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Pakistan (an Islamic State), was/is responsible for the creation of state-sponsored terrorism when they promoted and funded the creation of the Taliban — and were host to Osama bin Laden up until his death, among others. It should be no shock that they have been smuggling Muslims across the border with India and into Kashmir and Jamu. You can see Kashmir annotated at the top of the map of India (above). Pakistan has long sought to take Kashmir for itself and Islamifying the place is the present tactic that they employ.

If this sounds familiar, it should. Don’t bother waiting to get the latest update from the mainstream media, which is obsessed with a fat Venezuelan woman and Donald Trump’s tweets.

Kashmir and Jamu was nice before the Muslims arrived in numbers. The land is backed by high mountains, and it contains bucolic, fertile valleys.  True to form, when Muslims show up they feel that they must kill or convert anyone they live around. It’s just what they do, isn’t it?

Two weeks ago the Indians took out a cell of radical muslims in Kashmir who had killed Indians in unprovoked terror attacks and were planning to kill more Indians. The Indians acted to protect their citizens. The Pakistanis were outraged that the Indians killed the operatives that they sponsor (with generous foreign aid from the US). Pakistan defense minister, Khwaja Asif, remarked that his country was prepared to use nuclear weapons against India and that (the weapons) “were not showpieces”. It makes me wonder whether or not the Indians killed his kin in their raid on the terror group JeM?
This ratcheted up the Indian defense condition as they prepared to respond to a Pakistani attack using nuclear weapons.  Pakistan does not have the capability to stand  up to the much larger Indian Army in a general war without the use of nuclear weapons. It’s not a secret. However, by throwing down the nuclear weapon card, everyone became jittery. The Indian Intelligence Service (RAW) and the Pakistani Inter-Service (ISI) Intelligence group both dusted off plans and briefed their customers, to use a US parlance.
US State Department spokesman, Mark Toner said, “We have consistently expressed our concerns regarding the danger that cross-border terrorism poses for the region, and that certainly includes the terrorist attacks in Uri,” Toner said, urging Pakistan to take actions to “combat and delegitimize” terrorist groups like Lashkare-Taiba, Haqqani Network, and Jaish-e-Mohammad. The groups are widely seen as state proxies, nurtured by weapons and funds from state coffers as part of its irregular warfare against India. 

Pakistan’s attempt through the week to rouse the UN Security Council, the P-5 nations, and its purported allies to its troubles with India met with no visible success at the UN. Even its much-vaunted ally China has told Pakistan to sort out the problems peacefully and bilaterally, even as it extended the “technical hold” that balked efforts to put JeM chief Masood Azhar on a UN terror list.

China Note: The Chinese and Pakistan are closely allied and China has a massive economic development project underway in Pakistan. They have collaborated on nuclear weapons development.

Proliferation Note: Pakistan is alleged to have sold at least two nuclear weapons to Saudi Arabia, a claim that the Saudis deny. The Saudis acquired their nukes to offset nuclear weapons sold to Iran by North Korea, a claim that Iran denies. Irrespective of denials, Pakistan has been notoriously loose with nukes and with nuclear material going back decades.

I wrote a few articles for an Indian Defense Journal (SAPRA India) a number of years ago. Since then, the situation has become increasingly more difficult because Muslims do the same thing in India that they do in the USA, France, Belgium, England, and wherever they are. They run around blowing people up, shooting and stabbing – always selecting unarmed “soft” targets of opportunity.
The US policy dealing with terrorism as it relates to Pakistan has been to continue to provide them with billions in foreign aid, which serves as bribes to key government leaders with large Swiss bank accounts. This needs to stop. However, until America can elect a leader who is able to articulate the words Islamic Terrorism together in a sentence, I think that we’ll keep paying for more terrorists through generous foreign aid.
Yes, I’m still “on walk-about” but am posting this on the blog as an FYI to people who follow this sort of thing.

Update: Anti-Indian militants attempted a suicide attack during the night of 2 October against a base of the Rashtriya Rifles, an Indian Army counter-insurgency unit, near Baramulla. In the firefight, one Border Security Force (BSF) died and one BSF soldier was wounded. 

The Indians are expecting a surge in Islamic terror attacks to retaliate for the Indian surgical strikes, which the Pakistani government continues to deny and reject. Nonetheless, Pakistani politicians and senior military officers are boasting about Pakistan’s readiness for war.

The Rasthtriya Rifles is an elite Indian Army counter-insurgency force. The unit stood up in the 1990s specifically to fight insurgents in Kashmir. Its members receive special training and 25% more pay than a soldier of equal rank in the infantry. Baramulla is one of its sector headquarters.

Indian press reported that last week Indian civil aviation authorities began a review of overflight and other air services to Pakistan for the purpose of banning them. A ban on air services would be the latest step in Prime Minister Modi’s program of non-military retaliation against Pakistan for the militant attack on Uri on 18 September. One of the wounded soldiers has now died, raising to 19 the number of Indian Army soldiers who died in that attack.
No Indian airlines fly to Pakistan, but Pakistan International Airlines flies to Delhi and Mumbai. Suspension of air services with Pakistan would impose huge inconveniences on and incur extra costs for airlines in both countries. 
The last time India banned civil aviation services with Pakistan was in December 2001 when Pakistani-supported Muslim terrorists attacked the Indian parliament in New Delhi. 

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