5 thoughts on “What’s in a Sign?

  1. LL, damn, we, Californians are really stupid, this sign is in English. We teach them in Spanish in our schools, so why not on this sign. I'm glad it's sending them a little closer to your area and not mine.

  2. Odie – In my experience (in law enforcement), most Mexicans who cross into the US have a working knowledge of English.

    Years ago, when I confronted Mexicans who claimed to have no knowledge of English, I'd accuse them LOUDLY of being from Iran (or some other Middle Eastern shit hole). The response 100% of the time was, in clear English – "I'm no #$%@ing rag head/sand negro/dune coon, etc, I'm a Mexican!

    So the inviting sign is sure to lead all the illegal aliens to their promised land.

  3. Candle – it looks like some photo shopping was done with the cacti and the flag, however I believe the sign to be genuine. A friend sent it to me in e-mail so there you go.

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