the "day of rage". I have comments but they are best kept to myself because they are politically incorrect.

  5. Hillary wants to ship in 550,000 of them so that we can keep up with the French. How sweet of her.

  6. Reading the news headlines today (CNN – "Truck Terror"; NYT – "Truck Attack") you'd certainly have to conclude that the truck was at fault. After all, it was white.

  7. Even the news story you picked says, "A large truck drove into a crowd of people…." How did we come to the point where inanimate objects turn evil and kill people? Oh, that's right. Progressivism blames the murder weapon, not the murderer.

  8. It's the trucks, don't you see? If we could somehow limit the number of trucks on the road, we could prevent this sort of insane truck behavior. And when it's a white truck, the message is clear. We need to organize a day of rage to stop all white trucks from driving down the road.

  9. It was worth asking what the young prodigy thought. Clearly great minds will think alike…

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