Moose Density

Moose lives matter.

A friend of mine (city friend from San Diego, CA) was visiting Payson, AZ recently. He said, “there were three moose blocking the road.” I said, kindly, “there aren’t any moose in Arizona.” He showed me a picture on his phone. They were elk. There are LOTS of elk in Arizona, and they frequently block the road.


Pine, Fir, Spruce, Oak – I love forests

Many people are surprised to find vast forests in Arizona.


A Pair to Draw To…

Very progressive.


Portland, Oregon

It’s half way to its socialist dream. People vote socialist (morons) into public office and they’re getting a new Democrat Portland that fulfills every hope and wish that its population had for themselves – and for all humanity.

New, progressive, Portland neighborhood.


Impractical Boat

Impractical but cool.


B-58 Hustler

The B-58 was designed as a nuclear bomber. It did not have the flexibility of the B-52, and didn’t have the legacy that the BUFF has. But, damn, it’s beautiful. No, they didn’t bomb Moscow back into the stone age in 1962, but they could have. A better target would have been Beijing.

It was a jet that was so cool that they named it after a porn magazine.


Every year on July 8th at about 11:15 UTC, approximately 99.164% of the world’s population is between dawn and dusk.


  1. All the fun stuff is impractical.

    Years ago I used to live in Sparwood, BC also known as the Elk Valley. There are lots of them and they are a hazard on the roads. I have seen the aftermath of car/elk collisions.

    Moose lives matter. Lots of moose in Canada. You would think that such a big creature, and they are big, would be spotted more often. Moose are kind of ugly and look ungainly but we love seeing them.

    • I wish that we had moose in Arizona. It’s just too dry for them. Even the pine forests here are dry compared to Canada and places in the US where they live. I never stop marveling at how tall they are.

  2. Years ago I was driving US 2 in western Montana when a moose trotted out in front of me. Only 30 year old reflexes saved the pick up. Damn those things are huge especially at the end of one’s hood.

  3. We see moose fairly often here in Northern Colorado, come up from the creek behind (or ‘in the back‘ as we like to say). Went for a ride one chilly morning, saw the boss and two younger ones hanging together…weren’t bothered by the horses.

    Boat looks like something from the next yet Mission Impossible movie. That’d be a head turner coming into dock.

  4. I think is Scandinavia they call Elk Moose (or vice-versa?), so maybe that is the source of your friend’s confusion?


    • No, he is a guy who lived all of his life in a city, never ventured out much. We served together in the navy and have been friends ever since. One of his sons is attending Embry Riddle Aviation University in Prescott, AZ, not too far from me and without getting into the weeds with the tale, he is coming to AZ to spend more time with his son. His son flew into Payson and they spent the night there, and saw elk. I met him at the airport for breakfast where I heard the tale. They were the first elk he’d seen and he’s never seen a moose. He was surprised that the elk just roamed around town, and they do.

    • Scandis call moose elk, and what we might call elk, they call red deer. Of course, they’re all members of the deer family.

    • The communists may have attacked a moose statue. I didn’t see it, but they are definitely anti-statue – even statues of black people. They ought to go and confront a moose personally in the woods. Tease it, torment it. I’m sure that the moose will take it as a lot of fun, right up to the point when the commies learn that the gentle woodland creature has very sharp hooves and a massive rack of antlers.

      • Heh. You ain’t just a whistlin’ Dixie. I suggest the communists venture out during the rut. I recall a video of a battle between two bull Moose. The winner managed to maneuver past his opponents antlers, and drive him sideways through about 40 yards of dense underbrush, and in the process gutting him like a fish.

        • A bull moose in the rut is a magnificent and terrifying thing. I know that some archers go after bull moose in that season and while I tend to have fewer brains than balls, it’s something I wouldn’t do. It would be fun to see an Antifa terrorist vs bull moose contest. The Antifa thug will carry his sign, and the moose will just use what God gave him.

  5. The year I spent at Fort Wainwright, we used to go play army at the big training area down the road at Eielson AFB. Anyway, one trip down was during the rut and a bull moose was having his way with a VW bug right at the main gate to Eielson. The bug was occupied at the time and I don’t suppose the occupant was nearly as amused from his vantage point as we were from ours.

