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Memorial Day is the time that we set aside to remember those who have fallen in war that others may live. The day brings to mind why those brave souls put themselves in harm’s way. Irrespective of whether or not blood of warriors was betrayed by politicians, the sacrifice that they made is worthy of memory as is their motivation.
They did it for our homeland, our children, grandchildren and their examples provide the grist for a life of duty and sacrifice.
Photos of three of my grandsons at the Blueberry Farm (near where they live). I’ve harvested blueberries with the kids, that inevitably make their way into pancakes, for a few years now. Defending them and their future – It’s one of those things that we do.

18 thoughts on “We do it for Them

  1. Well said, LL. Enjoy those burgers! It's raining here, in Texas, where we're on the front line of the new War on Weather. That may or may not prevent me from grilling.

  2. You can always grill on that large porch in Hillsboro while Blue Epicure slobbers in anticipation. I realize that you're losing in the war on weather. California (paying disproportionately) is winning by saving tiny trash fish at the expense of the rest of the center of the State.

  3. Thank you for reminding why we have a 3 day weekend and more to the point, thank you for your service.

  4. It's a somber day… one filled with gratitude. Thank you for all the times you put your life on the line to protect us.

  5. I appreciate the sentiment, but I didn't give it all the way so many did, and the way so many of my heroic friends have done.

  6. I know today is for remembering the lost. I'm also aware that you're suffering that loss a lot more first-hand than many people do, because you were THERE with your heroic friends, equally as likely to die. I feel like thanking you is as close as I can get to thanking them, this side of heaven.

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