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Picking a candidate that will deliver results.

Somebody needs to engage their brain.
What I believe that I look like when I’m riding my Ducati Diavel on the weekend.
A Diavel at rest should not remain at rest.

There is nothing quite like the P-51 Mustang. I realize the fact that it’s in the things I’m thinking about today, it ages me because unless you’re from a certain generation or you’re a total aviation junkie, the airplane won’t mean much to you. 
I don’t play the lottery but if I did, and if I won, a P-51 would be my very first purchase. A friend of mine said that if I did that, I’d kill myself in the airplane. (They said that when I bought a Ducati Diavel too…) If I bought one and met my end, you know it would be with a smile on my face.
I’ve heard it said that the woman comes along with the airplane – sort of like buying a Ferrari Enzo.

25 thoughts on “What I’m Thinking About Today

  1. I have my Ford Raptor, I have my Ducati Diavel, I have hot-shot firearms, I've had cool boats (hole in the water that you throw money into), but owning my own P-51 would definitely be changing things up.

  2. Owning an airplane will eat more money faster than almost any boat. I say that having owned both, once at the same time.

  3. There's nothing like the sound of 4 or 5 P-51's flying by at high speed and low altitude.

    Except maybe 4 or 5 Spitfires…..

  4. amusing memes– and even if your plane didn't come with a woman, I've no doubt it'd attract the attention of more than you could handle.

  5. Yes, the P-51 Mustang is a man's machine. I recall building a balsa wood model of this airplane when I was 15 or so, and proudly hung it from my bedroom ceiling with a wire. All my teenage buddies loved that plane.

    Then I blew it up with an M-80 a few years later. Oh well.

    I think the B-17 Flying Fortress was cooler. Blashpemy? I think not.

  6. There is nothing un-cool about a B-17 with those four big supercharged Studebaker engines.

    However you usually don't barrel roll a B-17 unless you're on the way down.

  7. ROFL,
    be brave, go for the P-51, I have no fear you can make it happen, ol guys are crafty like that…

  8. Floats like a butterfly – stings like six 50 BMG aircraft machine-guns which are boresighted to cross each other about 150 yards out. And yes, LSP, the Dallas Light Cavalry (irregular) does need an air force. If I had a P-51, I would paint it for Texas.

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