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I’m not going to belabor my decorating decisions in the den, but I received a couple of e-mails asking for more pictures beyond the snapshot of the picture of “Lee’s Old Warhorse”.

It’s not a shrine to VF-111 (Sundowners), the venerable old squadron that saw service in World War 2, Korea and Vietnam, but it’s a picture and a model aircraft (of the picture) with proper squadron markings.
You’ll note that I do have a preference for mahogany tables with Italian marble tops. Mia culpa. I can’t help it. There are things that I like and things that I don’t and if it’s going in my house it needs to be right. (right as I define the word)
VF-111 was a flamboyant squadron. Naval aviators are a swaggering, flamboyant bunch but even at that level, the squadron stood out. 
I don’t think that it would be politically correct to decorate a helmet this way (left) today. Certainly not any more politically correct than a picture hanging of Lee and Longstreet at Gettysburg. Political correctness demands that we re-write history to serve the particular sensibilities of a class of people that I prefer to avoid.
In any event, that’s in the den.
There is also a bust of my grandfather, who raised me and who I adored. He was quite a guy and deserves a place of honor in the room.
I like being surrounded by these things in the den as I read or as I work. The den is now my office and headquarters of my diminutive empire, soon to be relocated from CA to AZ.
As I mentioned, the glory wall has been taken down, all of the hangings are wrapped in bubble wrap and then sealed away in storage boxes – to re-emerge at the White Wolf Mine.

17 thoughts on “VF-111

  1. How adorable to have a bust of your grandfather! I loved mine too.
    Well of course you like mahogany and marble, you're Larry "The Swag" Lambert 😉

  2. The bust of Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky has been packed. It's much smaller than this one and is not one that I'd want out when the swells are pawing over my house. But yes, it's moving to WWM. It's a keepsake, gift from a friend.

  3. Nice litho of the Sundowners! 🙂 And the bust is neat too!!! Lots of scrambled eggs on that cap!

  4. I love naval aviation art. I could go bat-crap crazy if I allowed myself and have them in every room in the house.

  5. Unless your daughters interfer, who is to stop you from doing exactly as you please? (Rex Harrison, "Let a Woman in Your Life" – My Fair Lady).

  6. I want to make the place welcoming and pleasant. Naturally aviation art improves the environment.

  7. Those are great memories to have lingering about the premises. How soon before you move? I thought it was at least a year from now.

  8. The construction won't be complete until next spring, but I'm moving to AZ so as to be close to the construction and can keep an eye on it.

    Trust but verify.

  9. Felix Dzerzhinsky?? I studied the Russian Revolution in college and that name rang a bell. How'd your friend get his hands on that?

  10. The statue was in the Mayor's Office, City of Las Vegas, Nevada when Oscar Goodman was mayor (his wife, Carolyn is mayor now). He was the chief of staff to Goodman and gave me the statue in tribute.

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