For those of you who can’t be stumped

Puzzler: What is this US warplane, used in the Korean War

You guys are hard to stump – but this one is tough. Answer at the bottom of the blog.


This in answer to Rob’s question:

Coronavirus Cases per 100k Population, past 7 days. The death count is far below these numbers, and with advanced therapeutics, unless you’re very ill already (like stage 4 liver cancer), the plague won’t take you.


This is for Fredd



Copy and Paste for Everyone else?


Biden Street Sign

Some of you may not have seen many vote for Biden signs, but here’s one.



Answer: Tachikawa Ki-9, left over from the Japanese occupation of Korea and pressed into service. It’s not a US MADE warplane but it is a US warplane…


  1. Good stumper on the plane.

    As to Corona cases, who cares? It’s gone so far past the Kabuki Theater stage to just another assualt upon America by the Donks and their partisans within the bureaucracy. Funny how all the mask mandates really came down after cases were already trending down.

    That axe-net? Would be better turned around so you could at least poke them. Though I seriously doubt the fore-end is strong enough to support a good cleave.

  2. The plane was a stumper alright. I figured it was something from the 30s and it does look a bit like the planes that knocked King Kong off the skyscraper.
    The Wuhan plague numbers speak for themselves, though people are still in panic mode. Good gawd folks, it ain’t the black death!
    Fredd will love the new toy you got him.
    We need a permit?

  3. I’m not sure that the mating area between the barrel and receiver, not to mention the magazine
    tube, is really up to those sort of forces. Plus, the ‘haft’ isn’t smooth enough to quarterstaff on, so you can’t get the most out of the axe head.

    Entertaining, though.

  4. In light of Governor Noem’s position on the mask, et al, it is interesting that South Dakota now shows the 2nd highest of cases. I wonder what Governor Ivey of Alabama has done to earn the scorn of the, um, statisticians.

    The aircraft was on the tip of my tongue. I knew it was Japanese, I was tempted to say Nakajima EN but I don’t know if that wasn’t used more than a seaplane.

    That Mossie would look good on me.

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