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There are different ways to look at it, aren’t there? Some would argue that there is a war of sorts brewing on whether or not it’s acceptable to murder a child in utero (where there has been no rape/incest or threat to the life of the mother).
Yes, I realize that there is a division of opinion on this blog. Virtual Mirage readers are not a bunch of progressive lemmings. 
However, the scope of the activity sometimes escapes you and I merely wanted this to serve as a reminder that the progressives continue their march and their demand to kill on whim, right up to the moment of birth – because Planned Parenthood and its affiliates are all over the “right” to a third trimester abortion when the infant is viable and can be born normally and live a life. Who is to say whether that person’s life is more valuable than any other? Apparently the law says so. Bravo. The numbers speak for themselves.
Some of the LL grandsons visited Disneyland  on Sunday, and were drawn to the pirate related things in the park. I explained to my daughter that their DNA, which includes genuine maritime pirates from the 17th Century is calling to them. If you watched the three boys play, you’d swear that they were planning to swarm over the deck of an enemy frigate by swinging from the rigging, cutlass in hand. But I think that’s true of every normal boy isn’t it?
One of the greatest joys in life is children and grandchildren. Ok, there can also be heartache because life – is life. 
I spend what time I can with the grandkids because as I age, I begin to view time differently than the young pirates. A bit more sand slips from the hourglass every day and you have to decide what is important. I’m proud of my daughter’s decisions to put family first, to have children and to be good and worthy mothers. Because the only real value in life is family.

17 thoughts on “Death – and Life

  1. Grandkids are a wonder and I wish mine lived closer. I have two sets, one an hour away, the other three. Ages range from six years to two months. I'll see the closer set this weekend and the other next month. Not often enough.

  2. It took me far too long to learn the lesson of how important the family is. Now my kids and granddaughter live two days drive away. Facetime is nice, but it's no substitute for life.

  3. They really have climbed onto Moloch's bandwagon.There'll be a reckoning one day.

    That said, I have to echo Adrienne!

  4. I've always been conflicted about abortion. What I do believe is no man should tell a woman what to do with her body. That may be gutless, but is what I believe.

  5. If I had my way, I would have had grandkids like stair-steps until the moms couldn't do it anymore. They are such a blessing (and as you say, a heartache) and a joy to behold. But you know, if those 'pirats' were swinging from the mast with sabers between their teeth, they would me Marines.

  6. Very nicely put, LL.

    My perception of life and time has also changed these last few years since I've gotten older. Sometimes I'm more fatalistic about things, and some things I simply don't care for any longer.

    The grand kids and the grand-nephews and grand-nieces are a delight to watch grow and develop, things I just didn't see, or pay attention to, when my son was growing up.

    I'll try my best to get it right this time…..

  7. I'm doing well Ms. Assassin. Haven't heard from you for a long time now, but hope that all is working out the way that you want it to.

  8. It comes down to deciding what has value and what does not – and how to define 'success' and 'failure'.

  9. Yep. "Value" can be hard to determine sometimes.

    I just finished taking a boat-load of pix for radio gear I'm dumping on eBay.

    I'm never going to use it, nobody I've met around here would have a clue about what it is or how to use it, and it'll be less of my stuff my wife has to deal with when I'm gone.

    Therefore, it's "value" to me has diminished greatly, and it's become simply "stuff" that's taking up space.

    It does, however, still have great "value" to some people, so I'm about to attempt to turn some "liabilities" into "assets".

  10. Wow that pie chart says it all.

    I have to agree. My grandson has put my life into perspective, and the more of him I get the better I feel at 71.

  11. Having lost two children at birth, I am somewhat sensitive to the abortion promoters. The idea that a life so innocent and precious should be wantonly thrown away is simply evil. And the ones who voluntarily choose to end a child's life must be haunted in ways that are hard to fathom. Sometimes in a store I will see a young woman or man and think, my children would be just about their age now. The pang is old and worn these years later, I cannot imagine what those who chose death must feel.

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