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My daughter, Heather, and her family (2 boys) left to return to SoCal, and my Arizona granddaughters (live in Prescott) arrived for a sleep-over. They wanted to sleep on the deck, but it’s too cold, so I inflated an air mattress in the living room for them. The giant windows look out onto the deck and the forrest beyond.
So it’s bacon and eggs and toast with milk for breakfast to fortify them for the day (church then play). Their mother, my third daughter, Kelly (below) is coming up today to hang out with us and to fetch her darling daughters home. Monday is a school day and Spring Break has ended.
It’s been a busy week at the White Wolf Mine but I’ve had a lot of help – all the help that 8 young grandchildren can give. Grandchild #9, a boy, is still in the hanger waiting for an early September roll-out. 
The sermonette is that no success in life can compensate for failure as a parent. That also applies to grandparents, doesn’t it? Well, however you want to slice it, family comes first. Working hard is important, but children and grandchildren need time.
My daughters are all pretty. Naturally, they favor their dad…. we’ll run with that. Anyway, the older kids are talking about building cabins here at the White Wolf Mine. There is room for that, but there is also the downstairs at the hovel in the meantime, for family and guests.
Next week, I’ll be in SoCal, working, staying with the kids, and trying to stretch the time that I can spend with all of them. 
Meanwhile, all of the children and grandchildren are anxiously awaiting the arrival of fishing season and wetting some bait as we float on mountain lakes in the canoe!

12 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette Sleep Over

  1. Grandparents can have a powerful impact on children. Yours are fortunate to have you (as you are fortunate to have them).

  2. Sometimes grandparents bridge that gap. Sure we spoil with love, but that’s a good thing.

  3. Of course the Eagle's Nest, sorry, Wolf's Lair, has huge widows looking out on the forest. A sermon in itself.

    But that's an aside, family's key. Be careful in the metrosprawl.

  4. Back when he was on the air, I listened to Ken Hamblin.

    More than once he said "When you hold your first newborn grandchild, you will understand why you were put here on the earth.

  5. I do miss my grands. They use to spend every weekend and every vacation with us. The lodest is 22 now and has his own life and youngest is Jr. in college in Columbus. We now have dogs to fill the cuddle gap.

  6. Yes, which is why I can’t understand the glee the progressive movement shows in killing babies.

  7. Ah grandkids. Like me you have some great ones. I'm off to see the Wichita branch this coming weekend, two girls aged 2 1/2 and 9 months. Looking forward to them as well as my lovely daughter. Good times coming.

  8. Spending time with the kids/grands is a great way to pass the time in our old age… LOL Serious, enjoy the time with them while you can.

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