Bullet Points

* National Public Radio – Funded by your tax dollars – wants to redefine sexuality where the perverse and obscene are normal and desirable for children.

* The Sri Lankans had enough of their elite rulers. As a result of their dissatisfaction, a massive crowd of angry Sri Lankan citizens stormed the residence of the island nation’s president on Saturday, forcing him to flee. The riots were the culmination of months of protests that have shaken the country of 22 million people as it suffers from record-high inflation and shortages of food and fuel.

* If Sri Lanka’s economic disaster seems like an effect of issues plaguing the global economy, University of Sussex professor Mick Moore told the BBC that the reality is “emphatically not that. This is the most manmade and voluntary economic crisis of which I know,” Moore said, calling it the result of “egregious incompetence.”

* Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla touted the “beauty” of mRNA vaccine technology in a recent MSNBC interview, saying he fully expects the Coronavirus to require an annual dose and booster.

* The libertarian stance allows all sins provided they are vices, that is, victimless crimes. The pattern is always the same: toleration, then welcome, then celebration, then intolerance of any thought or word against the sin. See, for example, the lack of expression of public disgust toward the unsightly and unnatural crime of sodomy, then cross-dressing, then sexual mutilation of children, and soon sexual molestation of children. The woke mental disease has lack of disgust reflex as a symptom. I suspect the cause is spiritual: by taking self-sovereignty as a paramount good, by taking comfort as the highest good, they take selfishness as their highest good, and make themselves to be like Gods, decreeing good and evil.


This Week in History

On 6 July 1415 the Council of Constance condemned Reformer Professor Jan Hus as a “heretic.”

On the same day, he was burned at the stake.

Hus died singing: “Jesus, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me.” He was 43 years old.

It seems that the churchmen of his day didn’t like what he had to say.

The final break between Archbishop Zbyněk and Hus occurred when the Council of Pisa deposed both Pope Gregory XII, whose authority was recognized in Bohemia, and the antipope Benedict XIII and in their place elected Alexander V. The deposed popes, however, retained jurisdiction over portions of western Europe; thus, instead of two, there were now three popes. Three popes meant a lot of politics. Hus was burned to make a political point.

Today are things all that different?


July is Gun Pride Month

…and Sunday is Gunday. So today’s entry:

Remington 700 in 22 Creedmoor riding along in a 1980 Toyota BJ40 Land Cruiser.


  1. If the standard is based on what humans think, then eventually anything goes and society reverts to a Hobbesian mean…..pun intended. It is not in man to direct his own footsteps.
    I read elsewhere that the site owner was listening to someone explain that it was all very simple – if the speaker agreed with it then it was all good, and if the speaker disagreed with it then it should be banned. The site owner then asked “But what do we do when you are out of town”, and got a blank look as a reply.
    An aside – my email provider is acting wonky, so it you try sending me something it may not get through.

    • To some extent, you have to take a step back and ask yourself what the purpose of life is, and I’m not going to go off on that here and now. I will suggest that trying to live a Christlike life is certainly part of it. Love God & your neighbor, etc. The purpose of life is the journey and performing it well, not the six-foot drop and the mouth full of dirt where our clay is headed.

  2. I used to feel that the Libertarians had the right idea, until all the libertarian ideals were used against people on the right.

    Like illegal drugs. Not a victimless crime.

    As to popes and anti-popes, well, aren’t we at that spot now? American Cardinal refuses communion to Pelosi, Commiepope gives it to her. Sounds like a schism to me.

    • Libertarians are liberals. And as to the variety of popes – yes, there is a definite schism. You can’t serve God and mammon.

  3. I hope and pray that the Republican party has grown a spine and more than one functioning brain cell…
    After the blood bath the demoncrats enjoy in the mid terms, the Republicans will have control of the budget….
    IF they are smart they will start cutting the bloat and corruption that 90+ percent of America will applaud and the demoncrats and the MSM will scream like stuck pigs, like cutting the total tax payer funded budget for NPR to ZERO…
    Will the new congress have the spine to stand up to the MSM and not get invited to the “cool kid” cocktail parties in DC??? Time will tell.
    If they are still the Rino party we all know and loathe, then they will act exactly like they did when they begged us to give them the House so they could overturn Obamacare…
    Then begged for the Senate…
    Then the Presidency…We gave them all three…Yet we still have Obamacare
    SIGH…May God grant them balls this time, or call them Home.
    On a brighter note…
    I had never heard of the 22 Creedmore, did a basic search and it looks quite interesting.
    It is a wildcat and as such I may have to wait until it is picked up for retail production.
    But considering the pluses (Comes from a necked down standard cartridge, very fast very flat shooting with very little cross section for the wind to grab onto for longer shots) and a few down sides (barrel wear), this might get enough following to entice retail production sooner rather than later.

    MSG Grumpy

    • Yet we still have Obamacare. Indeed.

      President Trump’s first two years when the Elephants controlled the legislature, they worked like democrats to damage everything that he did. Ryan and Boehner were some of the worst enemies that this nation had, but oh, how they wrapped themselves in the flag.

      Maybe things will change with this new crop of people who will demand that they do. The swamp is very powerful, well funded, and operates according to Alinsky’s rules. We shall see.

      Barrel wear – its true. But how many rounds are you going to put through that barrel? It’s not a machine gun.

    • Sadly, no. Too many Republicans in Congress are jellyfish, and I’m 100% certain the alphabet agencies have kompromat on others to keep them in line. Then there are the RINOs that really need to be taken out behind the barn in the political sense. Interesting times are coming, it’s only a question of when and where it gets going here. Our so-called elites are bound and determined to push things over the brink.

