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How could a feature film possibly be more woke than this?


Black Guns Matter


Bullet Points:

** Does PETA mean, “Please Eat The Activist?”

** Tornado Alley – I know this interests some of this blog’s readership, so I’m posting it here. Source: scientificamerican.com

** When the USSR fell, Moscow’s empire instantly lost -48.6% of its population -and 38.8% of its GDP. For comparison, this is how it would look if the U.S. broke apart with the same ratios today.

Maybe incorporate Utah into Calkraine

and leave Arizona out of it?

** Is there a more horrible sound in the universe?

** The Bee unveils the newest toy for your little gender-confused children for Christmas.

“Steve is a breakthrough,” American Girl President Tilda Jadis told shareholders. “Girls can finally take home a doll that is just like them: secretly a man.”

** The flood of California refugees swarming into Arizona continues unabated. (more here)


Is The Great Wall of Sand — Sinking?




Identify the Aircraft





Identify the Tanks




55 thoughts on “Flexible Demeanor

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Lockheed Hudson
    2. Savoia Marchetti S55
    3. Hawker Tempest Mk. V

    Identify the Tanks:
    4. Churchill AVRE
    5. KV-1
    6. Marmon-Herrington Armoured Car

  2. I thought it was People Eating Tasty Animals, but it could be the same thing, depending.

    Tornado Alley is hungry, and there are more people (and probably more delicious trailer parks) in the New Lands.

    – Kle.

  3. “Sales are admittedly discouraging,” she continued, “but we’re not giving up. Even if it means running this business into the ground,
    Nawww, nobody would do that.
    Would they?

    1. Go woke, go broke. How does Budweiser feel about its success in marketing Bud Lite with a tranny?

      1. Now Al Michaels is out for NBC playoffs…going woke with one of greatest broadcasters of all time (Lake Placid, USA v. Russia in hockey…maybe watch Miracle again.)

        Gotta be some CFO or in-house attorney’s decision because, as Reagan once said:

        “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

        Maybe then, but now I believe they are ignorant of what makes life great and enjoyable because many are miserable dolts.

        1. Excuse the semi-rant against the Machine that may or may not be accurate (my supposition based on the report I read). Turns out the “report” DID NOT mention he’s been “slipping” in recent broadcasts…he’s 79 so nothing to be ashamed.

  4. The black guns definitely matter. All guns matter in my book. Even air guns. Just saw one at the local hardware, crossman or whatever, for kids. I know there’s big boy Toys out there nowadays up to .50 cal for $1,000’s. The sticker I saw was $125. I paid less than that for our boys 10/22 circa 1988.
    The far left black sure looks serious with the BX 25 x 2 mag. Also gotta appreciate the Kimber 1911. My wife’s door greeter is a single shot 410. Not seemingly effective with the current inundation coming soon to a town near you… from our southern border.
    P.S. Glen, Blaze TV has a documentary coming out in January. It’s currently being filmed on site, 20 miles out of Houston. A developer is marketing a flood zone suburb sporting 70,000 plus illegals. Local law enforcement is like less than 10 or something like that. Estimated 1M of these Soros pawns now make up to 10% of the Houston metroplex. This invasion, this war declared on ” we the people” is prepoderant to ANY and ALL of the ” big guy’s ” original ideas, if he’s even ever had one (1).

    1. My Kimber Raptor 2 is sitting on my desk, next to the computer, waiting to be cleaned today.

      I’m not anti-410 — but you either have to practice re-loading or hope that the first round scares the entire horde away.

    2. My door greeter is an AR-15 pistol in 7.62×39. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but my wife asked recently if I had enough ammo to which I replied no and ordered another case of 7.62×39 thinking I was down to 700 rounds or so.
      The case has been sitting on the floor in my office, so I went to put it in the storage closet on the floor yesterday. It turns out it ended up on the other case I had forgotten about.
      When I told her, she reminded me that I need to refresh her on reloading magazines for when I answer the door.
      Her door greeter is an Sp-101 in .357.

