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Response Times

The SWAT Team showed up a lot faster to crush the podcast than they would have to a school shooting.


The Big Guy’s 10%

(Gateway Pundit) Why are US strategic oil reserves going to Europe? Is it because they paid the standard vig and Amerian consumers didn’t?

Biden tapped into the US Strategic Oil Reserves in an attempt to bring down oil prices. Now we know that at least one ship, the Suezmax ship Advantage Spring, is sailing for Rotterdam filled with US oil.

Don’t worry, America, Uncle Joe has your back.


Alexander – This day in History

On June 10/11, 323 BC, Alexander the Great died at the age of 32, having conquered most of the world the Greeks knew. To this day, no one was as victorious in as little time as he was.

The greatest moment came at Gaugamela in modern Iraq. Heavily outnumbered, Alexander used maneuver and Darius’ fear of losing his scythed chariots to prevent the larger army from outflanking and surrounding him on level ground.

Hammer and anvil. A moving element (the hammer of Alexander’s cavalry) to trap the enemy against heavy infantry formations, the anvil.

About 150 years later, Hannibal and Scipio Africanus both agreed Alexander was the greatest commander in history, a reputation he has carried since antiquity.


Plague Vaccinations

(Epoch) h/t Claudio “The myocardial injury seen in these post-vaccine hearts is different from typical myocarditis and has an appearance most closely resembling catecholamine-mediated stress (toxic) cardiomyopathy. Understanding that these instances are different from typical myocarditis and that cytokine storm has a known feedback loop with catecholamines may help guide screening and therapy.”

It’s a good thing that the plague drug mages who are peddling these cures have full immunity from prosecution, isn’t it?


Paths of Glory

A film by Stanley Kubrick, starring Kirk Douglas

Imagine that you are in a trench somewhere, waiting for your commander-in-chief, creepy Joe Brandon to order you over the top into wire, pre-sighted artillery, land mines, and enemy machineguns for the glory of the regime.

And then ask yourself why the US military is falling way short on enlistment quotas.

It’s not just the tranny thing or the “let’s all be queer” mantras that the generals and admirals chant.

The problem runs much deeper.


Mike_C’s Suppertime Discussion

Mike_C discussed a dinner conversation that he shared with an international crowd. I won’t bother to quote him but this diverse group marveled that the US could have tumbled so quickly, headed for third-world problems like food shortages, a potential famine, a financial depression, etc. The answer of course is that there is a shadow government in charge in the White House, supported by a kleptocracy with party apparatchiks who are defended against any outrage by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It’s the swamp that calls the shots, not America. Look at the last election if you have a question or the peaceful January 6 protest, called an insurrection by the mainstream media.

21 thoughts on “Over-the-Top?

  1. The guy who invented the Maxim Machine Gun shopped it around pre-WW1 to all the major powers, only Germany had the foresight to buy thousands of them…. and they put them to good use.
    https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2022/06/09/disinformation-panels-corrupt-fbi-activity-govt-control-over-speech-in-social-media-the-j6-propaganda-effort-it-is-one-long-continuum/#more-233995. Sundance lays it out as only he could, he’s been connecting the dots since before the 2016 election.

    1. Well for certain ten years earlier the Germans saw first hand as advisers during the Russo Japanese war what Mr. Maxim’s invention was capable of. Full scale slaughter to a new level.

    2. Irrefutable evidence of The Enemy From Within setting up their shadow govrnment…right under everyone’s noses while the R’s look the other way. Thx for the link.

      1. The Republicans have as much at stake in the success of the swamp as the donkeys do. As I asked a protege of mine when he was handed his first political corruption investigation, “what is the difference between a white rat and a black rat?” Just the pigment in the hair.

    1. You know that he doesn’t work for you because he told you that he didn’t. In a sense, we’re all like his children and he wants to take a shower with us – the same way he did with his teenage daughter.

  2. The big guy has my back: LL, now you are scaring me. C’mon Man. At this point I’d be pretty happy if he just did nothing and went back to his basement. Of course he is not really running the show though is he?

    Plague vaccinations: I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV but my thought is that we will be seeing negative effects from the vaccinations for generations. I bet all the drug company’s executives are happy they got legal immunity.

    Shiloh, thanks for the link, I hadn’t seen things laid out quite that way before.

  3. The fedsurection was a classic textbook rendition of the German Parliament fire? Just asking for a friend.

  4. The Cold War was interesting. We and the Soviets destroyed each other, each according to their strengths. We killed them economically, they killed us through memetics.

    As for Republicans vs. Democrats; I’ve taken to putting it this way to my Republican friends: the Democrats are the sort of people who rape babies, and the Republicans are the sort of people who look the other way on baby-raping for twenty bucks.

    It would be cool if there were people running for office who I could vote for, but it hasn’t ever happened in my lifetime. I always wind up voting against people, instead.


    1. The old Soviet Union spent time and money to spur on and make use of the social movements in the US during the ’60s. Now the people that got into power through all that have been blaming Russia for just about everything, and are supplying arms to the other side of the current conflict.
      Almost looks like a case of ‘what goes around, comes around’.

  5. And then ask yourself why the US military is falling way short on enlistment quotas.

    I can think of a lot of reasons. One is veterans counselling their kin. Remembering the mantra of my service days, “Loyalty up, loyalty down”, there is precious little loyalty down. Another reason lies in higher standards. Many of us from the draft era would be turned away today.

    As the economy collapses and unemployment soars, there will be more applicants.

  6. They seem to think the J6 show trial will make them even more popular than they already are. Just bizarre.

    Caligula took Alexander’s breastplate from the hero’s tomb and charged over a pontoon bridge(?) In it to the applause of adoring legionaries. He was removed from power.

    I feel there’s a lesson in that.

    1. Aren’t you supposed to be the grill man for a platoon of hungry soldiers today – followed by a trophy shoot there at the compound’s range?

      All the same, I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Caligula (if memory serves) was strangled to death in a pile of dirty laundry. It would also serve as a fitting end to the J6 tribunal.

    1. Alexander completely disrupted the order of things, spreading western culture south to Egypt, granting to Israel favors as they asked and east to India. The world changed.

  7. Interesting graphic on the ‘profits’ from big oil. Interesting that Exxon lost $20B, but that never gets mentioned. Alexander and Caligula are NOT cut from the same cloth… just sayin…

  8. History of this era will be interesting to read. Hopefully, it includes a reawakening of the spirit that created the United States, and a long era of peaceful accomplishments.

    1. The winners write the history books…always. Maybe it will work out for us as it has. However, for that to happen, America must be a righteous nation. It must stand by the rule of law. That’s not the trend.

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