    And yes, L-L, I absolutely admit the B-58 was a very sexy aircraft.

  6. Maybe he saw three dudes belonging to the Loyal Order of Moose standing in the street? It could happen. Hmm. I learned just now that I cannot be a Loyal Moose, as membership is limited to white men over age 21. Meatloaf tells s that “Two out of three ain’t bad”, but apparently it’s not good enough for Mooses.

    What gets me about the quadruped mooses is that they can maneuver through what looks to me like dense woods with that gigantic rack on their heads.

    As the the Scandis, I am learning Swedish phrases by rote. Today I learned that Jag älskar dig av hela mitt hjärta means “I love you with all of my elk.” The Swedes are a curious people.

    Portland’s been tent city for years now. The last time I was there (2 y ago?) I went for a 3-mile run donwtown and along the river, including under I-5 on the east bank of the Willamette. I got up to 200 tents before I lost count.

    • The series, “Portlandia” (on YouTube) explains Portland better than I can. Though recent events have revealed the Donkeys for everything I knew them to be.

  7. I used to work at the salmon hatchery in Valdez Alaska which is just up the road from the Alyeska pipeline marine terminal. We used to occasionally have truckers stop to leave their guns while they made deliveries to the terminal as no guns were allowed on terminal. The driver was laughing as he was behind this low slung sports car up by Fairbanks when traffic got stopped by a rutting bull moose in the road. The guy in the sports car made the mistake of blowing his horn. That moose took it as a challenge and about totaled the car. Over the years two family members have had vehicles totaled by moose collisions. I’m my wife’s case the cow ran into her (it may have been chased by a grizz) got its head ripped off on the passenger side windshield post, then the rest of the body hit the side of the van and shit in the far back.

  8. Regarding forests in Arizona, many people believe there’s nothing between NYC and LA, so there’s that.

    Then again, people don’t know there’s a desert in Oregon. That there are rain forests in Alaska.

    Geography doesn’t get taught very well anymore.

    • Some people don’t get out much. Liberals are a good example. Not all of them, of course, but a great many of the high propensity donkey voters (who live in coastal areas or inner city ghettos) don’t get out much, unless they’re flying over it at 35,000 ft, scorning from above, thinking “how could anyone live there?”

  9. Love the B-58’s in the header. My most favorite manned bomber EVAH!

    We have moose here, but I’ve never seen them. They tend to stay up higher, like the elk, and I’m not sure if there’s ever been one spotted “in town”. We’ve seen tons of deer this year, which reminds me to check on a grill guard/bull bar for the little truck, as per WSF’s recommendations. I’ve seen cars hit deer, and it ain’t pretty.

    Forests are mystical places. The first time I was ever in the forest as an adult had a very different effect on me than just “going to the woods” did when I was little. I was struck by the solitude and the peace. Then a black bear showed up and brought me back to reality…..

    The boat may be impractical, but it sure is pretty! SLW wife started talking “boat” after we moved here, and I quickly squashed the idea. I do NOT need a boat in my life. BTDT!

    The B-58 was far ahead of it’s time. Expensive to build and fly, and one of the sexiest aircraft ever.

      • It was one of the reasons I wanted to join the USAF as a youngster and be the next “Steve Canyon”. Between the F-104, F-106, and B-58, it made a young kid’s head spin. Not to mention research aircraft like the X-15!
        Built dozens of models of them, and could rattle off all the performance figures like my ABC’s.

  10. They claim they were mothballed by 1970. How to explain the one that landed one evening at the Moffett field in Sunnyvale, CA in ’77? Seemed to be a bit low on approach, and nearly blew me off the hy101 overpass. Nothing else had that planform with 4 separate engine pods, and size. No mistaking it.

    • No mistaking a B-58. I think that they could still be viable today (modify the design to make it a bit more stealthy), except that the aircraft is a one trick pony. It flies on the deck to deliver a nuclear weapon. B-52, B-2, B-21 all have heavy multi-mission capacities. And to be fair, the cruise missile killed the B-58 since they can perform the same mission without a crew, at a fraction of the cost.

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