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I’m dealing with this and that and will be on walkabout for a bit. Read the sidebar bloggers, if you are so inclined. Their stuff is almost always better than mine anyway.

I may put something up during the next week or ten days. The tasks at hand are all routine but they are all time consuming.

Want Ad:

I’m still looking for a restoration project: A Dodge Powerwagon in the 1945-54 range. Earlier is better. If you run onto one, let me know. Brig did find one but he didn’t want to sell. (Fredd, I could put a snow plow on that and do a decent job) I want a fixer upper, not a fixed up. And I don’t plan to make it a show truck – more of a mountain/ranch truck.

With escrow closed on the principle parcel in AZ, I’m going to ease into that development program as I’m able and it will begin to occupy my time, so I’m not rushing to take on the restoration job. But if you hear of something or see something that I should look into, let me know.

What I WON’T be doing on walkabout: 

There are big things going on in the world and in the land of the millennials, nothing is more profound than the continuing grief over Harambe, the gorilla, shot down in the prime of life.

The memes continue. Afro-American youth are displaying their genitalia in the “Dicks out for Harambe” movement. It’s powerful stuff. However I will not involve myself in that. 

And I have no plans to shoot gorillas or guerrillas in my absence from the liberal/prog paradise that is SoCal.

I will not be wearing the “everyday pantsuit T-shirt” offered on the Hillary website. It’s for emasculated males.  (read more here)

I have no idea what I’d wear if I was a sodomite, but I can’t even see a self-respecting sodomite wearing this.

If a male had worn something like that in the neighborhood when I was a kid, he’d have been beat up and his lunch money would have been stolen. It’s an abomination.

This is for LSP, former member of Her Majesty’s Army: https://youtu.be/7EA6zxj2e-U sure it’s random, but what the heck.

Something to ask yourself: 

23 thoughts on “Walkabout

  1. Just a quick and dirty search for a beater Power Wagon, found this one, a 1947 in need of TLC, $5K or so. ebay.com/itm/Dodge-Power-Wagon-/182296794152?forcerrptr=true&hash=item2a71bc5428:g:k0QAAOSwYIxX4wyM&item=182296794152

    They are out there, and reasonably cheap. Slap a plow on it, a spreader in back, and presto chango: instant eye sore. Your neighbors will love it.

  2. Enjoy your walkabout. If you're using it to reach some decisions, I hope it is a fruitful interlude. Be safe.

    We continue on our driveabout today, we leave for Cape Carteret probably noonish. Then it's back to Syracuse on Sunday.

    We did shop at the PX and commissary yesterday (they have some of the best muffins in the known universe) and we saw the facility where our daughter will be working. It's off Butner Rd. near Reilly – I think.

    Gorilla – the other dark meat, succulent and satisfying. 'Nuff said.

    Pantsuits are one of the ways a homosexual worships Mao.

    I feel the same way about Trump's past – it they had anything that was damaging, it would be out by now. SO instead, they'll wait a bit and then make up some outrageous lies just before the election.

  3. There's a lot about this post I like, especially the Trooping of the Colour. Harambe sheds a tear, of joy, in heaven.

  4. I wish your daughter all the best in her change of career. She and your family are in my prayers as she moves forward.

  5. It's about tradition and honor. Something the present American regime does not understand. Soon, with luck, they will be relegated to history.

  6. No small thing, that drill movement. And please, relegate them sooner rather than later. For Harambe. #NeverForget

  7. Watch out for the usual threats. And enjoy! I don't know of any PowerWagons around here, but what about your daughter? Won't she need a classic-but-tough roadster to blast around the rim in? I can get you a restored-by-Grunt&Son 1960 Iris Blue MGA roadster that's been in storage for 10 years or so and needs a little repair and tune. It comes with all the usual spare parts to get through the road trips. Since it's got British electrics, you need to keep a spare Lucas fuel pump in the glove box at all times. Did I say that out loud? Don't tell Jules!

  8. I just sold my 1971 Triumph TR6 to a guy from Amsterdam, and its Lucas electrical system was a mess when I got it. I had to enlist the services of a Purdue trained electrical engineer to figure it out.

    No wonder they call Lucas electrical systems 'the prince of darkness.'

  9. Exactly! So funny, because both my Dad and I are/were Purdue Electrical Engineers, which was essential for working on his MGs! We never had a TR6, but we restored a Spitfire for my sister once.

  10. Looks like the Gruntman caughtcha on the beach practicklely naked. I sure wish I hadn't seen that. Mighta scared me for life.

  11. Playing with those paparazzi photos is dangerous. Women will naturally swoon and men can't help but be envious….

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