Sometimes the sign says it all.


California – the “sanctuary state” where progressivism is defined by bankruptcy.


  1. LL, damn, we, Californians are really stupid, this sign is in English. We teach them in Spanish in our schools, so why not on this sign. I'm glad it's sending them a little closer to your area and not mine.

  2. Odie – In my experience (in law enforcement), most Mexicans who cross into the US have a working knowledge of English.

    Years ago, when I confronted Mexicans who claimed to have no knowledge of English, I'd accuse them LOUDLY of being from Iran (or some other Middle Eastern shit hole). The response 100% of the time was, in clear English – "I'm no #$%@ing rag head/sand negro/dune coon, etc, I'm a Mexican!

    So the inviting sign is sure to lead all the illegal aliens to their promised land.

  3. Candle – it looks like some photo shopping was done with the cacti and the flag, however I believe the sign to be genuine. A friend sent it to me in e-mail so there you go.

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