  5. Tornado Alley; One of our sons moved his family to Omaha Texas from Dallas Oregon. Literally because of an encounter at the local grocery store. Little granddaughter asked Daddy, ” why’s that man at the check stand wearing a dress?” Among many other things that changed the spiritual and social environment in the last decade out on the Left Coast, that final straw got them to looking for land and ” location” to raise their family in peace.
    Mrs W and I already set our sights on the Abeline area back in 2020. So here we are, still 5 hrs from our 2 most precious granddaughters, the same as when we lived in Pendleton. Very grateful for the climate here though.

    1. Went with a buddy to Abilene, TX back in my single days. Really nice place. In the middle of one night we stopped to help out a farm truck stopped on the side of the road. Turns out the cab and the back of the truck were full of drunk Indians. They were the type that, when drunk, the whole world was their friend…so no interesting stories there.

    2. Prolly should stay away from Disneyworld then. Apparently they have a guy in a dress greeting children at The Princess Store.
      A. That’s messed up
      B. I look better in drag than that idiot
      C. GFY, Bob “Eiger”

      1. Everyone has a different take on it, but I avoid everything Disney these days. One of my grandsons had a birthday and they went to Universal Studios to avoid woke Disney. There are choices. Any drag queen is repellant.

          1. …who there is more recent “chatter” that he/she would be the only one to beat PDJT for the Dem’s (while they trot out the Hilldabeast).

          2. Big Mike is definitely an “it”.

            Sen. Fetterman is also an “it” but for different reasons.

  6. I’m with Kle. People Eating Tasty Animals.
    Interesting to see the shift in Tornado Alley. While it appears that I’m currently living in an area out of it, there was a time we were in the middle zone. One day back in ’66 when I was in high school, the principal announced a tornado drill five minutes before the end of the school day. I realize he was simply trying to avoid panicking everyone, but a large part of the student body had a nice view of the twister going by through the windows. One, who was with the school paper got a nice shot of it.

  7. …and God said: “Please Eat the Animals, I made them for you.”

    Ever have a skinny vegetarian at the dinner table when you’re serving BBQ chicken and steak and they’re sitting there with some leafy greens salivating? Our human DNA cannot be overridden.

    1. I have a friend who lives in the same area that I do who is always lecturing me on his leafy green eating habits. YET, when he arrives at my home, he’s always jonesing for a non-leafy green snack.

      Full disclosure: I like salads. I like them better if there is a dead animal or shrimp on them.

      1. Same here, a nice Caesar or leafy salad with some chicken. If you get invited to our neighbors chuckwagon your choice is steak, medium rare or medium, fresh off the steer…and maybe some macaroni salad as a side dish (but no broccoli).

        1. I draw the line at broccoli. Yes, I’ve eaten broccoli prepared well, and it’s good, but usually it’s not, so there you go. Steak should not be burned. The grillmaster often blurs the line between medium rare and medium, but either works for me. I like most vegetables but prefer well-prepared onion rings on the plate with my steak. Is that a sell-out to veganism? Not at all. When eating at a steakhouse, I’ll usually order a side of onion rings if they’re offered, that I cut up and eat with the steak.

          1. Steak & Onion Rings, the perfect bite…and why not, means you are a well balanced individual.

            Me, had fresh fruit with “some dairy” on top (came in a can)…totally healthy…of course this was after 2 eggs sunny-side up, thick sliced bacon, and toast w/Lingonberry. (Hey, it’s froggy hoar frost cold out despite the weather soothsayers telling us it’ll be sunny. Gotta fuel the internal furnace.)

          2. It’s chilly outside on the Mogollon Rim. Global Warming was supposed to fix that. We all have been paying the tax. It’s time for Pedo Joe/Ho to deliver.

