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Death Wish

It’s time to take stock:

Whiskey in the JarThin Lizzy   or   Metalica  ???

Ok, I think that Metalica kills it, but that’s just me.

Some of you may recall the War Tunes post from St. Patrick’s Day. There was come contention. What do you haters think of Thin Lizzy playing The Emerald?
And for this historical record, the first time I heard “The Emerald” was at Plymouth, England in the barracks of 62 Commando circa 1976 and they LOVED IT. See, the War Tunes among people who were killing Irish for a living (or throwing them in prison hulks – which was the same thing), were popular. They were more popular when the lads were tipping the bottle a bit. And everyone loved Thin Lizzy (a pro-IRA band). Who doesn’t love The Boys are Back? Disco was big and when anyone returned from leave, we had that played before we busted the club up – and the Bobbies were called – and we left out the back with the young birds and groupies who wanted to do it all night long.
LL Circa 1976
I realize that some of you may see it differently, but you may not have been at the point of the spear at that time.  
In those days Ford was president and you could DO SHIT under the rubric of counterterrorism and everyone back home thought that was cool including Democrats. The USGOV decided to second some officers and a few senior enlisted to go to the UK and watch what was going on first hand and report.
That evolved into other jobs with the Brits, and more exotic jobs ending America’s enemies — until they almost ended me. And I decided to become civilized rather than kill people for Uncle Sam.  If you’re going to ask how all that worked out, the jury is still out. Civilization is over rated. Whatever you do, don’t fear the reaper.
Go ahead and vote. Thin Lizzy or Metalica?

33 thoughts on “Vote Called For!


    My vote's with Thin Lizzy but I don't scorn Metallica either. Well done making it out; wouldn't have a RHSM otherwise, or a Vicar General.

  2. Thin Lizzy, just on GP.

    In 1976 I had the civvy version of those shades, LL. Unlike your "Glamour Shot", I'd be solo, wearing a Bell helmet, and climbing into/out of some kind of vehicle.

  3. Both great versions of that song,it depends on my mood at the time. I'm a bigger Lizzy fan for sure and Metallica has said they do that song as a tribute Phil and the boys so there's that.

  4. Great Johnny cash Video there LL, one wonders, if, somewhere between well-done and crispy, the self-imolator decides " WTF did I do?

  5. Metallica over Thin Lizzy – if we're specifically comparing covers of Whiskey in the Jar, but the other way around in general.

    Now admittedly, this Thin Lizzy preference might in part be because I had a thing for a (tall, thin) girl called Lizzy — at the time of your photo, as it happens….

  6. No, we're just doing Whiskey in the Jar.

    Every time I think of the name "Lizzy", I think of Lizzy Hale from Halestorm who is pretty but it's said that she's also crazy as a shithouse rat. But isn't that always the case?

  7. Buddhist discipline maybe – moving onto the next sleeve for his soul. Maybe a rat, maybe a fish, maybe a dung beetle? I have no predictions in these matters.

  8. There's a lot of Lizzy in the Metalica guys – transferred art and evolved a bit if you ask me (but you didn't).

  9. I go through phases, John.

    Doing this new government thing as we discussed, is putting me on edge at times. I need to get to the White Wolf Mine to even things out.

  10. The RHSM part of me leans more toward, "God Save the Queen". I have to excise that discipline, LSP. Definitely don't fear the reaper.

  11. 1976 was an excellent year, living in Germany, lots of beer and bratwurst, and only an E-4 responsible for nobody except me.

    Boston and their debut album was hot, so was Atlanta Rhythem Section, and Van Halen. I gotta go with Thin Lizzy and the boys that are back in town.

  12. Sorry 'bout that. Actually I prefer my Irish tunes played in a more traditional manner. Looks like you're wearing a jungle fatigue shirt in the photo. I still have one of those around here somewhere.

  13. '76 was a great year for music, and it was a great year for running around as if we all knew something.

  14. It all started with the objection to IRA war tunes, and Thin Lizzie played The Emerald, but nobody wanted to criticize them. Then I popped off that I like Metalica's rendition of Whiskey in the Jar better. I haven't devolved to Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald OR Slim Whitman singing "When I'm Calling You" – but it does cause Martian heads to explode, so there's that.

    I wonder if it would work on Hillary? Has anyone tried?

  15. "Mars Attacks!" is a great movie- the list of supporting actors is astonishing, and constant lambasting of the rainbow peacenik crowd is hilarious. I particularly liked the aliens mantra "we come in peace", and the ooh, aah orgasm among the earthlings , just a second before the alien whips out his blaster with a demonic grin and smokes them all. Too funny. So many great characterizations in that movie- Jack Nicholson plays every sleazy politician rolled into one..
    Fact is, we gotta nuke 'em, and we gotta nuke 'em now!

  16. Oh, man. Back in the days before grey hair.

    I'm with Fedd. In 1976, my duty was pretty mundane. I was an E-4 in a maintenance company in Nuremburg. MOS was Small Arms Repair. Get up in the morning, Chit, Chower, Chave, go fix machineguns (well, at least according to the Puerto Ricans). Disco was in then, which I never could stand. Guy across the hall was from Alabama so got to hear 'Sweet Home Alabama' by Lynyrd Skynyrd overandoverandover, which was OK.

    Johnny Cash's version 'Hurt' is powerful.

  17. I would agree with you on that,and no I didn't,but that being said the reason I come here is for your insight and opinions.

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