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There may come a day when I’m so obese that I’ll need a scooter to get around Walmart. However, for the fully ambulatory, it’s a pain in the neck. Not that I spend a lot of time in Walmart, but the carts keep me there a lot longer than I want to be on any given visit because they populate every aisle.
I fly on United Airlines and many of the flight attendants seem that they shop at Walmart because when they wedge themselves down the center aisle of the airplane, the fit is as tight as it is on a Walmart aisle. And no, I’m not just taking a shot at the women. The Men-of-Walmart are every bit as big and are also aisle hogs.
Just when you find an aisle clear of those motorized fat people go-carts, you have to reach over a sleeping Walmart employee to pick something that you want off of the shelf.
Walmart – an American legend.
Southwest Asia Airlines Stewardesses, 1962
Flight Attendants, 2014

9 thoughts on “Walmart Scooters & More

  1. Many stews can't help blocking the isle. They be built that way. I also remember the awful, sexist days when stews ROCKED.

  2. Yeah, I'm glad that the days of attractive stewardesses have passed. They distracted me during the flight. Today they just bump into me as they waddle down the aisle.

  3. Male stewardesses are just as FAT (I'm not afraid to use the F-word) as their female counterparts. I just didn't have any photos to post.

    I haven't ever seen a flight attendant (ambisexual term) on one of those fat carts in a Walmart, but they don't wear their uniforms off duty as a rule, so it's tough to tell what the fat cart riders do for a living – but my first thought was that if they are at Walmart, they're likely on food stamps, WIC, whatever, not actually stuffing themselves up and down the center aisle of the airplane.

  4. Yep, wide loads and large an in charge… sigh… I haven't seen a 'pretty' flight attendant on a US airline in probably 10 years.

  5. Foreign carriers are different. And the Eastern European stew crews are model material, especially in First Class (where the Party Elite rides). However in the US you're likely to get a fat gay guy or a homely "butch woman" as Brighid put it.

  6. I was weirdly surprised at the beauty of the KLM stewardesses (women) the other month. I'd forgotten about that being a possibility while living with the nightmare that is flying in the US.

  7. Foreign carriers seem to cull the beautiful women and lure them into the national airlines. In the US there is no reciprocity.

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