        2. Steak and Roquefort sauce with a side of fries. A few steps down from the dimly lit menu at the top of the stairs in a side alley in Toulon. Best Christmas eve dinner yet. Having just spent four weeks under water with a hundred of my best buddies made it all the more enjoyable. The wine was great, too, as was the chocolate mousse. Left all our francs for a tip. Duty the next day and back to sea the day after. Back when France was still France and the euro not yet a plutocrat’s dream.

          1. Paris used to be nice. I’m with you. I don’t know about Lyon (my old haunt) or Toulon and how they may have changed. I haven’t been back beyond a transit through DeGaulle in some time.

        1. Yes, I eat small oceanic bugs (shrimp) and large oceanic bugs (lobsters), which pair well with steak-balanced protein.

          1. Know what you mean…light dinner tonight, sauteed half a dozen large shrimp with Old Bay in butter while re-watching Reacher S1 in prep for Friday’s S2 release. Yup, livin’ large here on the North Forty homestead while wearing my Life Is Good ballcap.

      1. I think that Chris Pratt could star as Rosa Parks or Big Mike Obama in the made-for-tv-movie. I want to see Russell Crowe playing Martin Luther King in the feature film.

        1. Crowe already did a rousing “I have a dream” speech in Gladiator, which can be reprised in the MLK film.

          1. Joaquin Phoenix can play MLK’s slimy little road buddy Jessie Jackson as a co-star. He can do his joker mannerisms that were so apparent in his work on Napoleon.

          2. MrsPaulM drew the line at watching his Joker film, got sufficiently creeped-out with the trailer. What sort of mind that must be to gain “in character”.

  8. Weld County, CO is #2 in the nation for tornadoes. Seldom bigger than F1 thankfully. Most don’t touch down and you might see several below cumulonimbus clouds along the Front Range when the upper winds are from the South pulling in Gulf moisture. Once had a pickup severely hammered by hail when one went through Windsor (a F3) several years ago.

    Steak is fine but I would like to try chicken fried bacon and onion rings. Challenge my arteries.

    1. If your arteries don’t crackle when you get up from the dinner table, did you have a good meal?

      1. You two are making me hungry…even after a hearty breakfast prepared by MrsPaulM (usually comprehensive, and it is the Hub’s duty to finish it all plus half of hers.)

    2. Weld County draws in the tornados and that’s why DIA was built on the confluence of nasty Colorado weather east of the divide.

      1. DIA also houses the NWO underneath (or some such organization iffin’ one believes the theories), so there’s that…plus 9 outta 10 bumpy landings due to location. But hey, Federico got the boulevard in and out named after him, and Romer (95 and still with us like a good Democrat) made a pile o’ cash on the land. Very politically pedestrian of them.

  9. I don’t mind a vegetable with my steak as long as it is a couple of nicely charred jalapenos.

  10. Steak, baked tater, and a salad and I’m good! Re the tornadoes, the ‘dry line’ pretty much goes right over us most of the time, but the extended La Nina has moved it further east. I ‘think’ that being back in El Nino weather pattern now ‘may’ move it back westward…sigh

  11. Okay, Tornado Alley. Here’s my take. There isn’t an increase in tornadoes. There is an increase in detection and identification of tornadoes.

    In the 1950’s till the 70’s, only way to detect a tornado and track said tornado was with a Mk 1 Eyeball.

    Even early to 2nd gen weather satellites didn’t really affect forecasting and identifying tornadoes.

    It was the introduction of 3D aperture radar on 3rd and 4th gen weather satellites and lots of doplar weather radar installations that have increased the identification and forecasting of tornadoes.

    Like, well, hurricanes. Probably not a big difference in actual numbers of hurricanes and landfalls from the 18th Century to modern times. It’s just we can see them and identify them and identify the trends and weather patterns that predict them much better now in the 2000’s than even in the 1980’s, let alone the 1960’s or 1940’s or, heck, anytime previous to the 1940’s going back to the dawn of time.

    Seriously, a tornado (or hurricane) that isn’t seen and does no visible damage couldn’t be ‘detected’ back before 3D radar of any variety.

    Bah. Humbug. Weather bullshitters.

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