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It’s Not a New Deal

Slaves are NEVER Armed

Slow Joe Biden
You know the guy. Barack hid him away or had him out dedicating bridges or attending tranny conferences. Yesterday he said that he wanted to reinstitute Obama care, and “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor; If you like your healthcare, you can keep your plan.” How frigging stupid does he think we are. Most of us didn’t believe the lie the first time. I’m waiting for him to say (with passion) “YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT!”

10 thoughts on “Wednesday Follies

  1. Meet the new deal, same as the old deal.
    As for Joe, Michelle quite forcefully refused to say anything good about him when asked.

  2. The Democratic Party: Home for the criminal and insane.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  3. What LSP said. As for the guns, saw this over at Wirecutter's place–

  4. Hey Boss, when does the move to WordPress take place? I would l also like an update as to the dos and don'ts, oh and the nevers too.

  5. Not that I am a misogynistic sexist pig, but there is a bit of American history at play here (and I did not make this up, look it up): the Founding Fathers determined that women should not vote.

    And why would they arbitrarily make up such a rule? Were they women haters? Were they afraid of women of the day?

    Actually, the latter is closer to the truth: they reasoned that women were not capable of reasonable thought, and that if given the vote they would destroy what the Founding Fathers had fought so hard to establish.

    Now we have this 'Squad' of American hating, Jew hating communist socialists who have no regard for the traditions of the House of Representatives, much less the nature of the Founding.

    They disrespect the Speaker of the House, and they themselves demand the same respect that they deny the Speaker. I am loathe to defend Nancy Pelosi, but I am forced to here. These harpies and bound and determined to wreck everything America is, and install stupidity as the standard by which we guide our nation.

    I think the Founding Fathers had it right: when women were given the right to vote, this is what we get and this has proven these old white guys correct in their fears so long ago – a group of female whack jobs who should not even be considered for election to dog catcher, much less the House of Representatives of the United States of America.

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