What to do for entertainment on a weekend? It was one of those Saturdays yesterday and I wanted to see humans take out illegal space aliens. I started out by watching a hot blonde woman kick some illegal alien butt in a made-for-You-Tube video in Hybrids. Six minutes and fifty-two seconds of action was good, but not nearly enough. Eleven minutes of Lunatique…where a hot brunette goes  hard in a dystopian future…in France. Because it’s a French film there’s a bit of nudity and things end as most French films do. 
And then I had a piece of peanut butter an cherry jam toast. Then six minutes and fifteen seconds of an alternate scene from Aliens where a hand full of Colonial Marines gear up to take on eight hundred aliens. “An express elevator to hell – going down!”
The mail arrived – all bills. More escape was called for.

Then, I went to see The Predator in its second day of general release. Even though I’m a Predator fan, I find it hard to give it more than 4 of a possible 10… get to the choppa… No spoilers, but it wasn’t on par with previous films that the franchise put out. It was a bit more light hearted, and as one who likes the movies in general, there were lots of references to previous films. I’m glad that I was viewing the film on the big screen to get all of the cool CGI effects.
If you don’t like sci-fi, you’ll count it as about four hours that I’ll never get back again. If you enjoy sci-fi, you might say the same thing. But it was fun in its own way.


  1. If I had a bag of crunchy Cheetos, I would have gone that direction. Unfortunately, the larder dictated toast, smothered in wonderfulness.

  2. They maybe should have left the Predator series with the AHnuld original. Meh. I'll watch it anyway when it comes to my Roku in a few years. I'm pretty easy when it comes to scifi but the wife hates the stuff.

  3. I enjoyed Predator 2. It did have some memorable lines (Lions, tigers, bears…oh my!), and it was a pleasant surprise to see Kent McCord from the Adam-12 days.

    I find myself surfing YouTube as well. Love the sci-fi shorts, and I am at times surprised by some to the big name actors who turn up there. Also love rummaging around in the history bin, and product reviews. Am currently in the market for some 30 round AR mag pouches.

    Eventually, I do reach the point of "electron saturation", and go do something with my hands.

  4. I am also a Predator fan. I stopped halfway through this post and watched your two clips. They were quite good. I even subscribed to Dust. I had to, the name reminded me of me.

  5. I also enjoyed Predators, and AVP and AVP2. I'm sure that there will be another Predator film in the franchise. I've heard that somebody in Tinsel Town is working on Predators 2.

    When I'm a little bored, I go to sit in a theater and have my senses blasted by the big screen and loud sounds. As Hollywood churns out fewer and fewer films that I have an interest in, those experiences are fewer and fewer.

  6. My garage is in boxes. So I can do things with my hands that don't involve tools, which is no fun at all. But your point is well taken.

  7. RHSM Lambert, you're viewing choice has a strange similarity to my own, which is admittedly broken up by lasts of early Dead and associated nonsense. You can watch it all for free on the internet, you see.

    Regardless, time to sharpen the saber.

  8. While I liked the first two Predators (who in their right mind wouldn't?), they were enough to satisfy me, and I avoided the follow ups for fear of disappointment.

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