    • The .22 Creedmoor does indeed look interesting. If it gets picked up by a major ammunition supplier, I might consider it for my next build. However, I think they should have called it the .224 Creedmoor for the alliterative effect.

  4. NPR – spit – Had a discussion about their funding from taxes with an acquaintance. He was all for it because “they have good shit.” Blank look when I asked him if it was so good, why can’t they fund themselves without the gubmint putting a gun to BOTH our heads for the money. Then he sez, he contributes to them personally. Another blank look when I asked him to contribute more so I wouldn’t have to pay for HIS entertainment.

    Some people, no matter how smart, just don’t get it.

    • Your acquaintance sounds like a Brandon voter. Is he enjoying the 40% inflation or maybe he’s rich enough that he doesn’t care.

      A person I haven’t seen or spoken to in at least 40 years reached out to me. Said female person is angry, bitter, and aggrieved at everything to the point of severe hatred. Naturally, she is a democrat. I am nice to her but there is nothing to talk about.

      • We don’t talk politics or current events. Too messy; his head explodes and I gotta clean it up. It’s a complicated friendship, but I’ve made a few inroads to his thinking. When he asks a serious question, I give him a serious answer, but I don’t take any guff about things, either. Mostly we talk about music and film and stoopid stuff in local gubmint but I’m letting him stew in his own juices on all the rest of it. Other than that, as you said, “nothing to talk about.”

        I know this crap out of the Brandon cabal is hard for him to swallow. Maybe he’ll come around and maybe he won’t. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drown.

  5. Bourla is one of the more prominent grifters who received another 105mil dose order for the Culling Compliance Agent from The Brandon Family of Star Morons. He’s enjoying the Special Status Deal ROI with ZERO liability despite people having bizarre health problems and dropping like flies. Millstone around his neck for pushing this on children. He should rot in Hell…but that’s not up to me.

    Hus – Politics and The Church, you’d think they would have had a clue, but no, it’s either “our way” or the death highway for you, we’ll shut you up if you question our authority, regardless what The New Testament clearly explains. Power corrupts absolutely. Still does. Maybe worse now with this batch of international evil billionaires.

    Remington & Land Cruiser – perfect ranchette defense kit.

    • ‘Maybe worse now with this batch of international evil billionaires.’
      I think this batch watches Bond films for tips on how not to screw up the master plan.
      Luckily most are with the K.A.O.S. branch of Spectre.

  6. Gunday, my favorite day of the week. When I get a slow period at the range today I intend to try out my latest. I found a KE arms stripped lower on sale so I sprang for it thinking I could go lightweight with it. At my age that gets more important. With an Eotech XPS mounted the whole thing comes in at six pounds. I may assemble another upper for it and see if I can bring it down some more.

    • I agree that going lighter weight is important. But for some applications, you have to accept weight (bear-capable handguns, .50 BMG requires some beef on the weapon, etc.).

  7. Beautiful rifle, and the esthetics of the stock add something over just a basic chassis. Like MSG Grumpy I hadn’t heard of the cartridge before. Interesting round but don’t need another caliber to support right now…darn it.

    All of big pharma has made a killing (pun sad but intended) over the past couple of years and the shareholders will want to see that revenue stream continue. Whether it be annual boosters or some new variant, or perhaps a brand new disease, we will just have to see.

    It seems like every time the right gains power our country only regains a little bit of its conservative nature. The result is a gradual continual trending toward the left. We need a major shift to conservatism but that won’t happen as long as all the special interests have so much power. No idea how to fix that without tearing everything down and starting over and then who knows what we would end up with.

    Did I mention that is a beautiful rifle? Maybe I do need another caliber.

    • Monday’s blog struggles with a new caliber and non-standard ammunition. It’s something that you need to consider. The expense of new ammo, new loading dies, new components…you need to weigh it against the benefit you derive.

      And because Monday is Gun Day (too), and it’s Gun Pride Month, it’s fitting and proper to consider it on Monday too.

  8. “by taking self-sovereignty as a paramount good […] they take selfishness as their highest good, and make themselves to be like Gods”

    Very Randian. Since I’m on the road and doing this by phone, just a couple of links. In the interest of full disclosure, I was into that stuff, from about age 14-18. Then I went to college, (voted Libertarian for my first presidential election — not proud, in retrospect — and never did that again), attended a few Objectivist meetings at University, and came away thinking “95% of them are high-IQ misfits (and losers), and the remaining 5% hucksters.” It took less than a month. Sad.


    The Wallace piece above is long but good. The following is Murray Rothbard. He’s not exactly my cuppa, but respect to the man for making Libertarianism sound not entirely batshit.


  9. NPR – The liberal’s version of “Corporate Welfare”. What a waste of my money. One of the reasons I support the local community radio station is that they are not affiliated with NPR in any way, shape, or form.
    And they intend to keep it that way.

    I used to think the Libertarian thing was kinda-sorta OK, but they seem to lack the understanding that people are people, and some rules, regulations, and laws are required to have a properly functioning society. It’s an ancient idea, and I think it may have started with some guy named Moses.

    Burnt at the stake for political reasons. The medieval version of gas chambers.

    Nice rifle. I’ve never seen an extra rounds holder like that one.

  10. There must be something in the ether.
    I was reading about the assassination of Hyedrich in Prague by the Czech resistance in 1941.
    That led me to Jan Zizka the one-eyed Czech Hussite general and national hero, a follower of
    Jan Hus.
    Not a coincidence, I think.


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